Friday, July 8, 2011

Swimming in the Lemondade :)

I was really bummed for about a day and a half or so.

For a few different reasons.

The first one was extremely off putting and annoying ...even though I understood the reason for the outburst. I was the recipient of the "kick the dog" syndrome. I did not appreciate it, but I tolerated it. It wore on me though.

The second one was EXTREMELY disappointing. That was a deal agreed upon to buy a nice used car. Checked out for free by our mechanic and given his approval ...stating we couldn't beat the price, etc. Sporty and fun a silver metallic Grand -Am - LOVED the sun roof. :) I drove it for about 2 weeks and was just waiting for the title to be signed and Wednesday ...the owner changed her mind. I know it is only a material thing and relationships and health, etc are way more important ...but to say it was disappointing is an understatement.

Moving on ...and the final straw was an unfortunate encounter with a medical professional.

Well ...the upside of these 3 events is if it is true that things happen in threes ...then it will all turnaround for the better now. Things happen for a reason. Even what we think is bad can have good things happen as a result.

Anyway ...I admit I wallowed amidst the lemons for a bit while processing the recent events, but now I choose to swim in the lemonade.

Yes swim's just so darn hot out. :)

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