Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day! :) Happy Passover! :)

I love the flash dances!

If you have the time, watching this upbeat video celebrating the resurrection is a great way to start Easter morning ...or any day for that matter. I really like this song. :)

It's so neat seeing people united as one in faith, express their love for Jesus, with this joyful dance. In so doing, they are giving honor to his sacrifice on the cross and the glorious resurrection. It is a celebration of victory over death and the promise of eternal life. It is a message of love and hope for all mankind.

My granddaughter Devan and I had a wonderful day together yesterday. We went to an Easter egg hunt at church, had some treats, she did some crafts and entered a small raffle. She didn't win anything, but it is always fun to anticipate. :) And we met some really nice people. Then we went shopping in a few stores. One of them was the local farmers market and I showed her how to choose the best fruits and vegetables. She took it all very seriously and wanted to be the one to pick everything out. She did a good job. I asked her if she'd like to get her Mom some flowers for Easter and she picked out a pretty, single orange and rose red rose. We kept it fresh in my glass of water I had in the car, while we shopped elsewhere. She was so excited about giving it to her Mom. :) My favorite part of the day, was that we spent so much time talking and sharing our thoughts. She is very bright for her age and a delight to be around. And I just love her joyful spirit! I was so blessed to have a Devan day. :)

Most of us will be spending Easter over at my m-i-l's house, where other family will visit as well. And aside from lots of good food ...there will be the traditional outdoor Easter egg hunt. I hear there are 3 dozen eggs to find. :) Younger son has to work, though and so will miss most of the day. We will miss him, but hopefully he will be able to stop in before everyone leaves.

It will be fun to watch almost 23 month old Wrenna get her Easter baskets and look for eggs. And it will be new baby Grandson's first Easter.

May everyone celebrating Easter have a wonderful day!

And I wish my Jewish friends a Happy Passover! :)

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