Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update- Believe- Surgical Mask
I saw urodoc today for my post-op appointment and all is well. Not only am I fond of him and grateful to have him for my urologist ...but I am also fond of his staff. They are just terrific women. What a great medical office to go to! I find myself always laughing with someone if not many of them. :) I mostly expected it would be a good report after hosting the mother of all stents for the winter. :) And I had a concern about some kidney pain that occurred a week before it was removed and my kidney looked normal when he scoped me. So good news. Yay! :)

And now, I have blood work done later in spring, to be followed up with a renal scan at the end of June. The scan is to see what my kidney function is. I am a wee bit concerned since the last relapse because it seems it goes down after that happens.

I should say ...I am a wee bit concerned in the natural and probably should not give voice to that. But in my spirit, I know all things are possible with God and that there is power in prayer. I don't pretend to know why God does heal some people and others he does not. But, Jesus said if we have prayer even the size of a grain of mustard seed, that we can move mountains. I know I have at least that much and usually more.

But ..even that small amount of faith can set positive things in motion this case healing. I guess we just have to be willing to believe and he can take that faith and do something good with it. Then there are people who are healed who have no faith and people with tremendous faith left to suffer.

Interestingly, last night I heard that when people without faith are healed is though God's grace.

So, I come back to ..I don't pretend to know his mind ..why he decides as he does. But ...what is most important to know is God does heal people. He heals in every day things and he heals with the miraculous. God heals. I do choose to activate my faith ...believe for healing and let God do the rest.

Jesus also said that there is power in our words. And he told us to "Fear not" more than anything else he said. So, he was most aware of our human condition ..our proclivities toward the negative.

And he encouraged us to pray to our Heavenly Father.

So what I glean from these things is that he taught these things so that we would have faith and believe and so that we would speak and think as positively as we can, so at the very least ..we maintain a positive attitude. And science has confirmed that a positive attitude has a positive effect on the body...thus the best chance for healing in the natural.

So ..whether or not he heals with a healing miracle ...abiding by these principals will still enable us to have a more positive life experience. It will help us in other areas too.

My mindset is to pray with all my heart and believe I am healed. I will also do some other things in this area. And now really is in God's hands. I will not resist anymore if my destiny truly is to go through the surgery.

But ...that being said ...I am so very much putting my energies ...mind, body and spirit into once and for all being healed ...permanently healed and that is all I can do now. Believe. Pray. Believe. Positive confession - giving no place to fear least not dwelling on it. Believe.

Well, I am heading off to church now. It occurs to this SeaSpray that she had better sit in the front row, because she just consumed 3 slices (bad SeaSpray BAD!) of the most wonderful white pizza covered in fresh garlic, tomatoes and spinach. I should've just had 2 slices, but won't eat the rest of night.

Well, even tho I've brushed my teeth and used mouthwash ...I am still having an inner experience with the garlic. HMMM...what I NEED is a surgical mask! ;)

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