Thursday, May 26, 2011

Computer Not Working Right

I have been having trouble accessing my blog and posting comments in other blogs.

There was something wrong with blogger as evidenced by the complaints I read when I googled for assistance.

But ..once on son's computer right now ...everything is working normally.

I do not always have access to his computer ..and so if I don't comment ..or right posts ..I am still reading other blogs and will write posts in my word program to transfer more expediently so I don't take up time on his computer when I have access/ he was generous with my using it today. :)

My computer is old. It makes start up noises and whirs away all day. Even though we have high speed Internet takes my computer longer to get through things. Googles quickly but slow with other things.

And when I try to even just check my profile it won't go there. if I try to comment in other blogs it redirects me.

And it will not let me sign into my blog. Plus the google page shows up here and there all the way down my from SeaSpray blog page.

I am hoping older son can just tweak it and it will be fixed.

If anyone has any idea what might be wrong, I welcome all ideas and suggestions.

I cannot get a new computer at this time and so basically need a computer miracle or for my son to be a computer miracle worker. :)


Rositta said...

Sounds more like a windows issue than hardware. Might try reloading windows, just make sure to back everything up first. I'd also Down load (free) Ccleaner and run it. Might take some bugs out...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta! It's nice to hear from you. :)

Thank you.

Amazingly is all working again. I did pray for it one morning and it just worked. I was surprised I got back into blog. I don't know if God repaired it or coincidence. But, I tend to think there are no coincidences. :)

I hope all is well with you. :)

SeaSpray said...

PS I did wonder if it was a virus.