Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Am Just CRAZY For These Kids! :)

I love this pic of M! He has crazy hair. that is one determined cowlick. He is ALWAYS bright eyed and happy. Boy is he strong. :) 8 mos old.

My Angel Girl - sweet and beautiful D. I think she could read an entire library in a day and is quite the writer as well ...not to mention a delightful sense of humor and fun to be with. :) 10 yrs old.
Future photographer in the making? Sweet, bright and oh so busy W, my Angel Muffin ....always ready with a big smile and for the next adventure. :)

I had the pleasure of watching the two wee ones the other day, while D and her Mom went school clothes shopping. Wow ...hard to believe fall is just about here and school begins this week. Actually, some schools in the area already opened and kids back to college now.

W and M kept me busy for sure. M gets around quickly on the floor now and I am certain will be crawling soon. W is totally into reading books now and she seems to especially like the kind you pull to create action or reveal something hidden. She just has to be guided to NOT rip the parts out, but seems to be doing better with that. So ...just guess what her Mum mum (that's me) is going to buy her next? :)

D and Mom's shopping trip was successful and she got a lot of nice clothes. It's always exciting to begin the new school year.

I am just crazy for these kids, love them so very much and boy do I love their hugs and joie de vivre. I love to watch them when they are busy ...taking everything about them in. I am continually amazed at how special they are in every way. And I count my blessings that they are in our lives. :)

Oh ..wait ...just one more picture ...

M - 8 mos


Chrysalis Angel said...

Adorable!! That first one cracked me up. He looks like he has the Lucccccyyy gene. ;) He's going to keep you busy. Precious kids.

SeaSpray said...

ha ha! i know ..funny and cute. Today his hair was even fluffier after a bath. :) Lucy gene ..funny. :) yes they are - thanks. :)