Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where's Rudolph When You need Him?

It was scary driving home tonight ...with no HEADLIGHTS!

It was dusk and getting darker by the second when I realized my headlights weren't on.

I didn't see it initially because the dashboard lights were on and all the store and street lights.

And then as I pulled out onto hwy ... I thought it seemed oddly dark.

They do come on automatically, but then I still turn them on at night by pulling out all the way.

I did.

They didn't come on.

I pushed them off and on again.

Oh no!

What to do? What to do?

It wasn't dark, but almost. Darker at road level then the sky kind of getting dark. So, I quickly took some other roads that run parallel to the hwy and then got back on.

Everyone's car lights seemed so bright.

Parking lights don't enable you to see, but at least others know your car is there.

Boy ...I didn't realize how well the lights work until not having any and feeling scared. It wasn't dark yet ...but I should have had those lights on and so I put the hazard lights on and made sure that I was right behind a car with lights and one was right behind me and I only had about a half mile to go before turning off the main road.

All the while, preparing to pull off the road and call for help.

Then the full moon helped light the way on my road.

It felt so good to pull into our driveway.

We just got the car. It's a used car, but in excellent condition. We know who owned the car and they took good care of it. The body is in excellent condition too. They did just spend a thousand dollars repairing the electrical system. I hope this isn't a problem like that.

Why would the headlights suddenly not work? They worked last night. Anyway ...I hope it is a simple repair.

And I am really glad I got home before it was completely dark.

But ...where's RUDOLPH when you need him?! I know ...I know's coming into their busy season and he's probably training for that 24 hour marathon in which he pulls Santa's sleigh all around the world. After all ...Christmas is only a few month's away. ;)

Hey! I love that Christmas and all the holidays are just around the corner. Actually, just tonight ...I picked up a little something and it is my first official Christmas present ...which just happens to be for my son and his family ...a family present. :)

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