Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Lie and Feeling Sentimental

I've been remiss in blogging because I have had other things going on and so just not focused on writing. I LOVE all the snow we have. Hate when everything is icy tho, and always pray that people are safe when driving and walking around. ED's get busy for sure in this weather. Oh and ski areas too.

I worked in a ski area when I was in my early 20s one year. One of my tasks was to make the ski condition tapes. Sometimes, they would provide us with false information to put out. Um ..LIE about it. I guess it was a ski area's version of a white lie. Get it ..snow? Snow is white ..hence the white lie. :) Hmmm ..I guess I was just as guilty of that, as I was one of the voices giving the conditions all those trusting skiers. I remember that it did bother me ..although admittedly, I didn't feel too guilty because I saw it as following orders.

The one that stands out to me was "powder packed granular." Anyone know what that really is?


Ice that would get chopped up when they groomed the slopes and then covered with snow, either thanks to mother nature or the snow makers trekking up and down the mountain sides setting up the the snow guns.

Hopefully, ski areas aren't so misleading now. (I would think they have to be report as accurately as possible) The avid skiers probably knew what "powder packed granular" was really code for. Needless to say ...the emergency department is busier around here during ski season ...and especially during icy conditions.

I haven't worked there in quite awhile now (4 yrs, 8 months and 18 days, but who's counting? ;) and I admit that I miss it a bit. I can't help but to think of my former co-workers and the busy ED when it snows. Winter days and nights could be downright crazy with one rig after another pulling in and also the walk ins from the ski areas. Then there are all the other usual emergencies that come in. Call me crazy, but I always loved the adrenaline rush I'd get when it was so busy, you can't eat or even pee unless you absolutely had too. So ..,I didn't drink either. (Kidney stone anyone?) I did like eating and peeing and would always prefer to do that when hungry and when you know ..nature ..specifically, my bladder called. But when you get that busy get in the mode and the night would fly by ...unless the equipment broke down. Then working at McDonalds flipping burgers, being a cashier in Shoprite or spraying perfume in Macy's seemed more appealing. Although ...working with a torn meniscus on a night like that was not fun and it was weird to know I was in more pain then some of the patients.

Gee ..aren't I just being the sentimental girl here?!

Well ...I hope those of you truly getting snowed under in various parts of the country are alright. I'm wondering how some of our blogging emergency docs and nurses are doing in these snowy and icy areas? It might be hoping a lot ...but I hope your shifts are as uneventful as possible.

We got mostly ice here. I just told Mr SeaSpray that I think it's neat that the snow is piled so high, that we can't see our fence and that we have snow walls bordering our walkways. It is all so pretty too. I put some of the Christmas lights on again. :)

Be warm safe and I hope you have some snow fun too. :)


rlbates said...

Stay warm and safe!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona - You too. You must have to trek out in all kinds of weather too. I was only thinking about the EDs getting slammed because of this bad weather, ..but other have to go out in the bad weather to see their paitients or as the surgeons, etc., on call.

It must be hard on your spouses too when they know how hard you all work and then know you have to go out in the middle of the night and/or really bad weather.

StorytellERdoc said...

Hi SS...

I relate to this post quite strongly...I wonder if it's the time of year or just a phase of life happening? I think, too, that I have been spreading myself a bit thin with all the responsibilities...even writing and trying different projects.

Anyway, friend, I hope this finds you well!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jim - Thanks. :) For around here's the season in the ED. :)Although ..I haven't been there in so long now ..maybe not ..although odds are it is. :)

I've been wondering where you are because you haven't been blogging as much...and you are missed when you don't.

Take care if yourself. You have a lot of demands on your time. Writing project sounds interesting. :)