Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthdays in Heaven? Mom's Birthday Today


Happy Birthday Mom ...I Sure Do MISS You.

I thought about you often throughout the day Mom. June 3rd. Iris and I were together earlier today and she remembered it was your birthday too.

We would've had your birthday party here. The kids were here earlier. Well ...except for Chris because he had to work. We had dinner and then took the wee ones outside to play. Wrenna just loves it outside. It's so cute seeing her run through the grass with a ball almost as big as she is. When I think of Wren ...I always remember her smiling. And she is beginning to really talk a lot now. Devan was showing us her soccer moves and making wand bubbles for her sister. She is still an avid reader, devouring large books so quickly. She has a delightful sense of humor and is a wonderfully, loving big sister. I can hardly believe she is 10 already! And Myles ...well he was just taking everything in. He is always so happy. He reminds me of his dad when he was a baby because he has the same happy disposition, often smiling with bright eyes that light up with such joy. You have THREE beautiful great grandchildren, but maybe you already know that now. I can imagine if your new great grandson grabbed onto your finger'd tell us all, "He has a SCOTSMAN"S grip!" He sure does. :) You would be proud of them all. We sure are. :) They are all so well behaved and a joy to be around ...precious for sure. Oh and I just know you would adore our new dog, Faith. She'd love you too. And your cat, Peachy still going strong. Hard to believe he is 20 now. No doubt because of all the love you gave him.

Well ...I just wanted to tell you I love you...

I miss you...

and Happy Birthday Mom. :)

I assume you can celebrate birthdays in heaven (since our life there is a continuation of who we were here on earth, but better) and I imagine the most amazing food and birthday cakes ever. Heavenly for sure! :)

Noncaloric of course. ;)


rnraquel said...

I'm sorry about your Mom. I'm sure she is having a wonderful time, but it is sure hard when your Mom isn't there to hug.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you rnraquel. Yes ...that is true. It's better as time passes, but you always think of them in the special moments and sometimes even in the little things.

Like ...i use her spatula or an incomplete set of silverware that I mix with mine and so when I get one of her spoons, etc ..I feel a warm thought and remember her. I know she would like that.

And when people die ...I often will use or wear something they gave me or us and I feel like it is still a part of them with us. :) And I tell others they gave us this or that and it is another way of passing down memories ..remembering friends and family and someday ..they will be the kids and grandkids memories. :)

I love the dog pic! Cute! How did you ever get him/her to keep the glasses on? Looks like there is a smile there. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...


SeaSpray said...

Thank you Angel. :)

rnraquel said...

SeaSpray, I do the same thing with my Mom's stuff. It is a nice feeling to use her old cookbook or wear her old earrings.
And thank you for the compliment on my Doggy photo. She is the most wonderful dog. I never was interested in having a little dog, but a few months after I lost my Mom, I suddenly just wanted a small dog to snuggle with. She is a wonderful snuggler, has never met a lap she didn't like, and is a total character as you can see with the sunglasses!

SeaSpray said...

I am sorry you lost your mom too Rnraquel. :(

I left mom's cookbook on our hutch for about a year before putting it away.

I know she'd be happy knowing we used her things. And I think God allows them to see special moments. Can't prove it ..just a feeling.

Oh pets can really perk us up. Especially if they are the affectionate type. She sound so sweet. Has to be to let you put those glasses on. :)