Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kidney Pain - Ureteral Stent - Prayer Request and Other Thoughts

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The picture above shows where kidney stone pain affects the body and that is how it affects me now, but sans kidney stone since I am stented. I am also perplexed, because the stent keeps everything open. Anyway ...I've been drinking, drinking and drinking.

It's been a while since posting from a patient perspective at length, but I need to VENT!

I haven't done this in a while and ...the fact that I am asking is proportionate to my level of concern. And I hope it is just a fluke (isn't that a fish???), and that I am just overreacting.

Also, if anyone familiar with stents knows anything about this or has ever experienced it ...I'd like to hear about it.

My urologist is out of town. And, while I really like his partners and they are great ...if anything were wrong ...well ...I just want my doc ...the one who knows me best.

I believe in the power of prayer and have been praying. I will put a prayer request on our church prayer line after I write this. And the Internet provides a wonderful opportunity for people from all over to pray for another person and in this case ...I would be most grateful if anyone reading this would pray for this to pass and for my ureter to heal once and for all. Thank you. :)

So ...what is this all about?

Pain ...excruciatingly, sharp and sudden pain in my right stented kidney when I bent over to pick something up. Instant 10 pain! This sudden 10 pain in my right flank also caused me to be instantly nauseated strongly, it felt like I might be ill in short order. And it was so strong - the pain in flank ...that I called out "Jesus HELP me!", a few times, when it was at it's worst. I didn't even do that when I had the big kidney stone. Calling out Jesus' name like that is not normal for me. Only an extreme case of pain or fear. Maybe 5 times in my whole life. I didn't even cry out when I was in labor with our first son. I hyperventilated ...but never cried out more than a whimper. An in office stent removal caused me to do it once. Then I explained to the nurse and doctor, that I wasn't swearing, but the fastest way I knew to pray for help with the pain.

This pain today was the intensity of a major kidney stone at first, but went on to feel differently...although sore. It was a very ...extremely sharp ..weird ..uncomfortable ...nauseating feeling. For all my avoiding the reconstructive surgery ...I can tell you that if I had to deal with that kind of pain ...I'd fly into the OR so fast to have it and hand the surgeon the scalpel!

Anyway ...I have a BIG ureteral stent in me now and so I think a stone is unlikely. And it was different then stone pain. Intensity yes ...but different. It had to be the stent doing something weird. And maybe I am still aching because I aggravated it in there when I bent over. Did it migrate into a weird place? Just how big is my kidney though and how far could the stent go? It's not like it's flying back up north for spring.

So mind was racing for a cause and I thought maybe I am dehydrated and the stent is irritating my kidney. Because, I was thirsty when I went to bed, but didn't drink because I didn't want to get up and tinkle all night. That being said ...I got up 3 times to tinkle and was thirsty each time, but because I wanted to sleep, I still did not drink. I forgot about keeping myself hydrated with the stent. How I could do that after all this stent experience is beyond me ...other than to say I was just that tired. I had a friend stay over late and then I stayed up after that...but didn't drink even though I was thirsty.

So, I quickly drank 2 -16 oz glasses of water. Most of the pain subsided before I drank the water, but was still not a good feeling and I don't know how to explain it. I also had not taken any pain medication, but I always wait until the comfort level is challenged. (Ohhhh was CHALLENGED alright!) I know they say you are supposed to stay on top of pain ...but I just would not take that much medicine to do that. I never have with any of these stents. I don't think you can be too careful with pain medication. That being said ..of course I do take it.

This is a big stent and I will write about it later. This stent absolutely requires pain medication. day/night. And I use I usually manage it with 2 Percocet daily...although sometimes 3 if it is a bad stentTramadl once daily on most days... usually at night. I've developed a system that works for me. Not always ...because like I said ..there are exceptions if it's a bad stent day ...meaning a lot of painful spasms among other things. For the most part though ..I take 1 percocet at a time and use the two of them for when I am going to need to be up and around and busier ..or out somewhere. Or for a sudden surprise attack of pain. Pyridium numbs everything and Detral LA helps with the spasms in the bladder. It would be inhumane to not take Pyridium or Detrol La while stented. And the same goes for the pain medication too. You HAVE to get away from the pain!

So, today I only had the latter two meds in me because I wait until I really start to feel bad and then take the 1 Percocet. However, after this incident ...I raced to the medication and took TWO at the same time. I was not feeling right. It wasn't as excruciating like it initially was... but I also wasn't waiting to see if the pain exacerbated beyond what I experienced when I bent over.

Then I went to bend over to pick up the bath mat and OMGosh! It happened again! I absolutely could not pick that mat up! Because I just could not tolerate that kind of pain/nausea and I didn't know if I was hurting myself internally.

And then it happened a THIRD time!

Suffice it to know that I stopped bending over the traditional way.

By the way ...I didn't realize how many times in a day I bend over to do something, get something or pick something up. It's true - we take things for granted until we can't do them anymore. So ...if I have to bend and since I'm a righty ...I simultaneously extend my left leg straight out as I pick up with my right hand. Actually feels kind of good too.

Now ...I do realize that this obviously can't go on like this.

It was about 6 hrs ago since I last bent over that way ..the normal way. I figure why tempt fate?

And I haven't eaten. I don't know why. I just felt like I should not eat much. So, I had a Slim Fast, my big green drink (health product), healing honey and Herbal Aloe Force juice. And a lot more water. And a lot more tinkling ...whizzie winkling. ;) I am now having a nice hot cup of coffee. Mmmm tastes so good.

I am hungry though. I may have something.

I also got this little travel bag out that I've used to pack things for when I am in the hospital. I didn't pack it, but made a mental note of what I would put inside. I also did some girly things that help me to feel better when being seen as a patient. I set my hair, tweezed my eyebrows. I would've shaved my legs ...but I didn't want to bend over. I shaved them yesterday, but I can grow trees pretty easily. I know ...too much info.

There was a time ...back when this all started, in which I was a frequent flier to the hospital and urology office. Now, Thankfully ...I am not. But ...anyone who's ever dealt with a chronic medical condition or had the misfortune of having to be seen as a frequent flier ...just because things happen to you ...well ..I know you understand. Perhaps more of a female thing because men ...well what do they have to do? If they don't shave ..they're sexy or manly or rugged. No woman wants to be manly or rugged. Am I right girls? I'm just saying. Manly or rugged definitely won't do.

Some of you might be thinking ..well if she can do all that, then it can't be that bad. Oh yes it can. Pain medication enabled me to do it. And I would still try anyway. When I was 17, I was ill and had to go to the doctor. My aunt was annoyed because I wanted to take a bath first and she said that if I felt good enough to take a bath ...then I must not be that sick. But she was wrong. I was and I did go in to see him. I just wanted to feel clean. Don't most people? And yes ...I have had a few times where I could not do a thing and by the grace of God ..I made it to the Emergency department. When I had strep ...all I could do was drool into a tissue. The big kidney stone that caused all this uro stuff in the first place ...that stone prevented me from brushing my teeth, washing my face, combing my hair and certainly couldn't shower or shave ...never mind makeup. But did bother me ...I just couldn't. And medical staff doesn't care. They just want to help you. It's a personal thing. And ...if I don't care very concerned.

Anyway, hours later now... I feel my kidney. It's aching or full feeling. You know how when you get an upset stomach, with some viruses you can kind of feel your whole stomach? It feels like that. And I feel my ureter going down the side. I should not be. And for some of you that have had ureteral stents, you know that when you have to void get a painful back up feeling if you wait. Well, now it feels a little like that too.

This is after taking more Percocet and another Pyridium.

Okay ...I did just bend over to pick up wash and also empty the dryer and I did not get that excruciating pain. So ...THAT is a GOOD thing! But ...I don't feel right on that side. And it is masked by the pain med ...although the excruciating pain would come through that ...I am certain.

I am trying to figure out if I lifted something or twisted weirdly ..or maybe even slept wrong ..or flipped wrong in bed and aggravated something. ??? I have never experienced that with any stent before when bending over.

It has to be a good sign that I did not get that excruciating stabbing 10 pain and accompanying instant nausea ..right? And ...I wonder if the stent was not hydrated enough in there and so that was the pain ..scraped on something and now it is irritated? Obviously, I am clueless about my kidney's interior.

I don't want to call anyone because I want to see if this passes. I don't want to be the patient that cries wolf. I am scheduled to have this stent removed next week and I really want to make it to that date. It will be 10 weeks next Thursday. This is the last stent and so I am glad I had another chance with a big stent. I'll discuss this in another post. I'm ready to talk about ureteral stents and surgery ...or I should say ..avoiding surgery.

I just don't understand why this happened and why I continue aching. ? I hope it passes. At least I'm not getting that hideous pain when I bend over now. That was so bad and I think the nausea was proof of that. It's weird how seriously strong pain can make you feel like vomiting. I wonder why that is?

Well ... let's see what the morning brings.

Update Friday Night - 6:44 PM:

Thank you to those of you who are praying for me. thank you very much.

I wrote this post in stages yesterday/last night. By later last night, I could bend again and I have been today as well ...although ..I am being guarded.

I have never experienced anything like this with any stent I have ever had. Not only was it as painful and nauseating as I described ...but it scared me.

This particular stent has been a tough one. I had the same one in Summer 2008, and that summer this loves water so much she'd do everything in it if she could SeaSpray ...opted not to even go in her pool ...just because going up the deck steps and down the pool steps and gently move around in the water was too much. Just the thought of it usually caused me to not want to do it. This stent has grounded me. Much to the frustration of one of my friends because I will never give her a firm commitment about doing things because it all depends how I feel and there is no predicting that with this stent and I do not want to get caught away from home if a bad kidney or bladder spasm occurs or something like what happened yesterday. ESPECIALLY that!

Anyway ...I stayed in bed today until around 2pm ...taking it was ...reading and sleeping. I was sore in my flank not long after I got up and then sure enough the pain traveled down.

So, I don't understand why I feel my flank like I do now ...but thankfully it's not like it was yesterday. But, I am more sore than I have been this entire time since January 6th. I just do not know what happened ..what did I do or not do? Did I get too dehydrated and then when I bent over, it kept gouging me? But then it did it 2 more times after I drank 32 oz of water. Unless takes longer than I think to get into the kidneys. ?? Did I twist or lift something heavy? And I did twist and lean on a chair briefly just before while turning to watch something on the TV.

Aside from some kidney spasms early on, this stent has been all about very strong bladder spasms. Really hinders me and at times wakes me up at night.

I will most definitely tell my doc about this.

And now it is 9:03 pm, and my kidney feels like it is cramping and aching. Getting concerned again. i was okay for resting. But know ...the better you begin to feel forget and do things. Maybe after yesterday ...I should not have. I did light cleaning, laundry and dinner.

I just want to make it to next week. So, not kidding ...I am taking it easier than I have. Maybe I will just catch up on blogging. :)

Maybe my body is telling me it is done with the stent. ??

I pray to God that all is well and I make it to my stent removal date next week.


rlbates said...

Hoping and praying all is okay

rnraquel said...

That's awful! Will definately prey for you!

rnraquel said...

Oops...I mean pray for you :)

SeaSpray said...

Thank you very much Ramona and rnraquel.

It's 14:23 and I only got up about 20 minutes ago. I am sore, but I can definitely bend now.

Had to be something with the stent.

So ..I really want to make it to the 17th and I will be coddling myself. This larger stent has grounded and held me back more anyway ...but nothing like this.

I also did a lot more this past week since last Friday then I have in the 8 weeks prior. Spring fever kicked in.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Hey, Seaspray. I'm sorry to see you've been suffering. You've gone through a lot with this. I hope you are out of pain and more comfortable soon. Remember...sometimes healing from God, comes through the hands of another. I send a spirit hug.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel.

You've gone through a lot of this with me. I know it must wear thin. I know you understand me. And I know your opinion about this. I appreciate the different perspective.

Even though I haven't acted on it is definitely up for consideration. You have such a *calming* way of presenting the alternative.

Thank you for being so supportive all this time.

I want to get to the place of faith that whatever happens won't matter.

Ha! the word verification was URITC close to well you know ..whizzie winkles with a U. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I feel for you, Seaspray. No one I know would like to go through what you have had to.

I never get compassion fatigue, so don't worry about anything wearing thin on me. I understand where the fear is in this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have no probs with my kidney, i had a hysterectomy back in jan, and the surgeon burnt my URETER, anyway 3 weeks later they placed a URETERIC stent in(march 29th) and boy the pain is something else, i liken it to a full bladder and someone giving it a "chinese burn" more or less 24/7, i hardly go out as i need the loo all the time not to mention the pain and tiredness,....etc.....its been a pain in the rear!! anyway i'm having the "Thing" removed soon, hopefully my burn will have self healed, if not i will need another op and another stent!
Hope you are well, thinking of you my fellow stent friend :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous 8:44 - Fellow stentee friend. I am so sorry to hear you've endured all of that. And I am sorry to be getting back in here so late. There has been a lot going on lately.

Well ..first off are fortunate that your kidneys aren't compromised.

I don't know if the fact that your ureter was burned adds to the stent pain.

But, I do know how you feel for the most part. I have found three things to all help regarding stent pain.

1. pyridium 24/7 during entire time stented. Sometimes I missed when sleeping because I didn't want to drink a full glass of water, which is what you should do when you take that med. The Pyridium numbs everything.

2.Detrol LA or a similar med that helps control bladder spasms.

3. Pain medication - you and your physician can decide what works best for you.

I did not take that 24/7, but rather developed a routine and knew when I could skip or knew when I needed more. Under normal circumstances, smaller stents and low activity - I got by with less. If pain worse due to large stent or increased significantly then I took 2 or 3 times a day.

There is no rhyme or reason to a ureteral stent and toleration was different for each one. Pain med also help with kidney spasms, but far and few between ..thank God.

I would not want to go without any of those drugs when stented. the detrol and pyridium a must. Pain med for worst times but NOT 24/7 and I took lowest dose. I know of a woman that took 800mg of I-buprofen 24/7 and she had bi-lateral ureteral stents. But, NSAIDS aren't good for your kidneys. (I don't know if that is true of everyone or only those with renal issues.

Also rest and no overdoing it. Sometimes I'd forget about that and other times there was no way I would be active. No reaching over your head with stretching and no heavy lifting. You don't want the stent to perforate any organs or become dislodged.

It is normal to feel tired with a ureteral stent. I had begun some water exercises that seemed mild and I tired quickly and had to stop. Now ..not stented, no big deal at all.

I hope you get a good report and will not need further surgery or stenting. I am glad to help with any questions.

Thank you for your well wishes. It is nice to be able to talk with a fellow stentee.

I will be getting a follow up renal scan at end of month to check kidney function.

I am believing I am healed once and for all. :)

SeaSpray said...

PS - I didn't experience frequent urination, but some stents can cause an odd pressure when you're finishimg voiding. Thankfully, I only had a couple of them.

Bex said...

Hi SeaSpray, I am a fellow kidney stone sufferer and have had the displeasure of being stented.

I am being threatened with another stent right now and I feel like hiding. I am a UK resident and I think Urologists just like to stick stents in as then they can put you back on a non urgent waiting list and then see you and give you another test and nothing gets really sorted out - that's in England anyway.

I am hoping to that I can get my damaged right kidney removed rather than being poked, prodded and stented indefinitely! I am 34 and have had stones and a permanent kidney infection for nearly 3 years now in my right kidney. I have 15% function in it but the left one is perfect.

My Urologist refered me to a surgeon for a nephrectomy (removal), but the surgeon wants to see if he can restore more function. I just wish they could take it out now and let me get on with life. Constant infections are very draining but Urologists often have never had stents etc themselves, if they had they probably wouldn't be so keen to stent their patients left right and center.

Sorry for the rant about stents, I just think they are the most miserable thing ever!Glad you have got rid of yours! xx

SeaSpray said...

Hi Bex - Thank you for sharing your rant about stents with me. No apology necessary to this kindred former stentee. :) I understand what you've been going through and I do hope it gets resolved for you soon.

No matter what kind/size is in you ...being stented is not a day at the beach. I always say there is no rhyme or reason to them and every experience while similar ... is different.

In my case, my urodoc, his partners all told me I should have the reconstructive surgery in June, 2006. But, I wanted the summer off si to swim since first time in 20 yrs not working ..well except for birth of 2nd son. then I was cleared. But then relapsed and in winter 06 it was again recommended I have it. Then I met with the operating surgeon (feb 2007)in another grp affiliated with a larger hospital ..better suited to my high risk case ..and he concurred that I needed the surgery.

But, I had been stented again and with all my heart wanted to see if maybe this time I was healed and I got 16 fabulous months of my ureter remaining open and then I relapsed with another ureteral stricture. In June 08 my doc said I had 2 choices ..1. I could have the surgery, 2. I could get stented once a year. I remained stented until aug 14th that summer.

If you go through my blog - you will find several uro posts about my experiences since this began in Jan 06. Although this blog opened in Nov 06.

I have resisted surgery because it is high risk for me and I keep praying and believing I am healed. I am also working on becoming more fit. Should've tried harder sooner, but now I am ..better late than never. :) This last stent effort (Thank you urodoc) was my last chance and now I see myself as in the 11th hr and 59 second save by God. If ..God forbid I constrict again ..then I just have to accept that God has other plans. But ..I am trusting I am healed and was recently cleared based on my improved kidney function results this past June. I do still feel good/symptom free. That being said it is usually silent until it all blows up. But this time ..I say no news IS good news! :)

I do think that my urodoc did want to give me opportunity to heal on my own and he has worked with me, understanding how much I don't want the surgery. So did his partner when I relapsed last August. It could be 100% successful and I would be done ..or not. I do not want to experience *the not.*

SeaSpray said...

I asked another doc once about just removing my kidney and he said "You don't punish a good organ because another one is acting up." My thinking was a nephrectomy would save me all the reconstruction that could potentially damage other organs or leave me with bladder issues and what guarantee another stone won't come along and undo everything? Then what? i read you can't scope a ureteral repair/reconstruction and so where would that leave me? Of course, I never verified that w/my urodoc. I have heard though that removing a kidney is more complicated than putting one in and so that is a serious surgery. Plus ..even though you an live with one kidney just have one kidney. Another urodoc told me my damaged kidney would still keep me off dialysis if I ever had to have that.

So my opinion ..regarding myself has not been an easy decision ...but just doing what I felt was right for me.

The thing is life has been on hold ...because there is always that "what if" in the back of my mind. I don't let it surface like I used to and often tell my kidney and ureter that God has healed them, etc. i will say ..maybe the fact that my function went up had something to do with that.

In the states ..we can pretty much get tests, surgery and procedures quickly. It might vary depending on ins plan, but most people can get expedient treatment here.

I was fortunate that I rarely had any uti's when stented or not stented, unless relapsed.

Yes ..if people including urologists have never had a ureteral stent ...then they really cannot know how stented kidney, ureter and bladder feel if getting a spasm. And for me would also affect low back. Most of the time managed with Detrol LA for spasms, pyridium for numbing and pain med (minimal) it was tolerable. Except for the BIG stents. They are TOUGH no matter what you do and grounded me close to home most of the time.

I think it should be a prerequisite that urologists in training have to experience a ureteral stent and experience what it feels like when removed without anesthesia. A "Urologist Gets Stented" 101 course. :)

Good luck with everything. Feel free to rant here anytime and thanks for your comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a stent too and I am so sick with pain! !! I eat 5 tramatols a day. I want to lose my mind!!!!! I will pray for you!! I want to die sometimes the pain never stops aching! :(I I feel you!!!!!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jinah - I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain with your ureteral stent.

Tramadl only worked with smaller stent ..and even then during least active times. I had to take TWO at a time and took edge off ...but I still felt stent more than if took a percocet. I was mindful of meds and so tried to balance out. That being said ...I would not hesitate to take something stronger if needed.

So many variables. Size of stent, activity, duration of time in,spasms strong and where. people probably react differently. I have experience with being stented, but each stent experience is unique.

Another thing ...I remember always feeling ..ugh. Even if not in pain just don't feel great. it's just always with you and not a good feeling. Don't know how to explain that.

let's put it this way ...there is nothing so free feeling as becoming STENT FREE!

But I wrote above ...I also had to have Detrol LA to help with bladder spasms. Even with a strong pain med - I could not imagine going without Detrol LA to help control bladder spasm. They can really hurt ..or you can just have this ongoing bladder pressure that does not let up and you think you are feeling it in other parts of your body when it really is only in your bladder. Pyridium ..because it numbs everything ..or helps to. And if kidney spasms - helps to lie on that side. I don't know why ..but it does. Warm shower helps. maybe you could soak in a warm tub?

You should talk with your physician about how much pain you are experiencing? maybe he/she doesn't know you need something stronger or these other meds. ?

Thank you for your prayers. There is certainly power in prayer. I will pray for you too Jinah.

I am happy to say that that big stent was removed on March 17th last March and I am doing great and am healed. I can hardly believe it is almost a year since it was removed. I keep praying I remain healed. I do believe I am.

I hope this stent works for you and you will be done with it soon.

Hang in there Jinah. And talk with your physician.

pamela said...

Hi everyone,I am having my stent removed in a couple of hours,cant wait!! Thought I had hurt my lower back but apparently its the stent,such a weird pain,hope I dont have to have this again.I have urinary reflux and duplex ureters been on meds all my life,have been on antibiotics for 18mths for a recurrent uti,I asked for an investigation and had a kidney stone blocking my ureter and a swollen kidney,the stone was harbouring the infection!!!Normal life woulod be nice,good luck everyone xxx pamela.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Pamela - I'm glad your stent is coming out. Stents can certainly cause back pain, tire you out or just cause and Ugh feeling. For me it depended how big and level of activity. that being said ..they can just cause your body to act up ..just because they're there - no rhyme or reason to it.

You've certainly endured a lot. I hope everything works out for you and you do have a normal life again.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

lisamarie said...

i also feel your pain ive suffered since i was a little girl.I sometimes blame myself but its not my fault.It just happens so much and i loose all of my stability because of sickness pain nausea vomiting stents and not being able to work!I pray we all are healed in Jesus name!Ive just begun to praise God for the pain because i see it never goes away well it does and in a few weeks it starts again and again and again !!!!Some times i pray for God to just take me that the pain is so bad but i have 3 daughters who need their momma,it all makes me so sad i definitely need prayer!!!!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lisamarie. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering as you are and for so long. It sounds like you have endured a lot. What is the reason for your kidney pain, etc?

I know it wasn't my fault, but I have felt guilty about not working and the fallout from that. And also that my family has had to go through it with me. There were a lot of ups and downs for awhile ...but I seemed to have been doing alright now.

I will be getting a follow-up renal scan on Wednesday and will be writing a post about it.

Regarding the pain ...can you take any kind of pain meds when bad that are prescribed from your doctor? Also baths, warm showers, heating pad,lying on the same side that hurts ..well for kidney spasms it helps.

I don't know what your condition is and so you should run your symptoms past your doc and he could decide what is right for you.

yes ...may we all be healed in Jesus name. :)

I hope you will feel better and get past the pain and kidney condition.

manishmediinnovation said...

Ureteral stents are used to ensure the patency of a ureter, which may be compromised, for example, by a kidney stone. This method is sometimes used as a temporary measure, to prevent damage to a blocked kidney, until a procedure to remove the stone can be performed. Indwelling times of 12 months or longer are indicated to hold ureters open, which are compressed by tumors in the neighbourhood of the ureter or by tumors of the ureter itself. In many cases these tumors are inoperable and the stents are used to ensure drainage of urine through the ureter. If drainage is compromised for longer periods, the kidney can be damaged.

Manish Mediinnovation said...

Ureteral stent is basically used in draining fluids or air from pleural spaces internally. At the end of the coil catheter looks like a loop and resembles a pig tail hence this Catheter is called Pigtail Catheter in the medical fraternity. The end of the coil helps to hold the Pigtail Catheter in proper and specific place and used to slow down the flow of fluids injected through the catheter so that they do not apply any pressure or burst out causing injury.

Anonymous said...

This blog describes me for the last two weeks to the T.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous 12:56 - I'm sorry you are going through these urology issues. And I hope you will be able to heal soon.

I am happy to tell you that was my last stent. Removed on March 17th ..a week after that post. It was a tough one for sure. But I have never had another uro relapse and have thus remained stent free for almost 3 years now ...specifically will be 32 months stent free the 17th of this month. Big Deal because 4 doctors?urodocs thought I had to have the major reconstructive surgery. But thankfully my main urologist offered me one more chance with this large stent and thanks to God who heals and my dr who assists God in facilitating healing :), Here I am ..healed. I would think so ..given my past history of relapse. It was worth a;; the stents, pain and discomfort and even time lost. Because I was able to avoid the high risk *(for me) surgery. Now I need knee replacements and I may have a test to view the ureter to be sure (in my mind)because an infection if I did relapse would be a disaster after knee replacement.

Anyway evidenced by my many posts on my uro experiences was a long haul but here I am on the other side of it. Miracles do happen. :)

Feel free to ask questions. Thank you for your comment and again I wish you well on your journey to wellness. :)

jrayherself said...

I currently have my second stent in. It has been 10 years since my last, I am 29 now. I am in excruciating pain with medication. I am on a lot of pain medication due to fibro and a bulging disk in my back. I went to the hospital a few days ago as I had been vomiting and sick, I was severely dehydrated. I was peeing blood so dark it was the talk of the emergency room staff. I have had about 30 stones (captured on film). They did a ct scan and found a fairly small stone, 3mm in my right ureter. However my pulse rate was 155 so they were concerned and admitted me. I had surgery the next morning where they said I had passed the stone but stented me anyway. I was told I needed to stay in the hospital until results were back about whether or not I had an infection. Those results were expected that night but never came. I checked myself out of the hospital and 5 days later there are still no results.

During my first removal surgery the urologist widened my ureters so that I could pass stones 3mm and larger if need be in the future. I can thank that doctor as I have successfully passed all stones since then. I honestly did not know I had a stone this time. Which is extremely rare for me as I have been able to tell a kidney stone from the stage where it is just in my kidney. (Doctors claim there is no way to feel them unless they are passing and are in your ureter). 10 years and tons of stones later I can tell you I do feel them. Honestly how else could I diagnose myself and go in and voila, there it is on film. I get them bilaterally sometimes up to 5 stones at once. This is my first instance of only one side and one stone.

Back to the point, no pun intended. My kidney hurts so bad. Worse than my kidney stones and constantly. Nothing is making the pain subside. I can't do daily tasks, I can't focus, I can't take full breaths. My quality of life is to the point where I don't want to live anymore. I struggle with faith and at times like this I wonder is there a God and if so, what did I do that was so bad that I am being punished for? This is in no way meant to offend anyone. I do believe I just don't have a strong religious base.

All that being said I am supposed to suffer for 4 more days. Since this stent was more cautionary than anything I am angry. I am angry at the eager 32 year old who performed the surgery. I am angry that I had to check myself out of the hospital when I shouldn't have had to stay. (I didn't stay after surgery 10 years ago). I am angry that I am in more pain now than before surgery. I'm usually a pleasant person but I just can't take it anymore!

It took me a lot of time and effort to have this young surgeon let me go to my regular urologist. My urologist has more years in the field than this new urologist has been alive. While I welcome her and am happy for her I just want to be treated by the same person as he knows my history. Hopefully she understands that.

Needless to say, I am in excruciating pain, I am upset and angry, and I am not happy with life right now. I know things could be worse, but honestly those of you who know this pain know that nothing else can distract you from this pain. Good luck to those of you who have unhealthy kidneys. Look at me and mine are healthy... Take care and if you read this, thank you for having a heart big enough to care.

Those reading for an answer to help them with the pain, pyridium does help with that sharp urge to go. As far as the physical pain goes it depends on you. Narcotics haven't helped me, toradol has helped me in the past, (it's basically a form of ibuprofen). Also personally for me I feel better when my bladder has something in it. However if I really have to go or I just completely emptied my bladder that is usually when I am at my worst. I haven't found a happy medium.

Take care everyone.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jrayherself - I am so sorry you are going through so much. I will come back to comment on your comments as soon as I can. I have to make breakfast for the little ones and it's gonna be a crazy, busy day. :)