Friday, February 4, 2011

Supposed to Be About Twittering in the OR ...But ...I DIGRESSED!

Okay, the pic above has nothing to do with the post ...other than the fact that medical things are mentioned, but thought this was funny.

Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

Yeah ...I'm still a member of the Grey's Anatomy cult. Total groupie for the show! I can't get enough of it. And not only do I watch it weekly, but my TiVo records 2 other Grey's shows a week. I really liked the 2006 season and could watch that and the others over and over and over again. And ...I DO! :)

I'd love to work at Seattle grace too. Oh sure ..I'd be a paper pusher ...with a smile ...but working in a hospital can be quite interesting. I really did enjoy my job in Pt Access for the ED. 90% of the time I loved it. That's NINETY percent of the time I loved it. I had posted it with a typo and said 20% I loved it. Not bad for a 20 year run. that I could still say that. But That was a job that I often joked I would pay to do. It was interesting, fun, stressful - sometimes, and rewarding. I enjoyed the patients and my co-workers. I was blessed to have worked where I did. :)

I digressed!

This is really about twittering.

I guess because work is on my mind because I know I am going to be looking by spring ..if not before. I will actually be looking in a different direction ..medical I hope ..but going off in a new direction. God willing anyway ...with the economy the way it is. And I sincerely hope my 20 years experience in medical reception (among other things) will outweigh the fact that I have not worked in a little over 4 1/2 years. I'm seasoned. I'll be a bit shy initially ..especially getting all suited up for interviews. I haven't been interviewed in almost 10 years and for that one ..I was already working in the hospital and so was very much out there the mix of things.

It is intimidating to think about leaving my well developed comfort zones now. I 've never been concerned about being hired. I've almost always gotten any job I went for. I've even had people approach me ...even while at the hospital. But, now ...I hear people say that employers don't want older women. And I am a very positive, energetic enthusiastic, capable , etc., etc., etc., person ...and always with a smile ...says me. Or I've heard, they don't want you if you haven't worked in a while. They are concerned about the gaps in time. I am concerned about the fact that I have been off dealing with this uro stuff. (intermittently) BUT ...I could've been working through most of it. I also just took time off. And I am so glad I had the time during mom's decline and in the nursing home and then through the grieving period ...because I took it really hard. And now my lifelong friend is ill with lung cancer. So ...I am glad I have had the time. It's been a gift of time in one way. Although ...I'd enjoy it a lot better if I wasn't worried about working again. I can't even believe that I am worried about getting a job. Ha! I really just assumed that I'd walk in and be hired immediately and fear never crossed my mind.

But now ...I am letting these different things intimidate me. My aunt Janet would tell me ..."Patricia, don't borrow trouble before it gets here." or "Patricia, you'll cross that bridge when you come to it." And I know that would be right.

Oh and one woman ...same age told me that she had worked for an environmental company for 25 years. She had to look for another job because the company closed. She wasn't getting hired. Finally, she asked an interviewer if she could ask him a question. She said, "I can tell that you won't be hiring me and I am just wondering if you could please tell me why not?" She explained that she has been interviewing, but not getting the jobs. He said, "Honestly, I would rather hire a 22 year old with an associates degree, than some one with 25 years experience."

Anyway, I realize that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do reception work. Actually, I wear a lot of hats and so don't like to limit myself to only that. But with this job market the way it is, I know that there is a lot more competition out there.

I guess ..all I can do is my best ...and give the rest to God ..and just trust the right position will come along when it is meant to.

I really did digress ...again.

I will come back to twittering in the OR and Grey's Anatomy later. :)

I guess ...I just needed to vent.

Oh more thing. I've always thought women in my age group were more marketable because we aren't leaving on maternity leave(Although I haven't hit menopause yet ..I'm just saying ;) ..maybe never coming back after the baby, we don't have to call out for a sick child ...or leave for base ball games, plays and things involving children. And that life's experience matures us and we seriously commit to our responsibilities it for the long haul ...and all. It's how I feel anyway.

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