Sunday, September 25, 2011

SeaSpray Vs the Eye Exam :)
My world without glasses. :)

I had my annual eye exam at the opthamologist's office last week.

First, the tech comes in to do the eye chart test, before the eye doc comes in to do his part of the exam.

So ...I'm sitting there ...ready to get started ...ready to prove myself ...that I can still beat the chart. Never mind that I already need glasses for distance. That being said ...I can drive and see without them. No big deal if I don't mind driving as if navigating through a Monet painting know impression of what is really there. Seriously, I can still drive without my glasses, providing I'm not cruising at 90 mph. Objects come up pretty fast at 90 and so you do need visual clarity at a distance when driving at that speed. Conversely, 30 mph big deal. I'm just saying. ;)

I never wear my glasses, except for driving and TV. Part of the on going resistance I suppose. Although ...I do wonder if people that know me, who may see me from a distance in public and perhaps smiled from a distance may've thought I snubbed them? Because from one end of the store to the other ...I know it is a human form with a face ...but again Monet comes to mind, because I don't see detail.

But, I digress.

So ...there I am ...anticipating the challenge she has set before me. Let the competition begin!

She had me put my glasses on. Then she handed me the shield to hold up over my eye and told me to read the chart.

Now I know they want you to read from the top line to as far down as you can go.

I got all cocky and smarty pants ...eager to demonstrate what I could do. No flies on this SeaSpray! Yes ...I know it's not a competition. Just an eye exam. But, the pressure brings it out in me ...pressure to perform. So ...I looked at the chart and I happily said, "Well ...I might as well save you some time and cut to the chase ...I can see that is a "Z" at the bottom of the chart, down in the lower right hand corner!"

She began to notate it and then stopped ...looked at me and said , "You HAVE to put the shield OVER your eye!"

Ha ha! We both laughed. :) When I looked down, I saw that I was holding it down on my lap. I was so eager to start that I had gone full speed ahead ...WITHOUT the eye shield. "DARN! I really can't see that "Z" ...unless I use BOTH eyes." So ..I had to go back up a line or two. I forget now. But throughout the test ...I'd get to that area and state, "Well I already KNOW that is a "z". :)

I think that the second I squint and say ... "I know that is a "C" or a "D" ..or wait an "a" ..wait I can do this." ... I should just give it up. I'm done. Guessing isn't a viable option when driving, etc.

But ...then they get really tricky with all that shifting of the lens they have you look through. "Which do you like better? This? Or This?"

"This one! No that one! Wait! Can you do it again? Yes that one."

"So like that?"

"I think so?"

"Or this?"

Now ..I'm confused because I begin getting into my head ...trying to get into her head and feeling like she's tricking me. Really ...they could totally mess with you if they wanted to... just for fun. :)

"Wait ..are they NUMBERS?"


"They look like numbers ...3, 5 not sure. And that one on the end looks like a 9 or is it a 7 ...except I know you said that their not numbers ...but I'm seeing numbers on this line."

Why was she still testing me at this point? Entertainment? When I asked if they were numbers and she told me they were not numbers ...I would think the test would be over at that point for sure.


"Which do you like better? This ...or this?"

"Okay ..this is better because it's darker ...but that other one is better because it's larger. Can I see the other one again?" (Beginning to feel like when taking those tests in school where at the end just took my #2 pencil and colored in any option ..hoping for the best to get it over with. :) "Yes this one is sharper. I like this one. Firm in my resolve I said, "I'm going with this one." I always feel like I want to impress with the right answer. And I also always second guess myself ..wondering ..what if I picked the wrong one? But, I made a decision. She was good with it ...I was good with it ...test over!

It was a workout I tell you.

I am happy to say that this near sighted SeaSpray's distance prescription hasn't changed since 2006. Ha ha! Unless weariness of it all at the end just happened to keep me in that range. :) There is a very slight change in reading, but not much and I can still read without glasses ...unless teeny, tiny light colored print on a pastel shampoo bottle. Ha! The first time I couldn't read the back of some shampoo bottle ...I thought the print was defective. :)

Anyway, I still don't want glasses with reading and distance combined and so only use those cheap store reading half glasses, but I did find a pair with pretty bling on them. The only thing is I guess even the weakest that I chose, should be even weaker and the eye doc said they are hard to find. But, I rarely wear them either. I don't know if it's an old wive's tale, but I avoid wearing glasses unless I have to because I don't want to be dependent on them. Although, admittedly ...I suppose that is why my eyes feel tired sometimes.

I am so glad they stopped using that puffing thing test. I've always hated that. So drying and dusty feeling. Like I blew into dust and flew back into my eyes. And I may be weird ...but I like the test where they dilate your pupil. I always try to see inside but can't. And funny thing ...after exam was over the doc and I were talking for a bit outside the exam room, and I was not thinking about my appearance. I forgot I always leave those exams with sunshine yellow/gold stained eyes, until I saw them in the elevator mirror. It just hit me funny ..that there I was talking away like I looked normal. Status quo for an opthamology office I suppose... kind of an opthamology office chic to converse and leave with yellow stained eyes. Yeah ...that's it chic. ;)

Anyway ...I won! No new prescription necessary ...unless I guessed my way into that prescription! ;) And the rest of the exam was uneventful. Good report - YAY!

And that eye doc and his staff are all terrific. Always a positive experience when I am in there.


WarmSocks said...

The Underwear Drawer once posted a link to a place to buy glasses online. I haven't done that yet, but did get my daughter's contact lenses from the place. I'll probably get my next glasses there. Anyhow, I'm rambling. Sorry. That place is sure to have reading glasses exactly the prescription you need for less than $40, if you're so inclined. I could even search for the link, if you're interested.

SeaSpray said...

Sure - THANKS Warm Socks! :)

This way I will have it if I can't find something cheaper locally.

WarmSocks said...

Okay, here's the article with a link rather than just the link because I thought there was helpful stuff in the post. Hope it helps:

SeaSpray said...

Thank you - I will check it out. :)

She has a good blog, although haven't read in awhile. I loved her cartoons she did during residency and I know she published a book.