Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great News! :)

Funny lockley answering Tim  cartoon from July 27, 2005

Well ...I don't have to do this anymore. Go to the urology office that is.

Not for a year anyway.

That was the news I got from Urodoc yesterday.

My renal function actually went up as compared to last summer's renal scan!. YAY! My left kidney is always normal. The right was compromised somewhat, thanks to that first big kidney stone in 2004.

(Drink fluids everyone ...keep yourselves hydrated so that you can avoid kidney stones.

Not by a lot ...but it did go up. I am not exactly sure what that means or why it did. But, that seems like a big deal to me because historically have had concern about the ureter closing and so this must mean that everything is open and the champagne of body fluids is flowing just as it should be. Toast worthy for sure! :)

I believe all healing comes from God. He can and does heal directly. But, often times works through physicians and other people in the medical field. In this case ...I believe he worked through my urologist and has been all along.

Was it because of the duration of time I was stented?

Was it because of the BIG stent that I had for so long?

Or it just time now God's timing? I don't know ...but again ...I know God is in all healing. :)

So ...with renal function up and good report, I am totally cleared and do not have to go back to the uro office until next year for a follow-up.

That is my great news! :)

That being said, I will miss my Urodoc. I will miss the staff and the other Urodocs that were always a pleasure to see too. What a fabulous office it has been to go to for treatment. I've written posts in which I shared my positive feelings and gratitude about them before. Practically a mantra for me by now. :)

I am one grateful and satisfied SeaSpray with that urology practice and I often highly recommend people to their office. I have even told other physicians and medical staff about the Urodocs and their wonderful staff. And I have often heard other medical people respond in agreement with me. They apparently have a good reputation ...but, I already figured that because I have consistently experienced their excellent caring and compassion first hand for more than a few years now.

I am tempted to give their name, but not sure if I should. It could help some uro patients that land here on google searches never know. And positive word of mouth is always good for a medical practice. :)

And I am very grateful for this good report!

Thank you God.

Thank you Urodoc.

This SeaSpray gives her favorite urology office a 5 starfish rating. :)


rlbates said...

Wonderful news!

SeaSpray said...

Yes, it is - thanks Ramona! :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Praise the Lord that your kidney is functioning very well and you have no more problem with it. I like your note about drinking lot of fluids to flush out impurities in the kidney. Thanks for the positive post. God bless you all always.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you for your kind words Mel. I am very grateful for the report for the chance to heal and the good report. Thanks for stopping by. Great reading you again too! :)