Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gatorade - MiraLAX Cocktail

Want some? Yum!


GROSS with a capital "G" and then some!

And I only had to stir and smell it ...but once you've had one never forget. Kind of like the first drink you ever had a hangover on ...which for me was SeaGram's Seven ...many moons ago. To this day ...if I get a whiff of whiskey stomach will do a momentary flip flop.

Mr SeaSpray is scheduled for a routine colonoscopy tomorrow. And so I mixed the cocktail for him this morning so it could chill. There is so much to drink and I feel for him. Been there ..done that ...and I am due to schedule after him ...oh YIPPEE!


But very important for everyone to have this test done when their physician recommends a screening. And let me tell you ...Mr SeaSpray has been resistant to seeing any kind of doc for most of his life ..until last decade. Once he got into swing of routine physicals, I have to say ...he is actually good about following through with them. And even after his first colonoscopy ...he has told people that they are no big deal and he would not hesitate to do it again.

Actually ...I think the prep the day/night before is the worst part.

And talk about the power of suggestion ...all I did was get a whiff of that cocktail I was stirring and I experienced instant nausea. And now I can't even look at it without my stomach doing a flip flop!

Sympathy nausea?

Noooo ...REVULSION nausea.

And who knew he liked lime so much? All these years of marriage and I never realized he liked lime. Lime Gatorade. Lime Jello. Oh yeah ..that too. You get to feast on Jello. I say feast because you can fill up on all the Jello you want ...providing not red or purple. Great if you are a fan of Jello and you don't enjoy eating solid food. Oh ...and if you want to be really decadent can also have clear broth. And Italian Ice (that sounds good) hard candy, soda, plain coffee or tea. But he is limiting his decadent feasting to only the chicken broth and Jello.

There is also another laxative in pull form.

You also should try to have have 8 0z of water/beverage every hr.

He is still in the process of drinking the green cocktail.


***Seriously ...please check out the following link if you have never had a routine colonoscopy for cancer screening. Colonoscopies CAN save lives! (Emphasis mine)

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