Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surreal - Earthquake Tremors


I just don't think of earthquakes happening here on the east coast.

Even when standing near the computer armoire, an my computer monitor fell over on my foot and I screamed and fell back in pain hitting the dog that ran right into my Tiffany floor lamp which thankfully was spared because it only fell over on the chair, but scared Mom's cat who has the most GAWD awful scream (you have to hear it) and he bolted into the kitchen...at which point Faith, our dog chased moms cat out to the family room. All happened so fast while shaking was going on and my foot ...well that doesn't hurt because none of that really HAPPENED! ;)

Now the real story.

I BLAMED the dog!

I was typing at the computer when the keyboard and monitor began shaking ..wobbling and so I told Faith, "STOP it Faith!", because I assumed she was under the chair and causing it to shake and me to wobble too,
if she was scratching. Then I went back to type and saw it was all still moving and then looked up and saw the whole armoire was moving and then looked under my chair and saw faith wasn't under there and so back at everything moving in front of me and then looked to my left and there was Faith ...on the sofa, looking all alert at me. Earthquake? I jumped up and she jumped up and with lightening speed questioning whether I should go under the door frame or outside. When under door frame I said a prayer for myself and everyone else. While praying, the phone rang and it was my neighbor, obviously shaken up too ..no pun intended. Faith was out in family room wanting to go out and so I talked briefly and then let her outside.

Concerned, I called my dear m-i-l, Mr SeaSpray and dear d-i-l. Interestingly, they didn't feel a thing. I told my m-i-l to put television on because I heard they were evacuating buildings in Washington DC. I initially thought that perhaps a terrorist assault had occurred, until I could finally hear someone state it was an earthquake. Thank God it wasn't terrorist activity.

If that thinking seems extreme, I know I wasn't the only person to think of being close to the 9/11 anniversary and some event like that happening. It felt like an earthquake. But, when I heard Washington was evacuating the buildings, etc., it was alarming. Obviously that is significant. And I heard someone on the news state that the Pentagon building felt the same as it did on 9/11 and they thought it was happening again. Can you imagine how frightening that must've been for them?

I last heard (haven't updated with any news as yet today), that the quake was felt in 25 states. WOW! Yet, my family members about 2 miles away in one direction and maybe 4 as the crow flies in another direction, didn't feel a thing. How does that happen? I know there is a fault line that runs down from Canada and down through High Point, NJ (just north of us) and down into NYC. But, I think since this traveled northward toward us ...it must've been through something different. ???

And I also heard someone being interviewed on the radio down in the city, that he thought the quake was 10 seconds. My perception was 20 seconds give or take a few. I remember we had one that was about 3 seconds one evening a few years ago. This seemed to just keep on going. I'm pretty sure I can safely say that being hit by an Earthquake are one of the furthest things from an east coaster's mind.

My older son, working down below ...had just gotten into his car and the quake began right after he started his car. He thought something was wrong with his car. He didn't know what it was until he got back into the office. It was no big deal up here ...but still unnerving when it wasn't stopping because I couldn't help but wonder if it would. I know west coast people are used to this kind of thing. I don't know how they do it. I'm sure they are more prepared.

I called our insurance agent yesterday to see what the earthquake option would cost. We have a brick house and brick does not fair as well in quakes. He gave me a quote of 106.00 per year with a 2% of your house value fro a deductible. That's high! I might call around. And maybe I'll forget about it again. I don't know.

Ha! I assume that right after an earthquake tremor is not the optimum time to get quotes on earthquake insurance.

I wonder what the local hospitals, medical offices and other businesses felt? What about grocery stores? What did other people think? When would you know if you need to evacuate patients or the store? And if it is a bad one ...they tell you to go outside or under something if you can't. But can't objects fall on you outside, particularly in the city? And what about the ground breaking open? Extreme scenario, I know. I guess I should read up on it.

The other thing, it shows you how we never know what will happen and life can change in an instant. The questions is ...are we prepared? We are not prepared for disaster in this family. I do think it is important, but I guess because of where we live ...I don't usually feel any immediate concern. Well, except during bad storms, I immediately fill the bathtub with water for the toilet and put drinking water in various containers. I do that in case the power goes out, because if it does then our well pump doesn't operate.

It seems like there is so much calamity around the world in our country that has gone up exponentially in recent decades. I hate thinking about it. But, we all should be prepared for a disaster. And we can go to a Red Cross site, etc., to find out what we should have ready in case disaster strikes. I guess doing so ...is sort of like having your will prepared. You don't want to do it let alone think about it, but once you do ...you have peace of mind.

Anyway, thank God it wasn't a major quake.

I am going to church tonight. I haven't been able to go on Wednesday nights for a while because of other activities and I had already made plans with friends to go tonight. But, I do wonder if there will be more people just because they felt shaken up a bit?

The last I knew we had a hurricane headed this way. I assume we'll get heavy rains. I have a story about that from last week's heavy rains if I can get the pics into a blog post.

If anyone feels like sharing, I'm curious to know your thoughts/experience about yesterdays earthquake.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Some felt it here, but I did not. I learned of it when Fireguy called to see if anything had happened where I was.

I experienced an earthquake once before. It is a surreal thing. Thankfully, it was not a major one.

Glad you guys are ok.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -
I'm glad you're alright too. :)

I just found out from a neighbor, that friends 3 doors away from us ...a city block distance or so were home and they didn't feel anything.

That is so weird. Yet other STATES felt it farther away.

My girlfriends mother (I found on FB,after not seeing her for 41 years) lives in VA and said her house rocked and her sister's did down the shore where we used to live. I don't think my house rocked. maybe because it/s brick? Or maybe I was so focused on objects to notice.

I wonder what it would've felt like in the pool. THAT might've scared me as I might've thought the pool was gonna collapse. I do think the sand is different in one part and a new ripple created in the lining on bottom. Or maybe I am just scrutinizing it and found something I never thought twice about before. :)

Have a great day! :)