Monday, August 22, 2011

Bladder Boot Camp :)

GOOOOD Morning everyone!

I wasn't supposed to be up for another 12 minutes from now, but my bladder had other ideas. At that point ...waking up with the birds ...I decided that since I need to be out the door early this morning tempting as it was to go back to bed ... yes- t-e-m-p-t-i-n-g's also a risk for oversleeping. I have my cell phone alarm set for 7 ...but sometimes it doesn't go off. I have to go get another baby Ben alarm clock. My other one was ruined when it was splashed on the pool deck.

Actually bladder decided to have some fun with me at about 03:30. Then it always takes awhile to fall back asleep. It must been so much fun for my bladder ...that she decided to toy with me again at 06:10. REALLY?! Jiggling around didn't work. I've written before, that sometimes ...just making whizzie winkles swish from side to side in bladder will alleviate the urgent feeling. That's when we're having a battle of the wills. But, I ask you ...just how effective is my sleeping then? So ...she's already winning the skirmish at that point ...but sometimes I win the war and override her. But, still much for rem sleep . Actually that point ..everything in me is awake ...except my eyes. They just can't open yet and so for all intents and purposes ...I'm sleeping, be it ever so compromised.

But ...she won the second round too this morning and so I ambulated into the kitchen, made some coffee and here I am. Now said coffee finished ...time to hit the shower. I'm a bit tempted to go in the pool quickly, since I didn't yesterday.

I have to say bladders ...well my bladder is quite the effective alarm clock. Now ...if only I could time my consumption of fluids perfectly as to coordinate with the perfectly timed bladder wake up call ...the kind in which you sleep all night, but wake up exactly when you want to. Wait ...someone pinch me ...AM I still dreaming?

Anyway, I've heard they use bladder training on people. Can they train the bladder to coordinate with the setting on the alarm clock?

Ha ha! Boot camp for bladders! Can't you just picture them ...all lined up in a row, outside ...ready for their morning calisthenics ...little uniforms on and all ...drill sergeant up close and personal, yelling into their little ..well...bladder faces?

Anyway ...have a MAGNIFICENT Monday!!! :)

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