Friday, April 1, 2011

Soooooo Very TEMPTED!! ;)

My computer opens up to the MSN web page.

And they have an article on April Fool's day pranks. They are so GOOOOOD! I am absolutely going to do these in the future and maybe tonight.

I have to tell you, I am so very tempted to do the cream cheese joke before I go to bed. (Chuckling at the thought of it now. :)

You take the deodorant and scrape off an inch of deodorant and replace it with cream cheese. Ha ha! I have cream cheese and Mr SeaSpray and son have deodorant!

Now ...Mr SeaSpray gets up at 4:30am and so when ready to dress, he comes back and dresses only by the blue alarm clock light. He keeps his deodorant in his highboy and so basically ...I know ..he would not even know he was putting cream cheese on ...unless it sticks... or he smells it. Which would be okay, because if he went to work that way ...I am pretty certain he will not appreciate smelling like manly cream cheese emanating from under his shirt souring half way through the morning ...if even that long. But he has a routine ...and I know cream cheese deodorant would throw it off ...maybe. :)

Actually, I am pretty sure he would be mad if he figured it out while at his highboy. He is not at all the prankster type.

I can't help it ...I think it's hilarious!

What to doooo ...what do doooo. :)

Now son ..he would take it better, but he's in his room doing homework and so I can't get to it ..I don't think... unless I can distract with something. Thinking ..on that. He just came out and so I asked him what he thought about the prank and he said "I think it's hilarious, but don't do it to dad ..he won't laugh." Why does that still tempt me???

The perfect one is older son. I am going up to babysit tomorrow night. PERFECT opportunity! Now, if I really do this ...I can imagine older son thinking it is funny. Maybe annoyed ..but he'd laugh. He and I both get this glint in our eye that is a telltale sign we're up to something impish. My close friend said she can always tale because my eyes dance with a sparkle. :)

My second favorite is getting filled donuts and sucking the filling out. Okay this one is already a win-win prank. Sucking the yummy filling out ...with a straw? Bavarian cream! That would be my filling choice. :)

Then use a squirt bottle, turkey baster or syringe to refill with catsup. And if you think about it could get creative with that filling. ;) Okay ..this one is excellent! Oh I am soooo gonna do this sometime. It would be great to do at work. Just a few ...mixed in with regular filled donuts ...maybe underneath the good ones. Oh this makes me giggle too. :)

Then there is the Chinese fortune cookie prank. Take a cookie..remove the existing fortune with tweezers and replace with one that says "Help ..I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory." Then put on someone's plate. That would be a good one for the future. :)

And the clear nail polish on tips of pens and pencils at work ..also funny.

I also like putting lawn decorations in someone's yard. My friend's sons you to steal all the plastic yard decorations and put them in one neighbor's yard. They were in HS. I certainly don't advocate stealing, but funny.

I am really craving a Bavarian cream filled donut with chocolate on top. I could really, really go for one ..literally a few miles a way ...Dunkin Donuts.

But ...instead...I am going to go hold the cream cheese while I ponder ...what to doooo ...what to dooo? :)

Wait ...just one more prank - then the holding of the cream cheese. ;)

Okay if I came in to work and saw that ...I'd crack up. Very funny! :) And then know what they say about payback ... ;)

*For exact specifics of these pranks and other ideas (You may prefer the other pranks), go to the following link:


WarmSocks said...

Did you end up doing anything? I remember one year... our adult Sunday school class took turns taking treats; we'd leave the plate in our classroom unattended, and kids would come in and eat all our food. One week I used tabasco sauce in the pastry filling, and we didn't have trouble with stuff disappearing after that :)

It's pretty easy to make your own donuts - even filled ones. I have dough in the 'fridge right now, and will be frying raised donuts for my family's breakfast in the morning. Bismarks are easy, too... wouldn't be hard to fill with ketchup. ewwww.

Looking forward to hearing how your pranks turned out.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Warm socks - tobasco? Effective for sure?

Older son and friends used to make donuts with donut maker my mom gave older son when teenager.

I am still craving a Boston cream after this post. :)

I did do a prank and will write about it soon. :)

Sarah Glenn said...

We used to have a financial guy that kept his door closed and played sports radio. He did not leave that room unless he had to.

One April Fool's Day, one of the staff assistants duct-taped him into his office during lunch.

SeaSpray said...

Oh Sarah! THAT really funny!

Thanks for sharing. :)