Friday, May 13, 2011

A MUST See! :) Also ...Son As Pseudo Dog :)

If you haven't seen this, it is a must see. So FUNNY!

I think the BEST Dog video EVER!!

I saw this clip on Good Morning America and George Stephanopoulos said he watched it 100 times. And still ... he had a tear in his eye after watching it again on the show. Too funny.

This dog reminds me of our German Shepherd Bob and the voice our younger son used to give him.

Sometimes, Bob would do something that annoyed me and I'd snap at him and then my son ...taking on the "Bob" voice ...would argue back at me a similar dog voice as this guy does in the video. But, what's even more funny is I would get into a debate with the speudo dog about his behavior! And then in frustration tell my son to stop it! But ...I really was amused. And the thing is ...I could easily imagine Bob saying those things back to me. Hence ...the verbal sparring back and forth ...until I realized the crazee of it all. Son ...of course got a kick out of getting me going. I'd be distracted with something else is why it would go on a bit. Big dogs have this presence ...almost like having another person there ...sort of. :)

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