Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Friday's Fashion Faux Pas and some ER Faux Pas Stories :)

Of all the GOOFY things!


And you have to wonder what people are thinking that they don't TELL you. ??

But, it could've been worse and I will provide those links at the end.

I admittedly was tired when I woke up and had to get right in the shower and out the door and sans coffee ...not that coffee would've mattered, because I just grabbed my clothes, put them on ...and left ...even without makeup.

I was dressed and out so fast, I could've been a Fire Girl going out on a call! I'm just saying ... FAST!

I was bringing my friend for an early morning CT (Liver scan) at the radiology center. After she went in for the CT, I conversed with a few people that were also waiting.

After we left there and because she was feeling alright, despite feeling tired ...we decided to stop off at our church where there is a women's morning study going on about grace and it is a very upbeat and enlightening study. Even though we came in 20 minutes after it had started, they were so welcoming. It was a very positive experience for my friend. I knew It would be. :)

When we got back to the car, she complimented my top, stating it was pretty.

Then, I dropped her off at home and picked her up a bit later to go to another appointment.

As soon as I walked in, the woman we were meeting with immediately complimented my summer top I was wearing. It was white, sleeveless cotton with pretty blue embroidery running down the front and very tiny white buttons in the front. Very feminine. Also, nice and cool for the hot, humid day enveloping us.

Later on, Mr SeaSpray and I got home about the same time. We talked a few minutes and then I went to change into my bathing suit. I couldn't get the buttons open. "What the heck? These are so small, but I've unbuttoned them before. ???"

So, I turned the light on only to see that for the entire day, I wore my blouse inside out ...embroidery ....buttons ...inside out! So ..I went back out into the kitchen exclaiming that I had worn my blouse inside out all day and with people almost all day and no one said anything. I remembered that when the woman at the appointment complimented it ...she then looked again ...hesitated and then didn't say anything. I think she noticed. Why not just say, "Hey're blouse is on backwards." I'd react with an "Oh NO!" and then we'd all laugh.

Well ...Mr SeaSpray laughed. The embroidery was definitely inside out as were the buttons. Then I realized that I had put my hair up because it was so hot and so I turned around and asked if the tag was noticeable in the back? He again cracked up and said it was. *sigh*

So, I took the top off, checked and it was a wasn't a small tag. *Sigh* again. :)

I had washed it inside out on delicate, but never reversed it and so in the morning ...I just grabbed and threw it on without another thought about it.

Anyway, I have to be out ...bright eyed and bushy tailed even earlier, to bring my friend to another appointment. Suffice it to know that I will have everything laid out ...right side out tonight ...before even going to bed. :)

I'm the kind of person that if you have broccoli in your teeth, fly open or a tag sticking out ...I WILL tell you and then offer to fix it for you. Well ...I'll work with you, guiding you to where the broccoli is if you don't have access to a mirror. Same thing if food is on your chin or something and I will even be brave and tell you about the unwanted little nostril surprises you will want to get a tissue for. You're on your own with your fly though ...I'm just saying. :)

Some people probably don't care enough to tell you and I think others are just embarrassed and would feel too awkward. Just tell me ..or fix it and I will appreciate it ..thank you very much!

I've even had where people took awhile to tell me I had red lipstick on my teeth. And one ED doc I worked with took a few minutes after talking with him, to finally say ..."You know have little white pieces of tissue stuck all over your face." I promptly got up to check and was mortified that I had also registered a few ED patients and they didn't TELL me either! It had been a very hot day and I used the CHEAP hospital issue tissues to blot my face and the little pieces broke off and stuck to my face. I think I wrote about that somewhere in this blog. :)

It was the same ED doc who also didn't tell me my dress was stuck all the way up in the back after I came back in from the ladies room. He's a DOCTOR! And a SURGEON! He got through surgical residency, faced life and death in his jobs and he didn't tell me my dress was up - just to the bottom of my ...ahem ...derriere or I had tissues all over my face??? And he was a great doc and I really liked him ...but what was the big deal ...just tell me already! :)

Here is the link to :"My 4th Most EmbarASSing Moment" (Walking ER with dress up in back :)

And here is a link to the second post I wrote when I was just a newbie blogger: "Fashion Faux Pas" (The day I went everywhere ..bright med office lights, sunshine outdoor day, etc ...unbeknownst to me a SEE through ...very sheer blouse!

So, last Friday's fashion faux pas is mild in comparison ...but still ...*sigh* ... :)

*I hope these stories give you a laugh ...a welcome respite from all the serious things we seem to be surrounded with on a daily basis for awhile now.

Enjoy your week! :)

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