Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Consequences of the More Circuitous Route

Oh THIS is great! Very funny! LOVE it! (Make sure you watch it to the end, past the little 5 second promo. Ha! We should all love our jobs that much. :)

Sure ...NOW I'm laughing. Believe me I was not when I got hung up on some things like only having one of son's 1099-div and then finally seeing the other one stuck to the back of it ...and like not having the 1099-B and having to call and then not until after midnight realizing ...she didn't give me the date of the actual sale and so I had to wing it. The amount and month are exact and the date may ..or may not be the day ...like it may be the day I called to sell or may be the sell date ...which I really hope is the date I wrote down with a confirmation number back in November. What's a day or 2 or so? It wouldn't affect the outcome.

Or when the program says you may ...or ...you may not have errors, but you should review them anyway. I only had two on the federal, but one was correct ...but the other ...well ...I can tell you that staring and huffing and puffing and whining at the amount or getting up to get a snack ...doesn't make it any clearer. Praying for an answer did though. It gave me the confidence to say ..what the hay ..or is that hey? Heck ..what the heck? Actually, none of those were the word I used at 02:00. Anyway ...suffice it to know I was able to let go ...and move on.

I probably should've stayed with one at a time ..but I was moving in and out of ours and our younger son's and changing things around to try to get more for him, but in the end ..went back to the first thing I did. And it is really frustrating when you have significant medical to claim and a lot of work by the way ...all those receipts and mileage and all that ...only to find out that the standard deduction is recommended after all. (I try to eek out every cent just in case that one penny is the one to get us down to a lower bracket :) And then of course because I was annoyed ...I decided to play with the numbers ...putting erroneously large numbers in our favor in ..just to see all the lovely refund possibilities. Then I changed them back. That was my annoyed, punchy period. A cup of vanilla Hazelnut tea got me back on track. :)

But ...when you do the taxes ...don't you just sometimes think ...close ...yet so far ...it has to be wrong? And at one point ...when something kicked it up in our favor ...it was new and I was concerned I made a mistake even tho I wanted to be right. So ...then I am reading through all these laws. Tedious in the wee hours of the morning. I am pretty certain ...had I just done them earlier I would've breezed through more quickly and I could also have called an accountant I've used every now and then.

And there were other things ...like the AGI ...not matching up in the system, but when I looked at the hard copy it was. Which then leaves me with a feeling of ...how do I know it is all calculating in the system correctly. But, then I realized in my bleary eyed state ...I was transposing the numbers on the lines! Of course Mr SeaSpray did not help me feel better after I told him the amounts because he said I don't know why some people get so much more back and they don't have kids in school or mortgages.

I've heard accountants can find things that we miss. But the few times I've used them ...they didn't seem to do anything differently then I do ...except for the one year when some code changed. But that was pre-computer days. I answer the questions. I am methodical with receipts and triple check my figures before entering. I figured ...why do all this work and then all they have to do is take my figures and then I pay at least a few hundred dollars?

Stress is why it may be worth it!

And I've written about this before, but this one tax guy gas taken my calls in the past ...letting me have a free answer ...just because he enjoys hearing me stress and sweat it out. (That was funny when he was chuckling as he said that one day. :) He would've loved a video today and tonight. Okay I could've finished during working hours but I have procrastinated horribly this time around. I've had some distractions. Although the result is always the same ..I finish on the deadline or a few hrs after. I have that figured out too.

Being an east coast girl, I found that if I e-file ...I really have until 3 am east coast time because the returns are filed to a west coast bank ...3 hr time difference. Tonight though ...I didn't even make the 3 am deadline ..well my deadline of 3 am. And don't anyone stress me out by telling me I will go to the hoosegow for it either. I'm one of those people afraid to rip tags off pillows and mattresses because I believe the warnings in bold type. :)

This year ...I was especially miserable doing the taxes ...or I should say ...avoiding doing them. You always know you have to do it. I reminded myself of the Family Circus kids in the cartoons where you see their footsteps going everywhere but the direct line home they are supposed to be on. That was me this year on the more circuitous route of avoidance.

By the time I was done ...after I hit send ...I half expected the forms to be spewed out of Bajingoland because I felt like I birthed something!

I told Mr SeaSpray ...that's it! Never again! We are paying someone next year! I always say that. I mean it this time though. :)

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