Sunday, October 23, 2011

So Cold!
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You know your house is cold when emptying the dishwasher and putting the dishes away is pleasurable.

Why is that task ... pleasurable you ask?

Because the dishes .... still WARM ...warmed my fingers up. But, I didn't stop there ...I practically hugged each dish ...letting them linger against my hands ...before finally letting go. I had to resist not just lying down and piling up the clean warm dishes all over me. Just imagine ...taking a cozy nap with toasty warm bowls on my feet, working my way up with plates all over my legs and abdomen, cups over ...ahem ..never mind and luncheon plates over my arms and hands. Need help with last one though. Then again ...they are pottery and would no doubt take on the room temperature and I'd wake up freezing and then I'd have to wash them all over again ...well ...if they didn't break first from clanging together while I shivered. Best laid plans ...

I just do not want to turn the heat on yet. I caved once. But ...trying to save that heating oil. Oh and Mr SeaSpray has to remove the air conditioners tomorrow. That will certainly help! It's my fault because we were having warm weather and I can't stand to be hot. And I'd rather be cold than hot. We never went almost into November though. Well ...we've been busy too.

So ...I am going to take a really ...loooong ...HOT shower ..the pampering kind ...if I can get myself to move out from under the hot spray ...which I probably won't do until the steam warms the bathroom up like a sauna. Of course that defeats the purpose of oil conservation since we heat our hot water with oil. Still ...a long ...HOT ..shower has to be cheaper than heating the whole house. Right?

I have dinner cooking in the oven and so I discovered that leaning against the oven feels toasty warm. I warmed all sides a SeaSpray on a rotiseserie. :) Also ... draping myself across the top was nice and warm too. Now...if I could just lie down and cover myself with the oven a blanket - perfect! Do you think if Mr SeaSpray walked in saw me lying on the kitchen floor with the oven on top of me,that he might realize just how cold it is in here? "Hi Honey ...I'm just warming up a bit." ;) I even cracked the oven door open and then pulled the bottom of my sweater open, draping it across the open oven door and all that 350 degree heat rushed up and under my sweater. I even heard the girls chatter out "THANK YOU!" ;)

And we do have oil. I could put the heat on. But...until the air conditioners come out ...I just will not because cold air comes in through them and so obviously defeats heating efficiently. I might as well crank the heat up and open the windows. Well least we don't have to worry about radon. :)

Anyway ...this post reminds me of a post I wrote a few years ago ...on the day our furnace froze the middle of January. I ended up having to call Poison Control for myself after getting out of the shower. I never did post that. Maybe I still will. :)
Update Tuesday: A/Cs still in windows. House still cold. We look like Smurfs - BLUE from being cold. Even the dog. ;)

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