Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pumpkin Beer? Cravings

Just got an announcement in my FB that a local pub just hooked up to Pumpkin Beer. Pumpkin? I think I might just LOVE that. :)

Oh and noooo ...I'm not a regular pub goer or drinker for that matter. It's a local Irish pub/restaurant that I like to go to every now and then. Love the thatch roof and stone on the outside and cozy on inside. A sports bar out front and restaurant (casual) in the back.

Okay ...honestly this very moment ...I could go for a pumpkin beer and some fish & chips. I really could.

But, after the meal we just had that our dear d-i-l made for son's birthday (it was absolutely so delicious that we all overate.. except Mr SeaSpray ...he knows when to stop. :) ...the Irish Cottage plans will have to go on hold. But ..I definitely want to try that beer. Pumpkin beer.

Has anyone had Pumpkin beer before? Is it cinnamonyish? (I know - not a real word, but I like it :) Spicey? Clovey? (I know ..also not a real word, but I like it :)
Update Sunday 14:41 - I am still craving fish and chips with pumpkin beer. Oh go away craving. But, you know how sometimes you get something in your head and not satisfied until you have it? I will probably be better off to make plans to go out and have it I don't eat all the wrong things because I am trying to satisfy a hunger for what I really want. I've done that. i really want something else ...but end up just eating whatever is there and it means nothing to me...but then take in all those calories and carbs. If you're going to indulge should be worth every calorie and carb. I can actually see where having the fish & Chips and beer will help me to lose weight and control my blood glucose level. Sure! Because I will be happy with the quality food/drink and not need or want all the extra meaningless carbs and calories. And furthermore ...I can appreciate that if I set up a reward system in which I can look forward to special treats ...doing so will actually help me to continue in my weight loss with healthier food choices.

A SeaSpray's gotta indulge every now and then. ;)

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