Saturday, August 20, 2011

Road Rage to Our House!
Anyone living in the area, keep your eyes out for an old, beat up white VW Jettam driven by a scruffy looking man in his mid thirties. And please let us know if you know who it might be. (See video at bottom of post for info on how to handle a road rage situation)

This past week, younger son (a responsible driver), had left his grandmother's house after mowing her lawn. His drive home was uneventful, until he heard someone blast him from behind as he turned in to an area that would lead him to our road. It was rush hour and he was going the speed limit and used his signal to turn in.

Not only did the guy lean on his horn, but also shouted obscenities at him. Okay annoying ...but no big deal ...until he saw that this guy in a beat up white VW Jetta had swung around a corner to catch up with him. Still yelling that our son had cut him off, son said "I think you need to go somewhere and chill for awhile." At hearing that, the guy began to open his door shouting, "So, you want to fight?!"

At that ...son continued driving and turned onto our road. When he saw the guy was again right up to his bumper, he called the police from his cell phone and unfortunately ...son also stopped in front of our house and parked. The guy must've seen that he was on the cell phone, yelled "F.U." to son as he sped by and up the road.

The police came by, but unfortunately can't really do anything because son didn't have the guy's license plate number. But, son gave a description, which was that of "a 30 something scruffy looking guy, driving a beat up old white Jetta."

I asked son if he thinks he cut him off, but when he explained the route he drove home from his grandmothers ...I agree ...there isn't anything he could've done that would've allowed for him to cut the crazy rage guy off. Traffic lights and all. Son said he was driving slower than the speed limit because of rush hour traffic. He said he thinks the guy was speeding and maybe had to stop short when son turned into the next road.

You know ...drivers ...because they are human ...make mistakes. Heck ...I totaled a car "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress", when I was 17 and that was a huge mistake. that was an obviously HUGE, stupid mistake that never should've happened and thank God we were all alright ...miraculously alright.Link
But, when it comes to the usual ...inadvertent *little* mistakes in timing and judgment ...gees ...seriously ...CHILL long as no accidents happen and no one is hurt. I am not making excuses and yes ...I get annoyed when someone cuts right in front of me and I have to stop short. I confess I usually say "IDIOT!" and let it go.

But ...what the heck is going on in the mind of a person that gets so aggressive and will actually follow a person ...right on their bumper which in itself could cause an accident?! What rationale are they using to justify their continual and obviously poor judgment and behavior? And beyond tailgating ...will follow them to their destination and will want to fight them? That is just CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I told son that it would be better if he didn't tell the guy to chill because you don't want to provoke a person like that because they are obviously not thinking clearly, but rather their thinking processes are clouded with RAGE and the other driver is the target of that rage. I told him that I remember seeing a news story on TV in which this couple was driving along on some Virginia highway and another driver perceived them as cutting him off. I don't recall the facts of the case. But, this CRAZY ROAD RAGING driver ...pulled up along side of the passenger side of their car and shot his wife dead. Shot her in the head!

So, I think people should not retaliate with any gestures or words and just keep driving. Oh ...and DON'T drive to where you actually live! I told son he probably shouldn't have stopped here and he agreed with me.

And ...admittedly worried me because what if the CRAZEE ROAD RAGE guy came back? We have an extra car here now because we haven't gotten rid of one yet and so one car is always parked out front for now. But, I told son to bring that vehicle to the back and just park on the grass and he agreed.

I am sure I don't have to tell you what a CREEPY and UNNERVING feeling it is to know that someone that angry KNOWS where the person he was so angry at lives. UGH! I am glad the police were notified. I've thought of it the last 3 nights.

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Chrysalis Angel said...

Very scary situation. I'm glad your son is all right.

Good advice -never take them to your home. He could have driven to the police station, if it was close. We should all train ourselves to get a look at the license plate and work on remembering it. Also look for any stickers, any identifiable things on the vehicle, on the windows,any damage, something that makes that vehicle stand out.

You are so right, don't engage them. Good you reported it.

SeaSpray said...

Ugh! Scary for sure. Good ideas about look for unusual things, stickers, damage, etc. I only thought of license plate, but other identifiers also good.

I wonder tho this case ..had he been followed up on ..since he knew where we live ..would we have been at additional risk for reporting? What should one do then?

Police stations near by.

Thanks for your input. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Always report a situation where you feel threatened. Keeping quiet protects no one. You did the right thing in giving what information you had to authorities. If there is another incident, they already have a heads up on this person and can act accordingly. It's a good thing.

He was probably a hot head and has moved on. Once they get past seeing red, they usually move on to something else.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel. Sound advice as usual from you.:)