Monday, October 31, 2011

White Halloween

We always want a white Christmas around here ...but have never anticipated a white Halloween. If it weren't for the autumn leaves still on the trees ...the snow is deep enough to look like winter has been here for awhile.

I'm making a lasagna now ...for later. We will have that with a salad and warm garlic bread.

Looking forward to seeing the kids in their costumes later. Devan is going to be Little Red Riding Hood, Wren ...a blue crayon and Myles elephant. Awwww! Charging the cameras now. :)

Happy Halloween! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Other Thoughts and This Crazy October Snow Storm...

and ...I LOVE it! :)

I want everyone to be safe though and not to lose power.

I took the above pics and put them in a post I did in Oct, 2009. I took these and it was the first time I as far as i could remember that we got a dusting in October. I had seen flurries ...but nothing ever stuck for long to the ground. And so today ...the east coast least I know our area and up through New England are actually having a significant amount of heavy, wet snowfall. Our area may have 6-8 inches.

I'm telling you ...if this wet weather trend keeps up ...we are all gonna need to get around via snow shoes and sled dogs this winter. It's supposed to be sunny and 43 degrees tomorrow and so ...again the ground will be saturated. Actually still is.

Anyway ... I did what I always do when there is any threat of losing electricity. I filled little Ziploc bags with water and placed in freezer last night. I got that idea from a news reporter on TV and that really helped to save the food after the hurricane we had in August. EXCELLENT idea! I even transferred some frozen bags to the refrigerator and it preserved our food for the 28 1/2 hrs that we were without electric. I did throw the salmon out only because I know fish can go bad easily. But the rest of the food was still good. I also filled the bathtub with water so we have water to flush the toilet if the power goes out. They said the snow is heavy and causing tree limbs to break. People should be careful not to stand or park under trees if they can help it.

This morning I went out and cut a good amount of orange, red and orange marigolds. They have been growing prolifically all over the yard. i want to show Devan when she comes over on Halloween because these all came form a container of wild flower seeds that she gave her Pa pa. :) Also there was one solitary rose bud and so I cut that in hopes that it will open inside. I have to say that I am impressed with that little rose bush. It has been thriving and the bush that keeps on giving ...roses all summer. I cut one remaining pink zinnia and two lavender petunias. I left the yellow marigolds because they are shorter.

Then I went back outside and cut a lot of fresh herbs. Sage, Greek oregano, rosemary and mint. I love how my hands smell after holding them for so long. Aroma therapy for sure. :) I still have them on the table for washing.

I then seasoned and browned a rump roast that is now simmering ever so slowly with a lot of coarsely cut onions on the stove. This is going to surprise and greatly please my carnivore husband ...Mr SeaSpray when he comes in after working all day and then shoveling snow at his mother's house. (See my sidebar - I can use meat like an opiate with him and get my way with things - no Christmas trees to go out for today tho ;) And yes I did cheat and do something unhealthy ...I added cream of mushroom soup with garlic and water ...that I will later thicken for a sauce and add a lot of fresh mushrooms to at the end. And then we can have either with ...or over broad noodles. Mr SeaSpray often prefers slices ...and this SeaSpray prefers comfort food ...meat camouflaged in something ...over noodles. It is the perfect ...snowy day for something like this. Plus ...I am responding to the Dark Night of the Soul I had in the wee hours of Friday morning ...that I may or may not blog about in here. And ...even though I've done a 180 ...okay 160 ...i still want the comfort food and I am giving into it. That being said ...I used to live on "comfort" food and any food and now I do not. So ...this is my splurge in moderation night. :) Then ...we will also have peas ...because to me ...peas go with something like this. Like peas and mashed potatoes ...peas go with broad noodles ...IMO. And because it's October ...even though it is not Sauerbraten ...I always get a craving for German food in October (my German genes kicking in :), we will also have cooked red cabbage. I also bought a ton of apples last night and so making baked apples for later.

Admittedly ...I bought a ton ..well almost of baking supplies because the baking of goodies soon begins. Ha! If I remembered EGGS ...I would've baked. But ...instead and I think even better ...I am about to bake an apple crisp.

It is a great day for blogging and I've decided on my next post for in here in which I got a major and unexpected ...and most unpleasant surprise. Timing could not have been worse.

And I had so much fun with Devan and her friend last night. I brought them to our church Harvest Festival. It is outdoors and open to the surrounding communities. They did a fabulous job putting it on. The people at church put a lot of work into that and it was a great success.

EVERYTHING is free and the kids have such a good time. :) They play games to win candy and they always win candy no matter the outcome. They had cotton candy and popcorn. Did spin art. Danced a little to the band that was playing. They had a raffle every half hour. We didn't win ...but fun just thinking you might. They also had hot dogs and the moon walks to bounce in, small tractor hayride to go on ... but ...the girls didn't do any of that. They focused more on the games and winning the candy. Watching Devan's enjoyment and ability at shooting baskets caused me to think she should go out for basketball sometime. And she's tall. Devan had her face painted with a little pumpkin on it and we all got orange balloons. the girls just had to let their first ones go up into the night sky. There was also a guy in a dunking cage. We didn't go there but I assume he had a wet suit on with this cold weather. I began to look like a tree rack as I held all the girls things while they participated and I also got to meet up with some friends here and there. And I just love talking with the girls and listening to them giggling and talking in the back seat. In fourth grade and growing up so quickly! It was a fun night. Next year we will bring Wrenna. :)

It looks like a winter wonderland out there. SNOWMAN snow too! Trick or treating should be interesting. Never had to shovel a path for them before ...although perhaps it will be mostly melted by Monday. I can't wait to see our grandchildren in their costumes. I'm making a lasagna for everyone on Monday.

Stuff to do now, but will definitely blog later. I don't know why ...but I LOVE blogging during snowy weather.

I hope you all have some fun things you like about this weekend. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Wedding Anniversary :)

Wowww's hard to believe that Mr SeaSpray and I are married for 36 years today. 36 years! And we dated 3 years to the month before that. So we've been together as a couple for 39 tears. I used to think people were old when they hit 25 years. Needless to say ...I definitely do not think that at all anymore. Interesting how perspectives change.

Did I ever tell you how we met? Hmmm ...maybe I will do that when I come back later. And maybe I will put up another picture ...what I looked like when he met me. I don't want to repeat the story. I feel like I told it, but I checked all the Octobers ...although QUICKLY and I don't think I wrote about an anniversary. I will double check later to be sure I am not duplicating something ...although I know there are new readers too.
***Update - Actually I did write about it last year and put pics up. HERE is the link. And I will save the "How we met" post for another time. :)

36 years ago right now, we were at our wedding reception. Later ...someone drove us down to Newark for the night so that we could fly down to Paradise Island, Bahamas in the morning. I always like to think of what we were doing at "this time" on the special dates ...and then I like to think about how there is no way we could know what we would be doing in the present on those dates. Interesting thoughts to ponder. :)

I've been running around a lot today ...beginning with babysitting early in the morning at son and d-i-l's. It will be near miraculous if I don't catch a cold because both babies have one and there is just no way I wouldn't be cuddling with them. Taking more supplements. :)

I came in to find a card and flowers on the counter. I Had other errands ...squeezed in baking a chocolate cake (Choc icing/chock cake - his favorite :) for Mr SeaSpray and then this post. Now back out door while it's cooling.

We will be celebrating our anniversary on the weekend. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Cold!
photo credit

You know your house is cold when emptying the dishwasher and putting the dishes away is pleasurable.

Why is that task ... pleasurable you ask?

Because the dishes .... still WARM ...warmed my fingers up. But, I didn't stop there ...I practically hugged each dish ...letting them linger against my hands ...before finally letting go. I had to resist not just lying down and piling up the clean warm dishes all over me. Just imagine ...taking a cozy nap with toasty warm bowls on my feet, working my way up with plates all over my legs and abdomen, cups over ...ahem ..never mind and luncheon plates over my arms and hands. Need help with last one though. Then again ...they are pottery and would no doubt take on the room temperature and I'd wake up freezing and then I'd have to wash them all over again ...well ...if they didn't break first from clanging together while I shivered. Best laid plans ...

I just do not want to turn the heat on yet. I caved once. But ...trying to save that heating oil. Oh and Mr SeaSpray has to remove the air conditioners tomorrow. That will certainly help! It's my fault because we were having warm weather and I can't stand to be hot. And I'd rather be cold than hot. We never went almost into November though. Well ...we've been busy too.

So ...I am going to take a really ...loooong ...HOT shower ..the pampering kind ...if I can get myself to move out from under the hot spray ...which I probably won't do until the steam warms the bathroom up like a sauna. Of course that defeats the purpose of oil conservation since we heat our hot water with oil. Still ...a long ...HOT ..shower has to be cheaper than heating the whole house. Right?

I have dinner cooking in the oven and so I discovered that leaning against the oven feels toasty warm. I warmed all sides a SeaSpray on a rotiseserie. :) Also ... draping myself across the top was nice and warm too. Now...if I could just lie down and cover myself with the oven a blanket - perfect! Do you think if Mr SeaSpray walked in saw me lying on the kitchen floor with the oven on top of me,that he might realize just how cold it is in here? "Hi Honey ...I'm just warming up a bit." ;) I even cracked the oven door open and then pulled the bottom of my sweater open, draping it across the open oven door and all that 350 degree heat rushed up and under my sweater. I even heard the girls chatter out "THANK YOU!" ;)

And we do have oil. I could put the heat on. But...until the air conditioners come out ...I just will not because cold air comes in through them and so obviously defeats heating efficiently. I might as well crank the heat up and open the windows. Well least we don't have to worry about radon. :)

Anyway ...this post reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago ...on the day our furnace froze the middle of January. I ended up having to call Poison Control for myself after getting out of the shower. I never did post that. Maybe I still will. :)
Update Tuesday: A/Cs still in windows. House still cold. We look like Smurfs - BLUE from being cold. Even the dog. ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pink Glove Inspiration

With October being breast cancer awareness month ...I'm thinking it's time to put up some Pink Glove Dance" videos. An uplifting way to show solidarity in the fight against cancer. They remind us that there is support and to have hope.

The first one ...from Gordon Hospital is encouraging ...reminding us that we are not alone and to "get back up again."

Then the next video ...from the Medical Center Of Plano is uplifting. I Love the enthusiasm! When I watched the OR staff, I couldn't help but imagine the surgeons I know ...participating in the Pink Glove Dance. :) I wonder if they would? I think it would be neat if our local hospitals participated in the Pink Glove Dance competitions. :)

And the one that began it all:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Immobilizing Pain of the Mind and So Much More

I experienced an immobilizing pain I had never experienced before ...even though it certainly wasn't the first time I have been deeply grieved over the death of a loved one. This time it was my life long friend (52 yrs), Iris. I will come back to this experience.

Her funeral was this past Friday.

She would've really been pleased with everything. So many flowers and aqua ribbons (Aqua was her favorite color) and Irises in the bouquets. Someone sent the most exquisite in color red roses that I have ever seen. I usually like to read the cards ...but I could hardly go to the casket... never mind read anything. And it was a closed casket. I was greatly relieved it was closed. We had discussed these things in the passed and I was pretty sure she had wanted a closed casket. I just wanted to remember her alive ...not in the casket.

Our sons were pall-bearers. Older son had to take a day off from work and I am proud of them for helping out. I know that would've warmed Iris' heart and they felt good about helping the family and doing this for her.

They had a beautiful collage of pictures of her ...from childhood into adult. So many wonderful, pretty and cute pictures and they truly captured the essence of her ...when she was happiest with her family, friends and on vacations. :) I was profoundly moved to see that the kids had included multiple pictures of me with her ...from childhood ..up through adult years. Seeing us together really caused memories to come flooding in and hurt as much as they warmed my heart. They even had included some with our sons when they were little. And there was one of her ..alone on the beach in shorts ...that was so typical of how I remember her younger. I hope I can see them all again, because I couldn't really take time to absorb all the pictures.

Her daughter is due to have her first baby ...a boy November. My heart breaks even more for her. But, and I can't prove this of course ...I do think that God allows loved ones in heaven to see the special occasions in our lives on earth and so she knew how nice her service was and how many people cared and will miss her. And she will still see her family and grandchildren when important to do so.

The pastor did a wonderful job with the eulogy and had been instrumental in providing peace and encouragement throughout her ordeal. She would have appreciated his words at the service.

So many of her husband's relatives made the trip down from New England as did her cousin Paula and her husband. I haven't seen Paula since we were teenagers and it was nice to see her again. I wish we could've talked more, but they had to get back after the service. And many others. It is really kind of a blur for me and admittedly ...I don't remember all that I saw ...or maybe it is that I couldn't focus on anyone thing for too long. It was all so surreal.

Knowing she was in that casket was just crazy to me ...even though I was very much involved with getting her to appointments and being a support ...and mostly a friend to her through all of this and so I do know how ill she was. But ...I guess it is just like they say ...that no matter how prepared you are for someone's death really just cannot be prepared for the loss you will feel. There are no words. It is a profoundly painful experience ...even though you know they are better off and in our case being Christians ...we know she is in heaven now ...a far better place. But we are here. They are not. She is not.

Iris and another friend helped us so much after Mom's memorial service because they set up all the food afterword for the repast. They were with me all day. later that night, while we were sitting in the family room ...I had said to Iris, "You cannot die before me because I cannot imagine living life without you!" She said the same of me. And we discussed how we would want our services to be. And she like the cemetery she was buried in and more than once had said because she has such good memories in the town she lived in and thought that cemetery was pretty with the pine trees and sun going down ...that she would want to be buried there.

Little did we know that 6 months later she would begin to feel the symptoms (pain from pleural effusion on right side and short of breath going up stairs) of what a couple months later would be stage III and almost immediately into stage IV nonsmoker's lung cancer. She had been feeling profound fatigue and I think that was also part of it.

And people say that life is unfair. This diagnosis just did not make any sense. Of allllll the people I know ...including myself she always took care of herself more than anyone. Eating right and exercising (from time she was a teenager) before gyms even became popular. Never crash dieted or skipped meals, never needed meds of any kind for hypertension or any disease and did not even have pain in her body. She never smoked. She always took care of herself. She had schedules that she stuck to for exercise. She did have antibiotics for Lyme disease in early 90s and even that did not cause arthritic pain. That was it. Hardly got colds or other viruses. She was mindful to get quality sleep too. She just most of the time took excellent care of herself.

She was compassionate toward others to the point it would hurt her. She felt deeply. If there was a negative would be that she worried too much. She would never intentionally try to hurt another person. She loved deeply. She always wanted the best for everyone. She was fun loving. We had a friendship that is rich with wonderful memories. It was not perfect. But ...what relationship is ...particularly if you've spent a lot of time together? We had some falling outs ...but never for long. And counting from when we were little ...our significant disagreements wouldn't even hit 10 fingers in number. (Unless you counted all the times we fought over who would ride the aqua walrus vs the red walrus in the pool :) That is a pretty good track record for 52 years of friendship.

I am so relieved that she died well ...with well controlled pain and peacefully. I am so glad her family let me be by her side (said I WAS family) throughout the weekend and last Monday ...when they had their own grief and responsibilities to contend with. I am so glad ...I got to hold her hand, caress her head ...kiss her cheeks and give her hugs and mostly tell her "I love you." , which I said many times over those last days. I am glad I got to read some scriptures to her on Sunday night. I noticed that she had fallen asleep with a little smile on her face when I was doing that. :) I am glad I got to hold her hand and stay by her side for so long on Monday night. First I silently prayed for her comfort and easy transition to heaven, but then admittedly against what all my senses were telling me ...I silently prayed for a complete healing miracle ...all the while aware that ultimate healing comes after death into new life. I am grateful her family shared their precious time with her ...with me ...letting me in those last hours of her life.

And the kids ...her adult kids and their spouses really jumped in and helped her husband and their Mom. They really made a huge difference with their love and support. And their d-i-l ...she was so fantastic ...she could leave her career and go into nursing. She was awesome. the hospice nurse was not scheduled to come in until the day she died and so her husband and d-i-l ...lovingly took care of all of my her needs.

And even though I could see my friend was weakening and I knew there was some pain and confusion ...over the weekend, I was especially glad to see joy and fulfillment in her eyes when she took in that her family was all around her and interacting ...loving her and each other. I saw that in her eyes.

And that is so very important. I remember when my uncle Jim was dying. He was set up with a hospice bed in my cousin's living room. We got to talk the night Mom and I got there. He was weak, but did say some things and he maintained his sense of humor. But ..the most important thing he said is what I think was most on his heart. He said, "The important thing is that you want to know your children will be alright."

I agree with that statement. For me the two most important things are that they would have a faith in God that will sustain and bless them throughout life, knowing I will see them again and that they will all love and be committed to each other. It warms my heart now to see that our sons and d-i-l get along so well, that younger son is such a wonderful uncle to his nieces and nephew and that they love him too. I know son and d-i-l would be the same way for younger son and his family someday. And I know they would all look out for their Dad and Papa too. And I would want them to be as connected to other relatives and good friends as possible too. To have a good support system. That would give me great peace. And like I said warms my heart now to see the love between them and that they have fun together. :)

And that is what my friend's family did for her. She has always been very happy with her kids marriages ...very much loving her d-i-l and s-i-l and seeing their strong, happy marriages always gave her comfort. And her grandson is close to everyone in their family. And she knew they will be there for her husband. And so that last weekend of her life ...last weekend ...I saw that look in her eyes ...of peace, satisfaction, and joy at seeing her family loving each other and her. I noticed it throughout Saturday and Sunday when she was in and out of sleeping. And I loved that she appreciated the sweetness and the humor of her little 3 yr old grandson announcing he was going downstairs to play his drums so she could have music to sleep with. :)

And I am so glad to know that with the assistance of the hospice nurse and family around her ...that she made a peaceful transition from this life... into the most amazing one she is experiencing now. And I am thankful that the hospice nurse and hospice social worker were so helpful to my friend and her family ...truly a blessing for them.

But, back at the funeral home ...seeing her casket covered and surrounded by flowers ...and knowing it was *her* in that casket ...I just felt a disconnect. So much so ...that when the teal (another favorite color of hers that she decorated with) beams in the funeral parlor were pointed out to me ...I had the instant thought to call and tell her that there were even teal beams at her funeral. now mind you ...I was also looking at her casket when I had the thought! Seriously about disconnect! Or denial! Or just missing my friend. I don't know.

After it was over and we again paid our respects at the casket ...I laid my hand on it ...and quietly said "Oh Iris!" and stopped myself from breaking up badly and then in next breath said "I'll see ya I... and were PLAYING SCRABBLE when I see you again in heaven too!" And I turned and hugged her family. (She liked when I called her I out of familiarity and she was my best scrabble playing partner. We used to play often ..although not so much in last few years and not at all since she was diagnosed with cancer.

It was bittersweet when some people came up to me to ask if I was her best friend. I also didn't want to be offensive to any other friend that may've been there and so I said "Yes ..I am one of her good friends. And for the last time ...i said we were friends since I was four and she was five."

It was supposed to be stormy and rainy, but fortunately it held off until later in the afternoon. She would be real happy to know the location of her plot is like she described she would like. It is always hard to walk away ...for that last time.

The food afterward had been catered and was very good. I met her husband's relatives she had often told me about and we enjoyed some conversations with them. Very nice loving and supportive family. And so many others were there too. She absolutely would've loved how it all turned out and been so appreciative of everything. I do think that perhaps when these things happen ..that people on the other side ...perhaps even other relatives/close friends that already passed do get to see these things. But, regardless ...she is happy now. And she will be very missed.

I stayed in the car after we dropped our neighbor off and Mr SeaSpray went inside. I opened the roof, put the seat all the way back and just looked up at the clouds ...pondering the whole day and trying to comprehend the reality of never speaking to her again. then I called older son to tell him I thought it was so considerate of him to take the time off from work to help the family out and that Iris would've been so appreciative. And we just talked for a bit. I still could not get myself to leave the car, although the rain caused me to close the sunroof. And finally ...I went inside undressed and just went to bed. I actually fell asleep quickly, but then when I woke up ...the reality of all that had transpired hit me friend is gone. It was so painful to go through with her. I'm glad the suffering is over, but I am going to miss her beyond what any words could ever describe.

And each time I woke up ...i wanted to move. i wanted to get up. But for the first time ever ...I just could not move. Not a foot, leg, hand or even a finger. All I could do was remain motionless. i wanted to change position because I had been in it for hours. I could not turn over ...I could not move a muscle. I could breathe. Tears could fall onto my pillow, but I couldn't actually cry. I could close my eyes and go back to sleep. This happened several times ...during the daylight and then after it was dark. I just felt my immobilized ...dead weight still lying on my side ...until finally sometime after it was dark ...I just got up.

This experience ...the depth of my despair in those moments ...thinking of everything that happened along this disease process and right toward the end ...having that awful falling out (I STILL can't believe that happened ...after trying so hard to be there and I was ...I really was!) and the thoughts of never again on this earth being able to share anything with my lifelong friend, reminds me of something I read years ago in "The Sketchbook" by Washington Irving, chapter of, "The Broken Heart", in which he said, "There are some strokes of calamity that scathe and scorch the soul--which penetrate to the vital seat of happiness--and blast it, never again to put forth bud or blossom." I believe that was the depth of emotional pain I experienced, rendering me motionless for hours. Maybe I had to go through it let it go. If this seems odd to anyone ...because she was not my husband, child or grandchild. Nor was she another close relative. And I don't pretend for a second to compare my loss to that of her own husband and children ...because they are feeling pain in ways that I do not ...having to say goodbye to his wife and their mother. We have our own experiences with these things.

But, for all of our differences and living at a distance for most of our lives ...we were soul mates 2 peas in a pod ... we had the kind of friendship that transcends time and space ..the kind of friendship that will always right the wrongs in the end and thankfully they were few and far between. I just wish we did not have that blowup at the end and had I realized it was the cancer talking ...I would not have been so hurt or taken it so personally. I think it was the cumulative effect of all the bad things that had transpired with my friend since her diagnosis, coupled with my profound sense of loss at losing her forever on this side of heaven that just bludgeoned my heart and mind so forcefully ..I literally could not move in those moments. And I have to say is weird when *you* can feel your own dead weight in your arms and your legs.

Having said all that ...for anyone who has made it to the end of this post ...I want to tell you that was also my turn around ...let go experience. I miss her already and I am sad ...and no doubt will have many times I think to call her or will miss her. And as a Christian ...with our belief system ...I know we will be reunited with our loved ones and continue to learn, grow and have awesome experiences in heaven ...beyond what we can comprehend here. I once heard a person who had died and had a life after death experience in heaven state that we are more alive there than we are here. (Interesting concept to ponder) Even so, honestly ...I am not all that anxious to do that yet because God willing ...I have a lot of living to still do in this life.

I look forward to being with my family and friends, doing fun things and the many more wonderful experiences in our future ...seeing our kids, grand kids and even great grandkids (someday :) being a part of their lives. There are many things I still want to do. I am most grateful for my life and I hope I will have a long, productive and quality life in which I can be a blessing and experience blessings.

I may or may not leave this up. It was healing to write. Obviously such a personal experience. A definite turning point in my life.

To everything ...there is a season.

I feel such gratitude for the rich friendship we had for so long. It was not perfect ...but pretty darn close. I know it was meant to be. I know it was a gift from God ...the way it all worked out ...our meeting ..all those fabulous magical childhood summers and that we maintained our close friendship over time and distance was a meant to be to both of us from God.

Farewell my dear friend. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So True

The following comment was on my sidebar and I just had to post it as speaks to me greatly:

"If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, and fulfillment of your fall. Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest." ~author unknown~

And then this:

"Don't Judge Life By One Difficult Season.

Persevere Through The Difficult Patches

And Better Times Are Sure To Come

Some Time Or Later"

Ton of Bricks

I hate waking up the morning after someone I love dies ...when my thoughts first come together and it all just hits me like a ton of bricks. That first waking realization of profound loss and emotional pain.

But ...then the alternative to never wake up.

So ...I will still take the ton of bricks.

And ... I know ...I just have to find my way out of it.

And ...I will.

I'm just saying ...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Iris and Me :)

This is one of her favorite pics of us. She is on left and I am on right ..eating a snack. We used to love to lie on that chase lounge together on her screened in porch and tell spooky stories at night. And we'd talk about other things. We did that until we were about 13, when one day it tipped over backwards. That was funny. Her father had to come rescue us and get us right side up again. We stopped sharing it after that. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Laxative MIA - Oh NO!!!

About a half hr ago, Mr SeaSpray who was prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow (see previous post) informed me that he dropped 1 Dulcolax on the floor about an hour earlier and did not try to find it.

Faith ...our dog ...aka Miss Hoover, sucks up everything like a canine vacuum cleaner and could have eaten it. I do not know. I swept floor in area I thought it would be in, but not whole kitchen because it wouldn't go around the counter. It's possible that it slid under the fridge or stove. I would feel a lot better if I could just find it.

However ...I am going to just vacuum now.

Does this mean what I think it does ...that if she ingested it she will have the laxative effect? GOD FORBID!!! I am just beside myself and will never be able to sleep tonight if I don't find that pill.

I am assuming she is safe because if a 6 year old can take one, then I am guessing a 50lb dog can.

I see it is advertised as the reliable, gentle laxative. Hopefully it is not so reliable and is way too gentle to work on a dog.

Hopefully she didn't find it.
Update 3:53 pm Friday: Thankfully everything all came out all right in the end. Not hers thankfully. ;)

I vacuumed kitchen and family room tile near kitchen - TWICE ...just in case.

Gatorade - MiraLAX Cocktail

Want some? Yum!


GROSS with a capital "G" and then some!

And I only had to stir and smell it ...but once you've had one never forget. Kind of like the first drink you ever had a hangover on ...which for me was SeaGram's Seven ...many moons ago. To this day ...if I get a whiff of whiskey stomach will do a momentary flip flop.

Mr SeaSpray is scheduled for a routine colonoscopy tomorrow. And so I mixed the cocktail for him this morning so it could chill. There is so much to drink and I feel for him. Been there ..done that ...and I am due to schedule after him ...oh YIPPEE!


But very important for everyone to have this test done when their physician recommends a screening. And let me tell you ...Mr SeaSpray has been resistant to seeing any kind of doc for most of his life ..until last decade. Once he got into swing of routine physicals, I have to say ...he is actually good about following through with them. And even after his first colonoscopy ...he has told people that they are no big deal and he would not hesitate to do it again.

Actually ...I think the prep the day/night before is the worst part.

And talk about the power of suggestion ...all I did was get a whiff of that cocktail I was stirring and I experienced instant nausea. And now I can't even look at it without my stomach doing a flip flop!

Sympathy nausea?

Noooo ...REVULSION nausea.

And who knew he liked lime so much? All these years of marriage and I never realized he liked lime. Lime Gatorade. Lime Jello. Oh yeah ..that too. You get to feast on Jello. I say feast because you can fill up on all the Jello you want ...providing not red or purple. Great if you are a fan of Jello and you don't enjoy eating solid food. Oh ...and if you want to be really decadent can also have clear broth. And Italian Ice (that sounds good) hard candy, soda, plain coffee or tea. But he is limiting his decadent feasting to only the chicken broth and Jello.

There is also another laxative in pull form.

You also should try to have have 8 0z of water/beverage every hr.

He is still in the process of drinking the green cocktail.


***Seriously ...please check out the following link if you have never had a routine colonoscopy for cancer screening. Colonoscopies CAN save lives! (Emphasis mine)