Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary ...and Thyme ... and Other Things

Pretty video. There is something so mystical about Simon and Garfunkel's song (my favorite version - LOVE it), Scarborough Fair. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.... I've been singing it ever since I picked those herbs. :) I also recommend Celtic Woman's version of the song in the video at the end of this post. She has such a beautiful voice and her performance feels mystical as well.

Those are the herbs picked fresh from our herb garden this afternoon ...and salt, pepper, chicken cutlets, organic baby carrots, celery with leaves, quartered onion and golden potatoes have been roasting in the oven for the last hour or so. The house smells WONDERFUL! I do love fresh herbs. :)

We're also having a salad. Actually, it's leftover from last night, but still good. The cucumbers and tomatoes are from the garden too.

I'd like to have biscuits with it, but I am trying to watch my carbs. I was doing alright, then not so well earlier in the week, but I am back on track now. So biscuits with potatoes and carrots already in the meal.

I love being able to pick our own vegetables and herbs ... so fresh! And we never use any pesticides Their colors all look so pretty after they're picked and I have them sitting on the picnic table and/or in Longaberger baskets. The tomatoes are ripening now and before we know it we won't be able to keep up with them. I am thinking about canning them this year. Depends on how many we get. We also give a lot away. Same goes for the zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers ..oh and pole beans. My mother-in-law made a fabulous zucchini pie. That recipe is a keeper!

I am making zucchini bread tonight. The weather has been so nice and cool around here today ...a welcome breather from all the awful heat and humidity we've had almost all summer. Anyway, I also have some fresh pineapple and am thinking of adding it to the zucchini bread tonight. I've never done that, but I think it will mix well with the zucchini, walnuts and cinnamon. I'd like to make a bunch of loaves this weekend. Some with chocolate chips. Maybe add shredded carrots to some. I feel like experimenting. :)

Our corn is tall and strong and hopefully will be as sweet. It always is. Last year it was stunted and they did not make good corn husk decorations by the doors. this year they will be perfect for the fall decorating. :)

We are also growing spinach, 2 different lettuces, carrots and beets. The peppers are a disappointment 2 yrs in a row now because something got to them.

The other herbs we grow are chives, mint, basil and my favorite Greek Oregano. Well it's a tossup between Greek Oregano and Thyme. I LOVE them BOTH! I recently heard that Sicilian Oregano is good, but will save that for another post. I do want to get it though. And I love how good my hands smell when weeding the herbs or handling them. MMM ...aroma therapy for sure aroma therapy. :) Oh and lavender! We grow lavender too. And we have an apple tree. But, some years the apples are prolific and some years they aren't good at all. But, we don't spray them and let it go wild. Actually, I am surprised when they are eatable. The deer love them though. :)

And I was just thinking earlier, that this year ...I want to bring the rosemary in and see if I can keep it alive through the winter for replanting next spring. It dies off, but I'd like to have it fresh if possible.

Well ...that's it for the SeaSpray summer 2011, garden report. :)

I do take pictures, but have to get better with uploading them into the computer.


Chrysalis Angel said...

The apples should be very good this year. I love the way our home smells in the fall....homemade apple pies baking.

Your dinner sounds good. I love fresh herbs, too.

SeaSpray said...

MMMM Angel ...I'll bet it does smell wonderful. Apple pie is one of my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e-s.

I don't do pies though ...although ..I should learn. But then I'll want to eat them because I love anything with a crust. :)

My grandmother made the best pies i remember ( i was 10 the last time I had a piece), but she was diabetic and so her pies were always a little tart ..yet sweet with the perfect amount of cinnamon. Then she always took the extra crust and made jam or cinnamon and sugar tarts just for me. :)

It was good. leftover tonight too. :)

So ...ugh ..when you start to making those pies ...just cyber one here. ;)