Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Friday's Fashion Faux Pas and some ER Faux Pas Stories :)

Of all the GOOFY things!


And you have to wonder what people are thinking that they don't TELL you. ??

But, it could've been worse and I will provide those links at the end.

I admittedly was tired when I woke up and had to get right in the shower and out the door and sans coffee ...not that coffee would've mattered, because I just grabbed my clothes, put them on ...and left ...even without makeup.

I was dressed and out so fast, I could've been a Fire Girl going out on a call! I'm just saying ... FAST!

I was bringing my friend for an early morning CT (Liver scan) at the radiology center. After she went in for the CT, I conversed with a few people that were also waiting.

After we left there and because she was feeling alright, despite feeling tired ...we decided to stop off at our church where there is a women's morning study going on about grace and it is a very upbeat and enlightening study. Even though we came in 20 minutes after it had started, they were so welcoming. It was a very positive experience for my friend. I knew It would be. :)

When we got back to the car, she complimented my top, stating it was pretty.

Then, I dropped her off at home and picked her up a bit later to go to another appointment.

As soon as I walked in, the woman we were meeting with immediately complimented my summer top I was wearing. It was white, sleeveless cotton with pretty blue embroidery running down the front and very tiny white buttons in the front. Very feminine. Also, nice and cool for the hot, humid day enveloping us.

Later on, Mr SeaSpray and I got home about the same time. We talked a few minutes and then I went to change into my bathing suit. I couldn't get the buttons open. "What the heck? These are so small, but I've unbuttoned them before. ???"

So, I turned the light on only to see that for the entire day, I wore my blouse inside out ...embroidery ....buttons ...inside out! So ..I went back out into the kitchen exclaiming that I had worn my blouse inside out all day and with people almost all day and no one said anything. I remembered that when the woman at the appointment complimented it ...she then looked again ...hesitated and then didn't say anything. I think she noticed. Why not just say, "Hey're blouse is on backwards." I'd react with an "Oh NO!" and then we'd all laugh.

Well ...Mr SeaSpray laughed. The embroidery was definitely inside out as were the buttons. Then I realized that I had put my hair up because it was so hot and so I turned around and asked if the tag was noticeable in the back? He again cracked up and said it was. *sigh*

So, I took the top off, checked and it was a wasn't a small tag. *Sigh* again. :)

I had washed it inside out on delicate, but never reversed it and so in the morning ...I just grabbed and threw it on without another thought about it.

Anyway, I have to be out ...bright eyed and bushy tailed even earlier, to bring my friend to another appointment. Suffice it to know that I will have everything laid out ...right side out tonight ...before even going to bed. :)

I'm the kind of person that if you have broccoli in your teeth, fly open or a tag sticking out ...I WILL tell you and then offer to fix it for you. Well ...I'll work with you, guiding you to where the broccoli is if you don't have access to a mirror. Same thing if food is on your chin or something and I will even be brave and tell you about the unwanted little nostril surprises you will want to get a tissue for. You're on your own with your fly though ...I'm just saying. :)

Some people probably don't care enough to tell you and I think others are just embarrassed and would feel too awkward. Just tell me ..or fix it and I will appreciate it ..thank you very much!

I've even had where people took awhile to tell me I had red lipstick on my teeth. And one ED doc I worked with took a few minutes after talking with him, to finally say ..."You know have little white pieces of tissue stuck all over your face." I promptly got up to check and was mortified that I had also registered a few ED patients and they didn't TELL me either! It had been a very hot day and I used the CHEAP hospital issue tissues to blot my face and the little pieces broke off and stuck to my face. I think I wrote about that somewhere in this blog. :)

It was the same ED doc who also didn't tell me my dress was stuck all the way up in the back after I came back in from the ladies room. He's a DOCTOR! And a SURGEON! He got through surgical residency, faced life and death in his jobs and he didn't tell me my dress was up - just to the bottom of my ...ahem ...derriere or I had tissues all over my face??? And he was a great doc and I really liked him ...but what was the big deal ...just tell me already! :)

Here is the link to :"My 4th Most EmbarASSing Moment" (Walking ER with dress up in back :)

And here is a link to the second post I wrote when I was just a newbie blogger: "Fashion Faux Pas" (The day I went everywhere ..bright med office lights, sunshine outdoor day, etc ...unbeknownst to me a SEE through ...very sheer blouse!

So, last Friday's fashion faux pas is mild in comparison ...but still ...*sigh* ... :)

*I hope these stories give you a laugh ...a welcome respite from all the serious things we seem to be surrounded with on a daily basis for awhile now.

Enjoy your week! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great News! :)

Funny lockley answering Tim  cartoon from July 27, 2005

Well ...I don't have to do this anymore. Go to the urology office that is.

Not for a year anyway.

That was the news I got from Urodoc yesterday.

My renal function actually went up as compared to last summer's renal scan!. YAY! My left kidney is always normal. The right was compromised somewhat, thanks to that first big kidney stone in 2004.

(Drink fluids everyone ...keep yourselves hydrated so that you can avoid kidney stones.

Not by a lot ...but it did go up. I am not exactly sure what that means or why it did. But, that seems like a big deal to me because historically have had concern about the ureter closing and so this must mean that everything is open and the champagne of body fluids is flowing just as it should be. Toast worthy for sure! :)

I believe all healing comes from God. He can and does heal directly. But, often times works through physicians and other people in the medical field. In this case ...I believe he worked through my urologist and has been all along.

Was it because of the duration of time I was stented?

Was it because of the BIG stent that I had for so long?

Or it just time now God's timing? I don't know ...but again ...I know God is in all healing. :)

So ...with renal function up and good report, I am totally cleared and do not have to go back to the uro office until next year for a follow-up.

That is my great news! :)

That being said, I will miss my Urodoc. I will miss the staff and the other Urodocs that were always a pleasure to see too. What a fabulous office it has been to go to for treatment. I've written posts in which I shared my positive feelings and gratitude about them before. Practically a mantra for me by now. :)

I am one grateful and satisfied SeaSpray with that urology practice and I often highly recommend people to their office. I have even told other physicians and medical staff about the Urodocs and their wonderful staff. And I have often heard other medical people respond in agreement with me. They apparently have a good reputation ...but, I already figured that because I have consistently experienced their excellent caring and compassion first hand for more than a few years now.

I am tempted to give their name, but not sure if I should. It could help some uro patients that land here on google searches never know. And positive word of mouth is always good for a medical practice. :)

And I am very grateful for this good report!

Thank you God.

Thank you Urodoc.

This SeaSpray gives her favorite urology office a 5 starfish rating. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Grandson :)

It's hard to believe M, our newest family member, is already 7 months old or will be officially on the 29th.

Isn't he just sooooo cute! And he's so sweet, you could practically eat him with a spoon! ;)

I am just crazy about all three of our grandchildren and feel so very blessed. :)

Not Serpentine Waitng Worthy! (Borders Experience)

I've put this up before, but ...I always think of this when I think "serpentine". :)

I brought my granddaughter D, to Borders yesterday, so that she could get a book to read during her beach vacation this week. She is an avid reader. I am so very proud of her. She's an amazing young girl and wise beyond her 10 years. I wanted to go there because I heard they are closing and I had a gift card to use and I wanted to share it with her.

It was so packed, that parking was near impossible and I was all set to park at the mall and then just walk over, but we found an open spot in front of another nearby store. It was a steady stream of people walking in and out of the store doubt taking advantage of the 49% off sales. We were excitedly looking forward to some terrific bargains. :)

Upon entering the book store we saw that there was a long serpentine line that had formed for check out. Garbage strewn on the floor. Why do people do that? Why don't they pick up papers, etc., if they drop them? Or is it that a certain ratio of papers will fall without being noticed by the seemingly careless offenders when you have such crowds in any one given area?

But, I digress.

It was greatly disappointing to us when we saw that most of the discounts throughout the store were only 10% off and some were 20% off. We still shopped for books because I wanted to use that certificate up. It was so hot too. Maybe that was because of the multitudes shopping and the doors constantly opening and closing. Or maybe my hormones were just kicking up again. Or maybe both. Or maybe they just did not have the a/c turned up enough. It does seem that many stores that used to feel frigid during hot weather are mediocre with cooking now and I was thinking it could be because of the high energy costs. Whatever was hot in there!

As we got in the back of the line ...I just could not believe how many twists and turns were in this serpentine line. It was Serpentine with a capital "S"! We spent more time in line than we did picking out books! You'd think we were in line to get into a rock concert!

The only good part about waiting that long in line is that D and I shared looking at some books along the way. I did have fun with her.

Although at one point, I thought if it had not been for her company that dodging bullets serpentine style would've been preferred because at least we would've gotten out of there faster! ;)

Finally our turn came. Every register was open and STILL the long serpentine line! The clerks must've been tired. I commented about seeing mostly 10% sales a few 20% sales. The clerk said that they had better sales before they were going out of business. I said that maybe with all these people making purchases now they'd be back in business, but he said it's too late.

As were were exiting the store, people were still streaming in and the serpentine line was ever present. The hot outside air felt so much cooler than the air inside. Probably because there was a welcome breeze outside. And then we got caught in a major downpour! D didn't want to get wet, but I thought it felt good. What's a little water anyway? :) The umbrella was in the back seat. but, it was sunny when we went in.

Of course we were parked pretty far away and then we couldn't find the car ..ha ha! :) And when we did ...we just talked for awhile until the heavy raining down of cats and dogs stopped. No sense in having to dodge cats and dogs when you drive if you don't have to. I'm just saying.

After a bit, we headed for Costco. No serpentine lines there. And it was cooler!

D ran over to check out their books and came back with the same book I had just purchased at borders with 10% off. COSTCO'S price was FIVE dollars less! I have to admit, that really annoyed me. But, also not worth going back in only to stand in serpentine line again. And certainly not worth wasting the gas to go back there.

Now somewhere in the store ...they had bargains up to 49% off. But, we did not see them.

So ...knowing what I know now ...I would only shop at the Borders site online or wait until they really are about to close their doors. Then be the first to get into the store in the morning and shop quickly.

10 - 20% off is just not serpentine waiting worthy in this SeaSpray's book!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mystery of My Missing Pants

I came home with my pants on Friday evening ...I absolutely did.

But, I seemed to have lost them, except that just does not make any sense. I have looked e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! High and low ...inside and out white pants have gone MIA.

Admittedly, I obsessed over finding them. :)

White summer pants.

I really wanted to wear them Wednesday night.

How do you lose WHITE pants? they stand out ...because they're white.

I wore them to a hospital reunion luncheon Friday afternoon. (That was a lot of fun! So great seeing everyone! :) Then I Came home around 7, after visiting with a friend.

Then I went back out after10 pm and I still had my pants on!! I am certain I would know if I were walking around without my pants on. Plus people would stare ...I'd look to see what they were staring at and totally freak out when I saw I had no pants on. It would be memorable.

And I came home after midnight ...with my pants on.

Where ARE my white pants????

I checked in the hamper in the bedroom - dumped the clothes out, under the bed, in my closet (they wouldn't be there but I checked anyway), behind the living room couch. Not that I got wild and crazy and flung them around so they landed there ...but maybe I rested them on top and they fell back. I wouldn't have though. I checked the hamper next to the washer - dumped the sheets and towels out, the side of the washer and behind the washer and dryer. I checked under the folded towels in the laundry basket.

I even looked in the toy box ...just in case.

It's like they're a pair of socks where the one will go MIA in the dryer...or be stuck in your pants leg. Oh no ..wait ..that's panties ...been there - done that! Panties stuck in the leg of my jeans. :) But, I didn't even wash them yet ...never mind DRY them.

Did Faith, our dog abscond with them? If she decides she likes something - she runs away with it. I'd notice my pants though.

I know there is a logical explanation ...but darned if I know!

Now ...the only other explanation I have is aliens. I hear that people who are abducted by aliens have memory loss over a certain period of time during the event. It would explain why I don't remember taking them off. If I did ...I would know where they were. or ,,,just not all that memorable. But an alien encounter Friday night ...after midnight ...well that would explain the mystery of the ..of MY missing white pants. I'm just saying.

Update: Thursday Night - It turns out our dog, Faith ...didn't abscond with my white pants and there wasn't an alien encounter after all.

Nope aliens.

AND ...I did dump everything out of the hampers ...upside down and completely dumped out ...but ...I did not shake stuff out. Turns out that when I shook our bed sheets loose to put in washer today ...out dropped white pants! I must've just scooped them up when changing the sheets. :)

It was REALLY bugging me. Ever do that ...misplace something and you know it has to be there ...somewhere because it absolutely should be ...but, it's not?

Anyway, mystery solved! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Know You're Tired When ...

You know you're tired when are looking at your play list and think the song ...I Need You Tonight by INXS is I Need Yogurt Tonight. Ha ha! :)

I can just imagine a Weird Al Yankovich parody about eating yogurt to the beat of I Need You Tonight. (That would be funny!)

Come over here
All you got is this yogurt
The 21st Century's yesterday
You can eat all you want
Everybody Eats yogurt that's okay

So slide over here
And give me a yogurt
Your moves are so raw
I've got to eat yogurt
I've got to eat yogurt
You're one of my kind

I need yogurt now cause I'm not sleeping
There's something about yogurt
That makes me sweat

How do you feel
I'm hungry
What do you think
Need my yogurt
Watch me eat yogurt
Gonna eat yogurt

So slide over here
And give me a yogurt
You moves are so raw
I've got to eat yogurt
I've got to eat yogurt
You're one of my kind

I need my yogurt
Cause I'm not sleeping
There's something about yogurt
That makes me sweat

How do you feel
I'm hungry
What do you think
I want yogurt
Watch me eat yogurt
Gonna eat yogurt
How do you feel
I'm hungry

What do you think
Need my yogurt
Watch me eat yogurt babe
Gonna eat yogurt

So slide over here
And give me a yogurt
You moves are so raw
I've got to eat yogurt
I've got to eat yogurt

So slide over here
And give me a yogurt
I've got to eat yogurt
I've got to eat yogurt

You're one of my kind

***This SeaSpray finds it quite amusing to sing about yogurt. Just need a kitchen dance to accompany it. I have a really large pink batter scraper for the microphone. I'm just saying. ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Things About Today

As I was standing at our kitchen table this morning, getting things packed up to go out with a friend for the day ... I happened to look up and then back to what I was doing ...but then "HUH?!"

A quick double take for what I thought I saw ... Oh I did see it ...a HUGE black bear! He was just lumbering along, walking along our fence and then crossed over into the woods when it got to the next house. I am guessing it was at least 450 - 500 pounds or so. HUGE. Totally unaffected, he looked right at me when I hollered for our son to come look, but dynamite couldn't pry him away from the book he is reading, once his nose is in it. Plus it is common to have black bears around here ...but this one was exceptionally large and close by. He/she had a HUGE head! And the fir glistened in the morning sunlight.

I tried to take pictures, but my one camera was filled up and the other wouldn't open because it needs to charge. So the fish that got away'll just have to take me at my word ...there was a HUGE black bear in front of our house this morning. Well, actually ..not like the fish that got away because we all know there really wasn't any fish ...but there really was a HUGE black bear.

I picked my friend up for her appointment and off we went. beautiful day although awfully hot and humid. All of a sudden the car in front of is slowed down and began making a left turn ...A very slow left turn into the Pet Spa. Both of us could see that the driver totally misjudged the speed of the oncoming car ...right at them ...if they even saw it at all. Fortunately, I am rarely a tailgater and never intentionally. I purposely leave extra room from the vehicle in front. And fortunately ...even tho feeling powerless for what was about to happen and now trying to insure we weren't impacted by the collision, I was able to maneuver off to the side and out of their way, but not without my rapidly saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my GOD!!"

I pulled into a parking lot not far from them and could still see them. No one was getting out of the cars. I called 911 and gave the location. Then I asked my friend if we could go back to check because no one had stopped and no one was exiting the cars. I hesitated because she is a cancer patients and her appointments are all important, although this one was a mammo. Still ...all appointments are ether for treatment or follow-up on results of treatment before going ahead with more treatment. But, she agreed we should check.

I couldn't believe *no one* was stopping to see if they needed help. I know I was the first to call because the dispatcher wanted the location. By the time I was able to cross traffic, a man did stop and was talking to the person in the car that plowed into the other car and a woman was talking with the person in the other car. It turned out she was gardening across the street and also saw the accident.

I went up to the car that wasn't able to stop in time and there was an elderly woman inside ...crying and shaken up, but not complaining of pain. The man was by her side. I went to the other driver ... also an older woman and she was shaking ..stating her shoulder hurt. She had a cane along side her by her door. The other woman who had walked over was holding the woman's little dog, which seemed to be alright.

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling the little dog was loose and distracted her while she was driving.

I had always heard that if a driver hits someone with their car ..they are still considered to be at fault ..because you should always be able to stop in time. But, that can't be right because no one could have stopped in time. And I would think they could tell by lack of skid marks, etc. Anyway, it didn't appear that anyone was seriously hurt ..thank God. The police came, just as we were leaving.

I called the radiology office to explain what had happened and to see if she could still come in. It worked out. I didn't mean to cause any problem with any scheduling for them or my friend, but we both thought we should check in case someone needed help. I would hope someone would do that for me or my family.

I really am surprised that only one driver stopped out of all the vehicles that just drove by. ? I could see if on a busy freeway with no place to pull over ...but not up here.

After her mammo, we checked with the other radiology office to see if her pet scan was pre-certed yet because she has to have the results before next weeks chemo treatment. that test will let them know if it is working or if they need to change course in treatment. It was not pre-certed as yet.

So, when we got out to the car, I called her insurance company. After jumping through all the hoops one has to do before making contact with a human life form ...the first human did not know if she was pre-certed for the scan and so transferred us over to the per-certification department. That was not a first option to be chosen or we would have. More waiting and then finally another human life form. I had my phone on speaker and basically handled the calls for her except where she had to give info. Well second human life form stated he did not see any pre-certification since March. O-k-a-y! So ...he gave us the number for a company seemingly separate from the insurance company that the physicians or their offices have to call to order to get certification. We called and eventually got human life form # 3. He also said that no one has pre-certed for any test. *sigh* So, I called the oncology office, explained who I was and that we were trying to find out about her getting pre-certed for the pet scan but that no one has any record of it. She told me that they do have her on the list of people to be called for pre-certification today and they will call her when they have it. Well that is good news. But, I am surprised that this would take so long because this was discussed two weeks ago. However, I am also unfamiliar with busy oncology office protocols. Thankfully, I rarely have to have anything pre-certed, but the few times I did ..I never had to wait. I wonder what the difference is?

Then we went out for a little lunch ..which was tasty for sure. But when we got our bill, we were surprised to see that they charged $6.95 for the cinnabun (sp?) she ordered. So, I asked the waitress and she said that is what it is. I again countered with "But that is almost the price of a meal here? It seems so expensive for that dessert." Then another waitress came by and said that was the price for al a mode and my friend did not order it al a mode. It was only $3.00 extra, but it's also the principal of the thing. Ha ha! That being said, I also pointed out to the waitress that she didn't charge us for the 2 ice teas and so the bill ended up being a little higher! :)

I am especially happy, that after a year of not going out to do things because of the lung cancer, she has been willing to these last couple of weeks. And having fun!

This is one of my friends who used to accompany me when I had uro procedures and tests. She and another friend would go along to keep me company and then we would go out to eat later. So ...their company helped make it all more bearable because we'd have fun being together and we had something to look forward to afterward. Otherwise it would be drudgery and I would experience anxiety over certain procedures and tests. Although you know I've always said ...I really adore my urologist, his partners and staff and that they all go along way to make it a more positive experience too. Patient support is key and can make all the difference in the overall patient experience. I am very grateful for that.

So, After lunch, she said, "Patty you're right. It is more fun when you plan something fun afterward." So, now we have our sites on another little place across the street in that town. I know they have quiche in there and homemade lemonade. :)

And afterward ...she even wanted to go to Harmon's to buy makeup. But first, we went into the Sealy store next door and I got her to lie down on these amazingly comfortable mattresses because I know they are looking to get another mattress soon. It was funny in that we just laid there ...talking away for awhile. The Dr Breus (sp?) by the front door was her favorite. I said we should tell spooky stories like we used to do when we were little and used to share a chaise lounge. But ..we just talked. And we joked about us probably being on some store camera ..or being greeters (on the bed) for the people walking in. :) The sales guy was so odd. I really don't laugh at people, but there were times I just could not look at her when he was talking because I would've busted out laughing. :) I can't even explain the things he did to keep us from leaving, things he said and my speaking up and then his getting us to stop and listen or take a test was like some SNL skit. He was unusual. And admittedly, I was a bit irked when he kept repeating, I am trying to help you when we were trying to leave. NO ..YOU were trying to make a SALE. I guess some people fall for that. I didn't say that though.

And doing these little things may not seem like a big deal, but they are. She also hadn't been to Harmon's in over a year. It's like her life stopped once she got the cancer diagnosis. She hasn't felt well and the treatments certainly take their toll on her. But, they've also been helping her. Her doctor and family have been encouraging her to go out do things, but until recently ...she has not wanted to. Although, now she is seeing she can have fun. So, it was kind of like old times with us today. Just little fun things that I had taken for granted ...felt like a gift today.

I came home to Mr SeaSpray barbecuing hamburgers and a nice harvest of fresh picked cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash ...all grown without any pesticides or chemicals.

I've been blogging on and off since I came home and even though I have not done a single chore today ...I am now going swimming. Maybe even read a book or sleep on the raft. And then when I come in ...I will do something ...even if it's wrong! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Not So Quick Quick Checkout Line

This is funny.

Last night I was in the 10 item checkout line, anticipating a speedy checkout because the woman in front of me was all checked out and it was the fast checkout line ...except then she looked at her receipt and got upset because she was charged more than $3.49 for Tide detergent. A medium size bottle of Tide detergent ...and I know (because it's what I always buy) that size wouldn't be $3.49 ...even on sale.

I looked over at the regular line next to me ...trying to calculate whether or not I should pick everything up and relocate over there because that looked like it would clear sooner, but I stayed put.


Best laid plans ...*sigh* ...this was going to be awhile because she was being argumentative, stating they should honor their sign ...which read "All detergent $3.49" and then informing them she would never shop there again and about her torn meniscus surgery and that she should not have to walk back there again because she is still recuperating.

The manager came over to tell her she would go check for her.

In the mean time, I decided to encourage her stating I wished I had had my meniscal repair done sooner because once I did, I felt so much better when I left the hospital then when I had walked in. I said she will be so happy with how she will feel. She calmed down a bit, as we discussed it.

The manager came back with the sign, a bottle of laundry detergent and a big smile on her face.

It turns out (Surprise! Surprise!), that all Laundry detergents were not on sale for $3.49, but that "All" Laundry detergent was on sale for $3.49. Ha ha! :)

Three out of four of us got a good laugh out of that. She was not so amused. But ...that was funny. She just read the sign wrong. I sure would've laughed had I done that. :)

At least she stopped yelling at the cashier before she left.

Then as the cashier (probably still in high school) finished checking my stuff out she said "Thank you for diffusing that."

I smiled and told her she did an excellent job handling it on her own. I was impressed. So young and yet she handled it with more grace and professionalism than what I've seen some adults do when in that position.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Internist and What Is Important to Me

I had a physical with my new internist today.

He's awesome!

He's particular.

I like the particular.

Particular causes me to think he is on top of things.

And even though I don't like something I have to do ...if I do the other things I say I will do and have to do ...I won't always have to do what I don't want to do right now. That's a bucket full of incentive right there.

I appreciate his tenacity in making his point and getting me to let go of my resistance. I'm still not thrilled ...but I will comply.

I appreciate his listening. He really listened. I wanted him to know some things up front about me and some personal history. It is so hard starting over and I was stressed about going in and admittedly got teary eyes when I said I missed my former pcp and I know we can't know each other the way doctors and patients do after 20 yrs, but I just wanted him to know a little more about me personally and I said that I had a bad medical office experience last week and it caused me to be afraid to come into him ...even though it had nothing to do with him just caused me to really miss my former pcp.

*And it wasn't a hideous physician encounter, but he was condescending and contradictory to the precedent already set with former visits and it his staff that did not get back to me about a test and it was his staff who told me I HAD to go in. And none of that would've been all that bad ...except his cold ...confusing attitude ..condescending attitude. If you were there'd understand. I have a good rapport with my docs. This threw me to be treated like I was the melon that forgot to get back on the truck. And I was affected so much ...that I don't want to go back and so that is a problem since he ordered two tests.

So ..I told this doc ...omitting the other doc's name. He was supportive and I won't say everything discussed ...but I felt really taken care of. He does want me to just get the tests though and so I will.

And what impressed me ...really impressed me and now I know for sure I am in good hands ...I said I even hesitate mentioning this experience because your colleagues and he made it clear that does not matter ...that he wouldn't care if it was his partners. And I know of an incident with a friend that goes to him in which he really went to bat for her against some surgeons. And when I mentioned another doc's opinion (he's not around anymore either) ...about something ...a couple of things ..things ...he made it clear to me that that doctor was not right about some things with patients and so it is most likely I do not have autoimmune diagnoses because my labs always come back good ...thank you God. Even my former pcp told me that when a Dr uses "syndrome" it means he doesn't really know for sure. So ...that is real good news.

My labs were good again ...except for the a-1c and so he is following that closely now. I hate it ...but of course appreciate it. I am ready to partner with him and do whatever I need to do to reverse those numbers and just improve overall health. I am good ...but I need to lose weight.

Oh and while my lipid profile is really good ..the HDL is low. I think that means I need to increase exercise? Is there anything else I can do to increase that? I forgot to ask. I can google. I was pretty much middle of the road with results ..all good.

Anyway ...I have complete confidence in this physician now.

I should not have let my experience with the other physician affect me as it did. I LOVE that this doc will go to bat for me if meed be and is so dedicated to my well being.

I left that exam room feeling so much better than when I walked in. It is like a weight was lifted off me emotionally since my encounter with the other DR. And I feel after talking with him ...he knows me better and I have more insight regarding him.

A friend called me this morning spiritual mom. A lady with strong faith and never says a bad word about anyone ..never. I told her what happened with this other doc last week and she said that she is hearing about a lot of doctors that seem to be lacking compassion lately. She happens to have 2 amazing docs. I know them from when I worked at the hospital and she is fortunate to have them. They have taken such good care of her.

I hope it's not true ...that more docs seem to be lacking compassion. I know of so many good ones.

Anyway ...thank God for the docs that treat their patients with dignity, respect ...and compassion.

I apologized to him because I canceled my physical 3 times and explained why. I even told him I would never be irate with him if I had to wait or if he needed to rescheduled last minute. I wanted him to know that I understand he could have emergencies or other things going on.

I told it it was important for me to feel understood and to bond over time. And also that I know I can be chatty and that I even told my ortho doc "If I get too chatty ..just reign me in." and that doc busted out laughing when I said it and this one smiled.

I absolutely do not say these things to all docs and don't have to bond either. But, if a doc is going to be working fairly often ...then I think it is important to have a good rapport and mutual respect and understanding. Well always respect. I also believe it facilitates trust and healing and particularly if challenges come up.

This morning friend also said that she feels like her doctors are friends. I feel that way too ...about certain doctors. Now is only withing the scope of the medical relationship, but if you feel you are friends with your doc is a blessing for both of you. That is my experience anyway.

***I've been blogging often lately and so if haven't been in here ..check out other posts if you want to. Funny how that works. Feel that blogging fire again. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moving Physican Post About His Patient and Medical Relationship

The following link is to a post in KevinMD's blog: An Apology to a Terminal Patient With Colon Cancer, written by Jordan Grumet, MD. It is a moving post in which Dr Jordan apologizes for not being in to see her on her last night and explains how things (Understandably in my opinion), got in the way of his getting in to see her that night ..when he had a sense she would pass away. He shares about his patient, their relationship and his remorse and angst over not being there. But, it is apparent that they had a solid Dr-patient relationship of mutual respect, trust and friendship that evolved over time. I think that was a gift for both of them.

They connected.

LinkI have seen physicians that did not have that compassion or interest to bother beyond what they have to do and sometimes not nice ...when they should be. Thankfully ...they are few and far in between in my experience.

Being a patient at times who has been on the other end of excellent physician care, support and deepening friendship over time, I truly believe ...she knew he would've been there if he could have. And he actually spent a lot of time with her ...just not that night. Also, I don't know this for sure, but my feeling is that when she reached for his hand and indicated it was time to stop the treatments ...she had made her peace with it and I kind of think that was a goodbye and thank you to him as well. She must've known she didn't have long.

She reached for his hand and held it. She was reassuring him.

Dr Jordan Cared about her and she knew it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Swimming in the Lemondade :)

I was really bummed for about a day and a half or so.

For a few different reasons.

The first one was extremely off putting and annoying ...even though I understood the reason for the outburst. I was the recipient of the "kick the dog" syndrome. I did not appreciate it, but I tolerated it. It wore on me though.

The second one was EXTREMELY disappointing. That was a deal agreed upon to buy a nice used car. Checked out for free by our mechanic and given his approval ...stating we couldn't beat the price, etc. Sporty and fun a silver metallic Grand -Am - LOVED the sun roof. :) I drove it for about 2 weeks and was just waiting for the title to be signed and Wednesday ...the owner changed her mind. I know it is only a material thing and relationships and health, etc are way more important ...but to say it was disappointing is an understatement.

Moving on ...and the final straw was an unfortunate encounter with a medical professional.

Well ...the upside of these 3 events is if it is true that things happen in threes ...then it will all turnaround for the better now. Things happen for a reason. Even what we think is bad can have good things happen as a result.

Anyway ...I admit I wallowed amidst the lemons for a bit while processing the recent events, but now I choose to swim in the lemonade.

Yes swim's just so darn hot out. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Do Air Conditioning & Virginity Have in Common?

I hope I don't offend anyone with my next comment, but it occurred to me this morning when I turned the a/c on and remembered virginity.

I know wonder ...why in the world did SeaSpray think of virginity when turning on the a/c?

Eh know what ..some things are better left unsaid. :)

Oh ..I'm TEASING you! ;)

Here's why.

My specific thought was and I quote, "Air conditioning is like losing your virginity because once you've turned it on never want to go back."

Okay ...perhaps the title should've been "What do Air Conditioning & Losing Your Virginity Have in Common.

So ...still ...why the connection?

It's simple really ...ECONOMICS!

Specifically ..the financial considerations of the SeaSpray family.

Our electric bill has been RIDICULOUSLY and PAINFULLY high. Except for last month. That felt like a miracle and I am still shocked ...but hey don't look a gift horse in the mouth ...whatever THAT means. And that ...not the gift horse ..but the RIDICULOUSLY and PAINFULLY high electric bill is for another post.

Other than to say ...that we decided we would NOT use the a/c unless we absolutely HAD to.

We didn't ..correction ...Mr SeaSpray didn't even put the air conditioners in until the 3rd week in June. And we had some very hot weather here and there.

And this SeaSpray ...does not tolerate the heat well at all and would never be a willing southerner (How DO you southern Folk do it? Handle the HEAT and HUMIDITY?), no matter how beautiful the beaches are. So for me not to put a/c on is a major accomplishment and sacrifice. But ..I did it. And then even when a/c in ...we didn't use it.

Well's been really hot again and so we turned it on. And then last night for 1st time this yr slept with it on. When I opened the bedroom door, I felt all this humidity rush at me and so I immediately turned the other air conditioner on. Then I went outside ..and while humid wasn't horribly hot and humid, i.e., a/c worthy weather when trying to keep the electric bill low.

All this time ...we've basically gone without. But, now that it's been on a few days in a row ...I feel like we can't go without a/c.

And so then I remembered what Ann Landers said about losing one's virginity. She was advising a teenager not to have sex because once they become sexually active will be hard to stop.

HENCE ...the connection between air conditioning and virginity. :)

"Air conditioning is like losing your virginity because once you've turned it on never want to go back." ~SeaSpray~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I have GREAT Kidneys!

Well ...I know my left kidney is good. But the right ...well ...that is the reason for the renal scan ... a follow-up to determine it's function since the last stent.

I was wondering.

I felt/believed I'd get a good report, but it's nice to have the report back my faith up. Not that I need it for faith's just nice is all. A further confirmation. I am not seeing urodoc until end of month. Then I will get the numbers. But, GREAT GREAT!!! :)

Anyway, An M/A from my urologist office called (last week, but my cell was off) to tell me that urodoc wanted me to know that "Her kidneys are GREAT!" (Emphasis on "Great" mine) I know I am accurately relaying his enthusiasm for the good news because he is enthusiastic when he uses the word Great in reference to something positive. He's been through thick and thin with me through all of this and I know if he told her her to tell me they're GREAT ...then they are GREAT!!!

I don't know specifics yet, but I sure LOVE the GREAT in reference to my kidneys!!! :)

Thank you Heavenly Father!

Thank you urodoc!

Thank you! :)

Link*I also added this news to my original post (Renal Scan #9) to keep the information together.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If SeaSpray Could Invent a Bra ...

Considering how large whales are ...I'm thinking this bra the whale is absconding with is larger than a double D. ;)

...If women could walk around in water ...their girls would be buoyed up by the water and there would be no need for bras. Ha ha! ;) ~SeaSpray~

That little thought occurred to me ...ahem ...while I was in the pool today. We just need the water to stay in place underneath, without getting us wet and presto ...comfortable ...flattering support!

Water support Bras ...I'd wear them. :)