Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I have GREAT Kidneys!

Well ...I know my left kidney is good. But the right ...well ...that is the reason for the renal scan ... a follow-up to determine it's function since the last stent.

I was wondering.

I felt/believed I'd get a good report, but it's nice to have the report back my faith up. Not that I need it for faith's just nice is all. A further confirmation. I am not seeing urodoc until end of month. Then I will get the numbers. But, GREAT GREAT!!! :)

Anyway, An M/A from my urologist office called (last week, but my cell was off) to tell me that urodoc wanted me to know that "Her kidneys are GREAT!" (Emphasis on "Great" mine) I know I am accurately relaying his enthusiasm for the good news because he is enthusiastic when he uses the word Great in reference to something positive. He's been through thick and thin with me through all of this and I know if he told her her to tell me they're GREAT ...then they are GREAT!!!

I don't know specifics yet, but I sure LOVE the GREAT in reference to my kidneys!!! :)

Thank you Heavenly Father!

Thank you urodoc!

Thank you! :)

Link*I also added this news to my original post (Renal Scan #9) to keep the information together.


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm so glad for you, Seaspray! It sounds like great news. You've been through a lot with all this.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel - it made my day for sure. :)

ha! then I went on to have a bad day. (better now) And I totally forgot about my good news and was so down for the afternoon and night ...until I regained my perspectives. And gosh! What is more important than GREAT kidneys for this SeaSpray?!

A couple of things happened that upset me (no big deal in the grand scheme of things), but definitely wore on me and disappointed and then the final straw was a RUDE, Condescending, cold physician. Not someone I would normally see and I have no desire to go back. Not sure what I will do.

And this is not me ..but I was so upset about how I was treated that I told the receptionist and I knew there was a pt waiting there. i was polite, but assertive. I did what his staff said. HIS staff was in error then. And he and they were for not doing what he said they would.

I am wrestling with my feelings because I know I have to forgive. And I am. But, I am going to address it in a blog post at some point. If the other things had not happened ..I don't think I would've taken it as intensely ..although calm and removed from it ...I am still aggravated when I think of the encounter.

And I guess I have been spoiled by all the excellent medical people I know both professionally and as a patient. And people are human.

Thanks again! :)