Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idiot In the Bathroom

! ...I was I was in the public restroom - I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice in the other stall:

"Hi How are you?"

Me embarrassed, "Doing fine."

Stall: "So what are you up to?"

Me: "Uhhh ...I'm like you ..just sitting here."

Stall: "Can I come over?"

Me: (attitude) "No, I'm a little busy right now."

Stall: "Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!" ~ Repost this if it made you laugh. :)

Ha ha! I just couldn't resist that one! It is going around in Face Book. The truth is, I fell for it. I thought it really happened to my friend. I could absolutely imagine her saying those things. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surreal - Earthquake Tremors

I just don't think of earthquakes happening here on the east coast.

Even when standing near the computer armoire, an my computer monitor fell over on my foot and I screamed and fell back in pain hitting the dog that ran right into my Tiffany floor lamp which thankfully was spared because it only fell over on the chair, but scared Mom's cat who has the most GAWD awful scream (you have to hear it) and he bolted into the which point Faith, our dog chased moms cat out to the family room. All happened so fast while shaking was going on and my foot ...well that doesn't hurt because none of that really HAPPENED! ;)

Now the real story.

I BLAMED the dog!

I was typing at the computer when the keyboard and monitor began shaking ..wobbling and so I told Faith, "STOP it Faith!", because I assumed she was under the chair and causing it to shake and me to wobble too,
if she was scratching. Then I went back to type and saw it was all still moving and then looked up and saw the whole armoire was moving and then looked under my chair and saw faith wasn't under there and so back at everything moving in front of me and then looked to my left and there was Faith ...on the sofa, looking all alert at me. Earthquake? I jumped up and she jumped up and with lightening speed questioning whether I should go under the door frame or outside. When under door frame I said a prayer for myself and everyone else. While praying, the phone rang and it was my neighbor, obviously shaken up too pun intended. Faith was out in family room wanting to go out and so I talked briefly and then let her outside.

Concerned, I called my dear m-i-l, Mr SeaSpray and dear d-i-l. Interestingly, they didn't feel a thing. I told my m-i-l to put television on because I heard they were evacuating buildings in Washington DC. I initially thought that perhaps a terrorist assault had occurred, until I could finally hear someone state it was an earthquake. Thank God it wasn't terrorist activity.

If that thinking seems extreme, I know I wasn't the only person to think of being close to the 9/11 anniversary and some event like that happening. It felt like an earthquake. But, when I heard Washington was evacuating the buildings, etc., it was alarming. Obviously that is significant. And I heard someone on the news state that the Pentagon building felt the same as it did on 9/11 and they thought it was happening again. Can you imagine how frightening that must've been for them?

I last heard (haven't updated with any news as yet today), that the quake was felt in 25 states. WOW! Yet, my family members about 2 miles away in one direction and maybe 4 as the crow flies in another direction, didn't feel a thing. How does that happen? I know there is a fault line that runs down from Canada and down through High Point, NJ (just north of us) and down into NYC. But, I think since this traveled northward toward us must've been through something different. ???

And I also heard someone being interviewed on the radio down in the city, that he thought the quake was 10 seconds. My perception was 20 seconds give or take a few. I remember we had one that was about 3 seconds one evening a few years ago. This seemed to just keep on going. I'm pretty sure I can safely say that being hit by an Earthquake are one of the furthest things from an east coaster's mind.

My older son, working down below ...had just gotten into his car and the quake began right after he started his car. He thought something was wrong with his car. He didn't know what it was until he got back into the office. It was no big deal up here ...but still unnerving when it wasn't stopping because I couldn't help but wonder if it would. I know west coast people are used to this kind of thing. I don't know how they do it. I'm sure they are more prepared.

I called our insurance agent yesterday to see what the earthquake option would cost. We have a brick house and brick does not fair as well in quakes. He gave me a quote of 106.00 per year with a 2% of your house value fro a deductible. That's high! I might call around. And maybe I'll forget about it again. I don't know.

Ha! I assume that right after an earthquake tremor is not the optimum time to get quotes on earthquake insurance.

I wonder what the local hospitals, medical offices and other businesses felt? What about grocery stores? What did other people think? When would you know if you need to evacuate patients or the store? And if it is a bad one ...they tell you to go outside or under something if you can't. But can't objects fall on you outside, particularly in the city? And what about the ground breaking open? Extreme scenario, I know. I guess I should read up on it.

The other thing, it shows you how we never know what will happen and life can change in an instant. The questions is ...are we prepared? We are not prepared for disaster in this family. I do think it is important, but I guess because of where we live ...I don't usually feel any immediate concern. Well, except during bad storms, I immediately fill the bathtub with water for the toilet and put drinking water in various containers. I do that in case the power goes out, because if it does then our well pump doesn't operate.

It seems like there is so much calamity around the world in our country that has gone up exponentially in recent decades. I hate thinking about it. But, we all should be prepared for a disaster. And we can go to a Red Cross site, etc., to find out what we should have ready in case disaster strikes. I guess doing so sort of like having your will prepared. You don't want to do it let alone think about it, but once you do have peace of mind.

Anyway, thank God it wasn't a major quake.

I am going to church tonight. I haven't been able to go on Wednesday nights for a while because of other activities and I had already made plans with friends to go tonight. But, I do wonder if there will be more people just because they felt shaken up a bit?

The last I knew we had a hurricane headed this way. I assume we'll get heavy rains. I have a story about that from last week's heavy rains if I can get the pics into a blog post.

If anyone feels like sharing, I'm curious to know your thoughts/experience about yesterdays earthquake.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bladder Boot Camp :)

GOOOOD Morning everyone!

I wasn't supposed to be up for another 12 minutes from now, but my bladder had other ideas. At that point ...waking up with the birds ...I decided that since I need to be out the door early this morning tempting as it was to go back to bed ... yes- t-e-m-p-t-i-n-g's also a risk for oversleeping. I have my cell phone alarm set for 7 ...but sometimes it doesn't go off. I have to go get another baby Ben alarm clock. My other one was ruined when it was splashed on the pool deck.

Actually bladder decided to have some fun with me at about 03:30. Then it always takes awhile to fall back asleep. It must been so much fun for my bladder ...that she decided to toy with me again at 06:10. REALLY?! Jiggling around didn't work. I've written before, that sometimes ...just making whizzie winkles swish from side to side in bladder will alleviate the urgent feeling. That's when we're having a battle of the wills. But, I ask you ...just how effective is my sleeping then? So ...she's already winning the skirmish at that point ...but sometimes I win the war and override her. But, still much for rem sleep . Actually that point ..everything in me is awake ...except my eyes. They just can't open yet and so for all intents and purposes ...I'm sleeping, be it ever so compromised.

But ...she won the second round too this morning and so I ambulated into the kitchen, made some coffee and here I am. Now said coffee finished ...time to hit the shower. I'm a bit tempted to go in the pool quickly, since I didn't yesterday.

I have to say bladders ...well my bladder is quite the effective alarm clock. Now ...if only I could time my consumption of fluids perfectly as to coordinate with the perfectly timed bladder wake up call ...the kind in which you sleep all night, but wake up exactly when you want to. Wait ...someone pinch me ...AM I still dreaming?

Anyway, I've heard they use bladder training on people. Can they train the bladder to coordinate with the setting on the alarm clock?

Ha ha! Boot camp for bladders! Can't you just picture them ...all lined up in a row, outside ...ready for their morning calisthenics ...little uniforms on and all ...drill sergeant up close and personal, yelling into their little ..well...bladder faces?

Anyway ...have a MAGNIFICENT Monday!!! :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pumpkin Beer? Cravings

Just got an announcement in my FB that a local pub just hooked up to Pumpkin Beer. Pumpkin? I think I might just LOVE that. :)

Oh and noooo ...I'm not a regular pub goer or drinker for that matter. It's a local Irish pub/restaurant that I like to go to every now and then. Love the thatch roof and stone on the outside and cozy on inside. A sports bar out front and restaurant (casual) in the back.

Okay ...honestly this very moment ...I could go for a pumpkin beer and some fish & chips. I really could.

But, after the meal we just had that our dear d-i-l made for son's birthday (it was absolutely so delicious that we all overate.. except Mr SeaSpray ...he knows when to stop. :) ...the Irish Cottage plans will have to go on hold. But ..I definitely want to try that beer. Pumpkin beer.

Has anyone had Pumpkin beer before? Is it cinnamonyish? (I know - not a real word, but I like it :) Spicey? Clovey? (I know ..also not a real word, but I like it :)
Update Sunday 14:41 - I am still craving fish and chips with pumpkin beer. Oh go away craving. But, you know how sometimes you get something in your head and not satisfied until you have it? I will probably be better off to make plans to go out and have it I don't eat all the wrong things because I am trying to satisfy a hunger for what I really want. I've done that. i really want something else ...but end up just eating whatever is there and it means nothing to me...but then take in all those calories and carbs. If you're going to indulge should be worth every calorie and carb. I can actually see where having the fish & Chips and beer will help me to lose weight and control my blood glucose level. Sure! Because I will be happy with the quality food/drink and not need or want all the extra meaningless carbs and calories. And furthermore ...I can appreciate that if I set up a reward system in which I can look forward to special treats ...doing so will actually help me to continue in my weight loss with healthier food choices.

A SeaSpray's gotta indulge every now and then. ;)

Road Rage to Our House!
Anyone living in the area, keep your eyes out for an old, beat up white VW Jettam driven by a scruffy looking man in his mid thirties. And please let us know if you know who it might be. (See video at bottom of post for info on how to handle a road rage situation)

This past week, younger son (a responsible driver), had left his grandmother's house after mowing her lawn. His drive home was uneventful, until he heard someone blast him from behind as he turned in to an area that would lead him to our road. It was rush hour and he was going the speed limit and used his signal to turn in.

Not only did the guy lean on his horn, but also shouted obscenities at him. Okay annoying ...but no big deal ...until he saw that this guy in a beat up white VW Jetta had swung around a corner to catch up with him. Still yelling that our son had cut him off, son said "I think you need to go somewhere and chill for awhile." At hearing that, the guy began to open his door shouting, "So, you want to fight?!"

At that ...son continued driving and turned onto our road. When he saw the guy was again right up to his bumper, he called the police from his cell phone and unfortunately ...son also stopped in front of our house and parked. The guy must've seen that he was on the cell phone, yelled "F.U." to son as he sped by and up the road.

The police came by, but unfortunately can't really do anything because son didn't have the guy's license plate number. But, son gave a description, which was that of "a 30 something scruffy looking guy, driving a beat up old white Jetta."

I asked son if he thinks he cut him off, but when he explained the route he drove home from his grandmothers ...I agree ...there isn't anything he could've done that would've allowed for him to cut the crazy rage guy off. Traffic lights and all. Son said he was driving slower than the speed limit because of rush hour traffic. He said he thinks the guy was speeding and maybe had to stop short when son turned into the next road.

You know ...drivers ...because they are human ...make mistakes. Heck ...I totaled a car "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress", when I was 17 and that was a huge mistake. that was an obviously HUGE, stupid mistake that never should've happened and thank God we were all alright ...miraculously alright.Link
But, when it comes to the usual ...inadvertent *little* mistakes in timing and judgment ...gees ...seriously ...CHILL long as no accidents happen and no one is hurt. I am not making excuses and yes ...I get annoyed when someone cuts right in front of me and I have to stop short. I confess I usually say "IDIOT!" and let it go.

But ...what the heck is going on in the mind of a person that gets so aggressive and will actually follow a person ...right on their bumper which in itself could cause an accident?! What rationale are they using to justify their continual and obviously poor judgment and behavior? And beyond tailgating ...will follow them to their destination and will want to fight them? That is just CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I told son that it would be better if he didn't tell the guy to chill because you don't want to provoke a person like that because they are obviously not thinking clearly, but rather their thinking processes are clouded with RAGE and the other driver is the target of that rage. I told him that I remember seeing a news story on TV in which this couple was driving along on some Virginia highway and another driver perceived them as cutting him off. I don't recall the facts of the case. But, this CRAZY ROAD RAGING driver ...pulled up along side of the passenger side of their car and shot his wife dead. Shot her in the head!

So, I think people should not retaliate with any gestures or words and just keep driving. Oh ...and DON'T drive to where you actually live! I told son he probably shouldn't have stopped here and he agreed with me.

And ...admittedly worried me because what if the CRAZEE ROAD RAGE guy came back? We have an extra car here now because we haven't gotten rid of one yet and so one car is always parked out front for now. But, I told son to bring that vehicle to the back and just park on the grass and he agreed.

I am sure I don't have to tell you what a CREEPY and UNNERVING feeling it is to know that someone that angry KNOWS where the person he was so angry at lives. UGH! I am glad the police were notified. I've thought of it the last 3 nights.

Road Rage: Handling Aggressive Drivers : How to Stay Safe in Road Rage Situation

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart Test :)

Your Heart is Generous

You feel deeply and freely. You let yourself explore all your emotions, even the scary ones.

You have strong emotions. You listen to your heart... it has rarely led you astray.

You're most attracted to someone who will take care of you and make you feel safe. You want a reliable partner.

You tend to fall in love easily and stick with the one you've chosen. You were born to love.

I found this over at Dr Deb's blog (thanks Dr Deb:) and thought for fun I would put it up in here. I do agree with the description (except the fall in love easily :) assigned to me after taking the test. Although ..I'll say that while I do listen to my heart and have strong emotions ...I am also extremely analytical ...which balances the other out. But, if feelings and analytical processes were on scales ...they'd probably tip a bit more on the feeling side ...depends on the situations I suppose. I'll have to think about that. ;)

I haven't done one of these in a long time. They're fun to play around with and you can take other tests once you take this one. Have fun! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ED Doc's Joke BACKFIRES Big Time! :)

I haven't done this in awhile, but I just have to provide a link to ED DR WhiteCoat's post, "How Betadine Almost Got Me Arrested." Oh my GOSH! I haven't read a post THAT funny in a LONG time. It could be a funny scene in a movie too. Hmmm what actors and actress to get to play the scenes? HILARIOUS I tell you! So ..go check it out if you haven't already read it.

My comment was long because I was playing a JOKE on HIM. :) I am always complimentary of his writing and he knows I get a kick out of his humor and/or payback moments and so I thought I would pretend to be disapproving of him (Also agreed with a disapproving anonymous person) for doing such a thing. I think I may've fooled him, butt ..unfortunately the second part of my comment where I announced I was joking ..I put a slew of smile faces :) ...which would've tipped off that I was really LAUGHING about it.


Oh ...and I will n-e-v-e-r be able to see Betadine e-v-e-r again without that image coming to mind. GROSS! But, FUNNY! :)

I am printing that post to save for when I need a laugh. Just envisioning the plotting and the ensuing debacle ..GREAT!!! :)


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary ...and Thyme ... and Other Things

Pretty video. There is something so mystical about Simon and Garfunkel's song (my favorite version - LOVE it), Scarborough Fair. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.... I've been singing it ever since I picked those herbs. :) I also recommend Celtic Woman's version of the song in the video at the end of this post. She has such a beautiful voice and her performance feels mystical as well.

Those are the herbs picked fresh from our herb garden this afternoon ...and salt, pepper, chicken cutlets, organic baby carrots, celery with leaves, quartered onion and golden potatoes have been roasting in the oven for the last hour or so. The house smells WONDERFUL! I do love fresh herbs. :)

We're also having a salad. Actually, it's leftover from last night, but still good. The cucumbers and tomatoes are from the garden too.

I'd like to have biscuits with it, but I am trying to watch my carbs. I was doing alright, then not so well earlier in the week, but I am back on track now. So biscuits with potatoes and carrots already in the meal.

I love being able to pick our own vegetables and herbs ... so fresh! And we never use any pesticides Their colors all look so pretty after they're picked and I have them sitting on the picnic table and/or in Longaberger baskets. The tomatoes are ripening now and before we know it we won't be able to keep up with them. I am thinking about canning them this year. Depends on how many we get. We also give a lot away. Same goes for the zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers ..oh and pole beans. My mother-in-law made a fabulous zucchini pie. That recipe is a keeper!

I am making zucchini bread tonight. The weather has been so nice and cool around here today ...a welcome breather from all the awful heat and humidity we've had almost all summer. Anyway, I also have some fresh pineapple and am thinking of adding it to the zucchini bread tonight. I've never done that, but I think it will mix well with the zucchini, walnuts and cinnamon. I'd like to make a bunch of loaves this weekend. Some with chocolate chips. Maybe add shredded carrots to some. I feel like experimenting. :)

Our corn is tall and strong and hopefully will be as sweet. It always is. Last year it was stunted and they did not make good corn husk decorations by the doors. this year they will be perfect for the fall decorating. :)

We are also growing spinach, 2 different lettuces, carrots and beets. The peppers are a disappointment 2 yrs in a row now because something got to them.

The other herbs we grow are chives, mint, basil and my favorite Greek Oregano. Well it's a tossup between Greek Oregano and Thyme. I LOVE them BOTH! I recently heard that Sicilian Oregano is good, but will save that for another post. I do want to get it though. And I love how good my hands smell when weeding the herbs or handling them. MMM ...aroma therapy for sure aroma therapy. :) Oh and lavender! We grow lavender too. And we have an apple tree. But, some years the apples are prolific and some years they aren't good at all. But, we don't spray them and let it go wild. Actually, I am surprised when they are eatable. The deer love them though. :)

And I was just thinking earlier, that this year ...I want to bring the rosemary in and see if I can keep it alive through the winter for replanting next spring. It dies off, but I'd like to have it fresh if possible.

Well ...that's it for the SeaSpray summer 2011, garden report. :)

I do take pictures, but have to get better with uploading them into the computer.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"No one knows...

“No one knows how it is that with one glance a boy can break through into a girl’s heart.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

Of course that works both ways. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

About Dolls - How Much Reality is Too Much?

The following isn't verbatim, but I will try to relay it as best I can and I am leaving some parts out.

This morning, I heard a comedian (unknown) ranting about toy dolls on a morning talk show. He was discussing how he didn't like that they've now come out with breastfeeding dolls ...complete with sound. He went on about how they should be more like Chatty Cathy (doll from 60s) was, although he made fun of the voice wearing out after the string was pulled too many times. He thought the Betsy Wetsy (60s) doll was too much. Then he said something like "The next thing you know they'll be selling a "Barbie Gets Her Period" doll. Once a month you won't be able to play with her!"

Ha ha!

I'll just add ...they could also have a PMS button to press for the CRAZEE days before Barbie's period. ;)

I decided to go over to Youtube to check out this breastfeeding doll.

First I will say that I nursed both sons and provided for all their nourishment until they went on baby food at 5 months and then I continued for several months after. I know it is not for everyone, but I found it to be one of the most amazing and rewarding maternal experiences ever, that I shall always remember with great fondness.

That being said, I have to say that I did not at all care for seeing this little girl breastfeeding her doll. I know breast feeding is a natural function that nourishes the baby, while also bonding mother and child. It is a beautiful experience.

Children in families with breastfeeding moms, know full well that their mother is feeding the new baby. It becomes the accepted, natural norm. No big deal.

But, I do take issue with this particular doll. You can go view the video for yourself. Maybe you will disagree with me. There is a comment thread with varying points of view ...sometimes heated. I am sure little girls have emulated their moms nursing the baby before. Although, my friends and I never even thought of that when we played dolls. Probably because we were all bottle fed in the 50s!

It just seemed weird to see the little girl in the video put on an over the head strap on halter apron, that has 2 circular, rose red or pink with green border marked out areas representing her breasts and then place the nursing doll right there ...complete with motion of suckling and sound effects.

I think it has the potential for being provocative around the wrong person. And ...I don't think little girls need to put all that much focus on *their* breasts ...even though plastic halter apron in this case. They'll grow up fast enough. It just seemed too personal. It took child's play to another level that I don't feel is age appropriate. I would never buy that doll for any little girl.

Imagination works just fine in this case.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PONV? Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting

PONV, Post-operative nausea and vomiting. First off ...while I loathe the condition ...I do like the acronym. :)

The following is a quote from an article I read in an online Out Patient Surgery magazine I subscribe to: "Previous studies had established family history as a risk factor, but this study is among the first to analyze a possible connection between PONV and such genetic factors as a family history of the condition, as well as motion sickness, migraine headaches and other adverse side effects of anesthesia." HERE is the link to the rest of the article.

UGH! Unfortunately, I have experienced that at least a few times and having done so ...would do ANYTHING not to ever endure that again. ANYTHING, I tell you! My family would agree, because the last experience with me at home in that state was stressful for them as well.

I am unaware of any other family members experiencing PONV, but then I can't think of anyone who has even darkened the door of an OR in my family, but for a couple of times. I seemed to have made up for that though ...and then some. Fortunately for me, nothing major. Hopefully, my sons don't take after me in this area.

I find it interesting that there may be a connection to motion sickness and migraine headaches. I have experienced both in my past. Motion sickness as a child and on rare occasion as an adult when I am not the driver, particularly in the back seat. And I have had a few migraines in my life, but not since November 2006 and historically, not that many.

I do recall, that the last few times I felt ill post-op, it began on the drive home. I left the hospital feeling footloose and fancy free and a few miles out, began to feel quite ill and I instinctively closed my eyes so as not to see the scenery passing by ...that motion thing and all. Unfortunately ...once that was set in motion ...I was doomed to POHOEAH (post-operative hell on earth at home) or PONVHOEAH (Post-operative nausea and vomiting hell on earth at home). Okay ...PONV at home ...PONVAH. ;)

Those seriously bad experiences have caused me to stress about it happening again prior to going into the OR. I've read that fear of PONV is a significant patient concern prior to going into surgery. I was relieved to read that I was not the only one with the concern.

Fortunately, since I have begun speaking up about just how ill I have been in the past, due to the post-op anesthesia effect, I have not been that ill since May, 2004. Maybe just a twinge of nausea here and there, but nothing remarkable ...THANK GOD!

I think part of the reason I have avoided PONV, is that since then, I communicated my concerns (abject FEAR) to the physicians involved (gas doc and surgeon). Preventative and post-op measures were taken so that PONV would hopefully not be an issue and it was not.

PONV was such an awful experience, that not only did I tell my docs ...I told housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, nursing, volunteers, roommates ...and their doctors ... and all visitors ...and administration ...and if I could've gotten a hold of the PA system ...would've just made a general announcement throughout the hospital ... AND skywriting above the hospital for all who entered that day was a consideration. I'm just saying. ;)

I don't know what they did regarding what drugs were given, but I do know they always put the antiemetic patch on my neck. I used to have this mantra in which I said "Please don't give me morphine because it makes me vomit incessantly for hours." But, then after a few years, I found out it was the kidney stone and not the morphine that caused me to be so ill. So, the PONV I had previously experienced was caused by some other drug(s). ?

I was particularly impressed one day after I woke up in the OR, not post-op ...the OR,stating how great I felt and couldn't believe I was so awake and alert after a urology procedure for a small ureteral stent placement. The anesthesiologist had listened to me (June 2004) describe the PONV horror that I had endured at home previously. And so he proudly informed me (while still in the OR) that he gave me minimal medication and I believe used Toradol as one of them. It was the only time in post-op ...ever ...that I woke up alert and ready to go home ...from the OR table to out the door. I did have post-op ureteral stent discomfort though, from being worked on. The nurses were surprised I was back in my room so quickly and that I wanted to do everything I had to do before being discharged, sooner than they wanted me to and independently of their assistance. But, I did and then went home ...uneventfully. There was one other time I went home uneventfully, although I don't know what the difference was.

Thankfully, all Docs involved have listened carefully, but since I stayed overnight ...I don't know if the hospital experience would've been as positive as the one I just described had I gone home the same day. That was an unusual experience. I had a few years in which I definitely was having a rough patch in my life and I earned my frequent flier OR status. I am HAPPY to report that is not the case now. Ha! No pun intended. :)

The most recent SDS OR experiences involved a surgical center in which I also had very positive post-op experiences. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend a surgery center experience over going to a hospital, if you are a candidate to do so. But, that is a post for another day.

When I was a newbie to the OR (2 C-sections, 2 meniscal repairs) no one ever asked me about having any side effects from anesthesia and so I just went in never realizing there was a possibility they could tweak the meds, etc., to help me avoid PONV. I have since noticed that the anesthesiologists do ask now. And as I stated previously ...I also speak up.

The surgery center I have been to inquires about anesthesia side effect history on their registration form and then is followed up by the anesthesiologist in pre-op. Excellent idea!

I would advise anyone with a history of PONV going in for surgery to discuss their past experiences with their physicians (surgeon and anesthesiologist). If you are not comfortable speaking up, have someone else advocate your concerns for you.

If on the ride home, you begin to feel the least bit ill ...close your eyes until the car stops, so that the motion doesn't increase the nausea.

Call your physician if the PONV is bad and they can call in an antiemetic suppository if they think it is necessary.