Saturday, May 21, 2011

SeaSpray Laws of the Universe


If only Gin & Tonics with a lime twist ...or a bottle of beer were noncaloric, non intoxicating and low on the Glycemic Index.

Because ...the way SeaSpray sees it ...there would be vitamin - C from the lime in the gin & tonic. And there would be B- vitamins in the beer. Sounds like a win-win to her. :)

And furthermore ...gin is derived from Juniperus communis, more commonly known as juniper berries. Need she say more? Latin connection - medicinal purposes? Thus SeaSpray can certainly appreciate that gin could have it's health benefits and add the lime and she's certain it's nearly a miracle drug ... um...drink.

SeaSpray thinks she could down gin &tonics with a lime twist by the pitcher easily as drinking water. Yes ...she's pretty certain that if pitchers of gin & tonics with a lime twist and pitchers of ice cold beer were noncaloric, non intoxicating, low on the Glycemic Index and as healthy as drinking water ...she'd be as happy a gin & tonic with a lime twist - beer drinking SeaSpray could be. Well ...when not drinking coffee, tea or water. Although ...the only thing that quenches her thirst is water.

SeaSpray always says "Thank God for water! " That's true. :)

Oh ...and as an added perk ...her kidneys would be well hydrated. The SeaSpray Kidney Hydration diet.

And yet ...another perk. :)

Also ... if SeaSpray could enforce a universal law ... and because gin & tonic with a lime twist are is her absolute favorite alcoholic beverage ... would be a SeaSpray law of the universe that said medicinal, non intoxicating and noncaloric, low on the Glycemic Index gin & tonics with a lime twist be unlimited in any healthy food/beverage plan. Her second Law of the Universe would be that the beer... also could be as healthy as the gin & tonics. *Sigh* SeaSpray thinks that would be a great healthy food/beverage plan.

She's just saying. ;)

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