Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mystery of My Missing Pants

I came home with my pants on Friday evening ...I absolutely did.

But, I seemed to have lost them, except that just does not make any sense. I have looked e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! High and low ...inside and out white pants have gone MIA.

Admittedly, I obsessed over finding them. :)

White summer pants.

I really wanted to wear them Wednesday night.

How do you lose WHITE pants? they stand out ...because they're white.

I wore them to a hospital reunion luncheon Friday afternoon. (That was a lot of fun! So great seeing everyone! :) Then I Came home around 7, after visiting with a friend.

Then I went back out after10 pm and I still had my pants on!! I am certain I would know if I were walking around without my pants on. Plus people would stare ...I'd look to see what they were staring at and totally freak out when I saw I had no pants on. It would be memorable.

And I came home after midnight ...with my pants on.

Where ARE my white pants????

I checked in the hamper in the bedroom - dumped the clothes out, under the bed, in my closet (they wouldn't be there but I checked anyway), behind the living room couch. Not that I got wild and crazy and flung them around so they landed there ...but maybe I rested them on top and they fell back. I wouldn't have though. I checked the hamper next to the washer - dumped the sheets and towels out, the side of the washer and behind the washer and dryer. I checked under the folded towels in the laundry basket.

I even looked in the toy box ...just in case.

It's like they're a pair of socks where the one will go MIA in the dryer...or be stuck in your pants leg. Oh no ..wait ..that's panties ...been there - done that! Panties stuck in the leg of my jeans. :) But, I didn't even wash them yet ...never mind DRY them.

Did Faith, our dog abscond with them? If she decides she likes something - she runs away with it. I'd notice my pants though.

I know there is a logical explanation ...but darned if I know!

Now ...the only other explanation I have is aliens. I hear that people who are abducted by aliens have memory loss over a certain period of time during the event. It would explain why I don't remember taking them off. If I did ...I would know where they were. or ,,,just not all that memorable. But an alien encounter Friday night ...after midnight ...well that would explain the mystery of the ..of MY missing white pants. I'm just saying.

Update: Thursday Night - It turns out our dog, Faith ...didn't abscond with my white pants and there wasn't an alien encounter after all.

Nope aliens.

AND ...I did dump everything out of the hampers ...upside down and completely dumped out ...but ...I did not shake stuff out. Turns out that when I shook our bed sheets loose to put in washer today ...out dropped white pants! I must've just scooped them up when changing the sheets. :)

It was REALLY bugging me. Ever do that ...misplace something and you know it has to be there ...somewhere because it absolutely should be ...but, it's not?

Anyway, mystery solved! :)

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