Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Favorite Show :)


On tonight 4, on at 9 - 11pm est.

Weird to think Trump may run for president. I don't know how I feel about that ...but I hope he does because it will certainly be interesting and he will command attention on the financial front... maybe get some other people moving to do what they should be doing.

I wish Lisa didn't get voted off. If only she thought faster on her feet, she could've hotten Dion off. Glad Dion was fired last week. What a Diva! NOT a team player all and counterproductive.

There are people I like on both teams. Gary Busey makes me crazy because I feel sorry for him for how his behavior causes others to reject him. Maybe it's a form of ADHD or from brain injury or just his quirks. Has a sweet side too and I am sure intelligent ...just operates in a different realm or so it seems. Like watching a train wreck in human form ...thus far.

I would've voted for the Women's commercial for the ACN picture phone last week. Guys were funny, but I liked the sentimentality.

Star has been a star and is someone to be reckoned with, but I just didn't like how she was with Lisa. I think she will get far in the game. She's good at whatever she puts her mind to. I like her. Other contestents will be rising stars too.

I think Meatloaf freaks out tonight. Will be interesting to see why. He has been a strong player all along.

I think it's terrific all proceeds go to a favorite charity and not small change either.

Inspiring to see them raise money for charity. :)

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