Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Serpentine Waitng Worthy! (Borders Experience)

I've put this up before, but ...I always think of this when I think "serpentine". :)

I brought my granddaughter D, to Borders yesterday, so that she could get a book to read during her beach vacation this week. She is an avid reader. I am so very proud of her. She's an amazing young girl and wise beyond her 10 years. I wanted to go there because I heard they are closing and I had a gift card to use and I wanted to share it with her.

It was so packed, that parking was near impossible and I was all set to park at the mall and then just walk over, but we found an open spot in front of another nearby store. It was a steady stream of people walking in and out of the store doubt taking advantage of the 49% off sales. We were excitedly looking forward to some terrific bargains. :)

Upon entering the book store we saw that there was a long serpentine line that had formed for check out. Garbage strewn on the floor. Why do people do that? Why don't they pick up papers, etc., if they drop them? Or is it that a certain ratio of papers will fall without being noticed by the seemingly careless offenders when you have such crowds in any one given area?

But, I digress.

It was greatly disappointing to us when we saw that most of the discounts throughout the store were only 10% off and some were 20% off. We still shopped for books because I wanted to use that certificate up. It was so hot too. Maybe that was because of the multitudes shopping and the doors constantly opening and closing. Or maybe my hormones were just kicking up again. Or maybe both. Or maybe they just did not have the a/c turned up enough. It does seem that many stores that used to feel frigid during hot weather are mediocre with cooking now and I was thinking it could be because of the high energy costs. Whatever was hot in there!

As we got in the back of the line ...I just could not believe how many twists and turns were in this serpentine line. It was Serpentine with a capital "S"! We spent more time in line than we did picking out books! You'd think we were in line to get into a rock concert!

The only good part about waiting that long in line is that D and I shared looking at some books along the way. I did have fun with her.

Although at one point, I thought if it had not been for her company that dodging bullets serpentine style would've been preferred because at least we would've gotten out of there faster! ;)

Finally our turn came. Every register was open and STILL the long serpentine line! The clerks must've been tired. I commented about seeing mostly 10% sales a few 20% sales. The clerk said that they had better sales before they were going out of business. I said that maybe with all these people making purchases now they'd be back in business, but he said it's too late.

As were were exiting the store, people were still streaming in and the serpentine line was ever present. The hot outside air felt so much cooler than the air inside. Probably because there was a welcome breeze outside. And then we got caught in a major downpour! D didn't want to get wet, but I thought it felt good. What's a little water anyway? :) The umbrella was in the back seat. but, it was sunny when we went in.

Of course we were parked pretty far away and then we couldn't find the car ..ha ha! :) And when we did ...we just talked for awhile until the heavy raining down of cats and dogs stopped. No sense in having to dodge cats and dogs when you drive if you don't have to. I'm just saying.

After a bit, we headed for Costco. No serpentine lines there. And it was cooler!

D ran over to check out their books and came back with the same book I had just purchased at borders with 10% off. COSTCO'S price was FIVE dollars less! I have to admit, that really annoyed me. But, also not worth going back in only to stand in serpentine line again. And certainly not worth wasting the gas to go back there.

Now somewhere in the store ...they had bargains up to 49% off. But, we did not see them.

So ...knowing what I know now ...I would only shop at the Borders site online or wait until they really are about to close their doors. Then be the first to get into the store in the morning and shop quickly.

10 - 20% off is just not serpentine waiting worthy in this SeaSpray's book!

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