Thursday, October 6, 2011

Laxative MIA - Oh NO!!!

About a half hr ago, Mr SeaSpray who was prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow (see previous post) informed me that he dropped 1 Dulcolax on the floor about an hour earlier and did not try to find it.

Faith ...our dog ...aka Miss Hoover, sucks up everything like a canine vacuum cleaner and could have eaten it. I do not know. I swept floor in area I thought it would be in, but not whole kitchen because it wouldn't go around the counter. It's possible that it slid under the fridge or stove. I would feel a lot better if I could just find it.

However ...I am going to just vacuum now.

Does this mean what I think it does ...that if she ingested it she will have the laxative effect? GOD FORBID!!! I am just beside myself and will never be able to sleep tonight if I don't find that pill.

I am assuming she is safe because if a 6 year old can take one, then I am guessing a 50lb dog can.

I see it is advertised as the reliable, gentle laxative. Hopefully it is not so reliable and is way too gentle to work on a dog.

Hopefully she didn't find it.
Update 3:53 pm Friday: Thankfully everything all came out all right in the end. Not hers thankfully. ;)

I vacuumed kitchen and family room tile near kitchen - TWICE ...just in case.

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