Monday, April 4, 2011

My Review of Last Night's Celebrity Apprentice
John Rich and Marlee Matlin - team leaders on last night's Celebrity Apprentice. While Marlee's team blew the men's team away, by about 400,00 dollars or so ...over 600,00 dollars earned by the men is nothing to sneeze at. Both teams were winners for their charities. :)

What an interesting episode!

Stressful too, when the women were late because of NYC traffic, in setting up their art. Slow start ...but boy did they make up for their seeming lack of preparation.

I referred to Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice as a train wreck in my previous post. I only meant it with his seeming lack of ability to focus and being disruptive in the tasks. I had also complimented him as being sweet and intelligent. (Some people march to a different drummer and will still get the same results ..just the more circuitous route ...or perhaps a shortcut no one else sees) That being said did seem to be the group's consensus when trying to decide who to vote off.

It was sweet seeing Marlee Matlin go to bat for Gary.

I was torn about letting the guys avoid being fired even tho they lost, because it was such a monumental night for raising money for charities on both sides and the good vibes were flowing. That being said is business and the rules are the rules. The women lost 3 times in a row, now down 3 players. If they let the guys keep a player, it could work against them in the future.

Nice is nice.

But ...fair is fair.

It's a competition.

It's business.

And you know what the Donald would've done.

I do agree Richard Hatch was the one to go based on the criteria used, particularly his power to draw money in in the future. Although, way more focused then Gary and would've been interesting to see how he managed the big leagues when he was up to bat. He is a shrewd man.

Speaking of bat ...I was sorry to hear about former baseball player, Jose Canesco having to leave the show because his father was seriously ill. I wasn't especially impressed by his apprentice skills as yet, although he was easy on the eyes. :) Perhaps Trump was willing to give the guys a pass because they lost Jose during that task, and so technically they are down 2 guys.

I was shocked to see Meatloaf go off on Gary, accusing him of stealing his paints. I was in the shower when my TiVo released the pause and so I missed the part where he found his own paint, but came back into it when he was sincerely apologizing to Gary ...and Gary was kind and did forgive him ..even reassured him it's forgotten and to let it go now.

It's always encouraging to witness a reconciliation. There is power in accountability and forgiveness. Both men stepped up to the plate on that one.

And then finally was exciting to see the money pouring in for the charities! It was touching when LaToya Jackson gave up a special shirt (only 2 in existence) that Michael Jackson had signed. She brought it everywhere with her. Someone donated 99,000 for that shirt alone. After Trump kicked in 14,000 dollars, the women's team raised over a million dollars for Marlee's charity. WOW!

But, John Rich had one donor give 470,000 for his bedazzled guitar. Four hundred and seventy thousand dollars! Phenomenal! His team brought in over 600,00 dollars. No wonder Trump was in such a gregarious mood in the board room. He said that one task raised more money than had been raised in any one entire season.

Over a million dollars went to the Starkey Hearing Foundation - Marlee Matlin's charity and over 600,00 went to St. Jude's Children's Hospital -John Rich's charity.

How wonderful is that?!

It will be fun to see then accept their checks next week.

I can't wait to see next week's Celebrity Apprentice. :)

*Do any of my fellow bloggers watch this show? If so ...what is your take on last night's episode? This inquiring mind wants to know. :)

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