Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Things About Today


As I was standing at our kitchen table this morning, getting things packed up to go out with a friend for the day ... I happened to look up and then back to what I was doing ...but then "HUH?!"

A quick double take for what I thought I saw ... Oh I did see it ...a HUGE black bear! He was just lumbering along, walking along our fence and then crossed over into the woods when it got to the next house. I am guessing it was at least 450 - 500 pounds or so. HUGE. Totally unaffected, he looked right at me when I hollered for our son to come look, but dynamite couldn't pry him away from the book he is reading, once his nose is in it. Plus it is common to have black bears around here ...but this one was exceptionally large and close by. He/she had a HUGE head! And the fir glistened in the morning sunlight.

I tried to take pictures, but my one camera was filled up and the other wouldn't open because it needs to charge. So ..like the fish that got away ...you'll just have to take me at my word ...there was a HUGE black bear in front of our house this morning. Well, actually ..not like the fish that got away because we all know there really wasn't any fish ...but there really was a HUGE black bear.

I picked my friend up for her appointment and off we went. beautiful day although awfully hot and humid. All of a sudden the car in front of is slowed down and began making a left turn ...A very slow left turn into the Pet Spa. Both of us could see that the driver totally misjudged the speed of the oncoming car ...right at them ...if they even saw it at all. Fortunately, I am rarely a tailgater and never intentionally. I purposely leave extra room from the vehicle in front. And fortunately ...even tho feeling powerless for what was about to happen and now trying to insure we weren't impacted by the collision, I was able to maneuver off to the side and out of their way, but not without my rapidly saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my GOD!!"

I pulled into a parking lot not far from them and could still see them. No one was getting out of the cars. I called 911 and gave the location. Then I asked my friend if we could go back to check because no one had stopped and no one was exiting the cars. I hesitated because she is a cancer patients and her appointments are all important, although this one was a mammo. Still ...all appointments are ether for treatment or follow-up on results of treatment before going ahead with more treatment. But, she agreed we should check.

I couldn't believe *no one* was stopping to see if they needed help. I know I was the first to call because the dispatcher wanted the location. By the time I was able to cross traffic, a man did stop and was talking to the person in the car that plowed into the other car and a woman was talking with the person in the other car. It turned out she was gardening across the street and also saw the accident.

I went up to the car that wasn't able to stop in time and there was an elderly woman inside ...crying and shaken up, but not complaining of pain. The man was by her side. I went to the other driver ... also an older woman and she was shaking ..stating her shoulder hurt. She had a cane along side her by her door. The other woman who had walked over was holding the woman's little dog, which seemed to be alright.

I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling the little dog was loose and distracted her while she was driving.

I had always heard that if a driver hits someone with their car ..they are still considered to be at fault ..because you should always be able to stop in time. But, that can't be right because no one could have stopped in time. And I would think they could tell by lack of skid marks, etc. Anyway, it didn't appear that anyone was seriously hurt ..thank God. The police came, just as we were leaving.

I called the radiology office to explain what had happened and to see if she could still come in. It worked out. I didn't mean to cause any problem with any scheduling for them or my friend, but we both thought we should check in case someone needed help. I would hope someone would do that for me or my family.

I really am surprised that only one driver stopped out of all the vehicles that just drove by. ? I could see if on a busy freeway with no place to pull over ...but not up here.

After her mammo, we checked with the other radiology office to see if her pet scan was pre-certed yet because she has to have the results before next weeks chemo treatment. that test will let them know if it is working or if they need to change course in treatment. It was not pre-certed as yet.

So, when we got out to the car, I called her insurance company. After jumping through all the hoops one has to do before making contact with a human life form ...the first human did not know if she was pre-certed for the scan and so transferred us over to the per-certification department. That was not a first option to be chosen or we would have. More waiting and then finally another human life form. I had my phone on speaker and basically handled the calls for her except where she had to give info. Well second human life form stated he did not see any pre-certification since March. O-k-a-y! So ...he gave us the number for a company seemingly separate from the insurance company that the physicians or their offices have to call to order to get certification. We called and eventually got human life form # 3. He also said that no one has pre-certed for any test. *sigh* So, I called the oncology office, explained who I was and that we were trying to find out about her getting pre-certed for the pet scan but that no one has any record of it. She told me that they do have her on the list of people to be called for pre-certification today and they will call her when they have it. Well that is good news. But, I am surprised that this would take so long because this was discussed two weeks ago. However, I am also unfamiliar with busy oncology office protocols. Thankfully, I rarely have to have anything pre-certed, but the few times I did ..I never had to wait. I wonder what the difference is?

Then we went out for a little lunch ..which was tasty for sure. But when we got our bill, we were surprised to see that they charged $6.95 for the cinnabun (sp?) she ordered. So, I asked the waitress and she said that is what it is. I again countered with "But that is almost the price of a meal here? It seems so expensive for that dessert." Then another waitress came by and said that was the price for al a mode and my friend did not order it al a mode. It was only $3.00 extra, but it's also the principal of the thing. Ha ha! That being said, I also pointed out to the waitress that she didn't charge us for the 2 ice teas and so the bill ended up being a little higher! :)

I am especially happy, that after a year of not going out to do things because of the lung cancer, she has been willing to these last couple of weeks. And having fun!

This is one of my friends who used to accompany me when I had uro procedures and tests. She and another friend would go along to keep me company and then we would go out to eat later. So ...their company helped make it all more bearable because we'd have fun being together and we had something to look forward to afterward. Otherwise it would be drudgery and I would experience anxiety over certain procedures and tests. Although ..as you know I've always said ...I really adore my urologist, his partners and staff and that they all go along way to make it a more positive experience too. Patient support is key and can make all the difference in the overall patient experience. I am very grateful for that.

So, After lunch, she said, "Patty you're right. It is more fun when you plan something fun afterward." So, now we have our sites on another little place across the street in that town. I know they have quiche in there and homemade lemonade. :)

And afterward ...she even wanted to go to Harmon's to buy makeup. But first, we went into the Sealy store next door and I got her to lie down on these amazingly comfortable mattresses because I know they are looking to get another mattress soon. It was funny in that we just laid there ...talking away for awhile. The Dr Breus (sp?) by the front door was her favorite. I said we should tell spooky stories like we used to do when we were little and used to share a chaise lounge. But ..we just talked. And we joked about us probably being on some store camera ..or being greeters (on the bed) for the people walking in. :) The sales guy was so odd. I really don't laugh at people, but there were times I just could not look at her when he was talking because I would've busted out laughing. :) I can't even explain the things he did to keep us from leaving, things he said and my speaking up and then his getting us to stop and listen or take a test ...it was like some SNL skit. He was unusual. And admittedly, I was a bit irked when he kept repeating, I am trying to help you when we were trying to leave. NO ..YOU were trying to make a SALE. I guess some people fall for that. I didn't say that though.

And doing these little things may not seem like a big deal, but they are. She also hadn't been to Harmon's in over a year. It's like her life stopped once she got the cancer diagnosis. She hasn't felt well and the treatments certainly take their toll on her. But, they've also been helping her. Her doctor and family have been encouraging her to go out ..to do things, but until recently ...she has not wanted to. Although, now she is seeing she can have fun. So, it was kind of like old times with us today. Just little fun things that I had taken for granted ...felt like a gift today.

I came home to Mr SeaSpray barbecuing hamburgers and a nice harvest of fresh picked cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash ...all grown without any pesticides or chemicals.

I've been blogging on and off since I came home and even though I have not done a single chore today ...I am now going swimming. Maybe even read a book or sleep on the raft. And then when I come in ...I will do something ...even if it's wrong! :)

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