Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Other Thoughts and This Crazy October Snow Storm...

and ...I LOVE it! :)

I want everyone to be safe though and not to lose power.

I took the above pics and put them in a post I did in Oct, 2009. I took these and it was the first time I as far as i could remember that we got a dusting in October. I had seen flurries ...but nothing ever stuck for long to the ground. And so today ...the east coast least I know our area and up through New England are actually having a significant amount of heavy, wet snowfall. Our area may have 6-8 inches.

I'm telling you ...if this wet weather trend keeps up ...we are all gonna need to get around via snow shoes and sled dogs this winter. It's supposed to be sunny and 43 degrees tomorrow and so ...again the ground will be saturated. Actually still is.

Anyway ... I did what I always do when there is any threat of losing electricity. I filled little Ziploc bags with water and placed in freezer last night. I got that idea from a news reporter on TV and that really helped to save the food after the hurricane we had in August. EXCELLENT idea! I even transferred some frozen bags to the refrigerator and it preserved our food for the 28 1/2 hrs that we were without electric. I did throw the salmon out only because I know fish can go bad easily. But the rest of the food was still good. I also filled the bathtub with water so we have water to flush the toilet if the power goes out. They said the snow is heavy and causing tree limbs to break. People should be careful not to stand or park under trees if they can help it.

This morning I went out and cut a good amount of orange, red and orange marigolds. They have been growing prolifically all over the yard. i want to show Devan when she comes over on Halloween because these all came form a container of wild flower seeds that she gave her Pa pa. :) Also there was one solitary rose bud and so I cut that in hopes that it will open inside. I have to say that I am impressed with that little rose bush. It has been thriving and the bush that keeps on giving ...roses all summer. I cut one remaining pink zinnia and two lavender petunias. I left the yellow marigolds because they are shorter.

Then I went back outside and cut a lot of fresh herbs. Sage, Greek oregano, rosemary and mint. I love how my hands smell after holding them for so long. Aroma therapy for sure. :) I still have them on the table for washing.

I then seasoned and browned a rump roast that is now simmering ever so slowly with a lot of coarsely cut onions on the stove. This is going to surprise and greatly please my carnivore husband ...Mr SeaSpray when he comes in after working all day and then shoveling snow at his mother's house. (See my sidebar - I can use meat like an opiate with him and get my way with things - no Christmas trees to go out for today tho ;) And yes I did cheat and do something unhealthy ...I added cream of mushroom soup with garlic and water ...that I will later thicken for a sauce and add a lot of fresh mushrooms to at the end. And then we can have either with ...or over broad noodles. Mr SeaSpray often prefers slices ...and this SeaSpray prefers comfort food ...meat camouflaged in something ...over noodles. It is the perfect ...snowy day for something like this. Plus ...I am responding to the Dark Night of the Soul I had in the wee hours of Friday morning ...that I may or may not blog about in here. And ...even though I've done a 180 ...okay 160 ...i still want the comfort food and I am giving into it. That being said ...I used to live on "comfort" food and any food and now I do not. So ...this is my splurge in moderation night. :) Then ...we will also have peas ...because to me ...peas go with something like this. Like peas and mashed potatoes ...peas go with broad noodles ...IMO. And because it's October ...even though it is not Sauerbraten ...I always get a craving for German food in October (my German genes kicking in :), we will also have cooked red cabbage. I also bought a ton of apples last night and so making baked apples for later.

Admittedly ...I bought a ton ..well almost of baking supplies because the baking of goodies soon begins. Ha! If I remembered EGGS ...I would've baked. But ...instead and I think even better ...I am about to bake an apple crisp.

It is a great day for blogging and I've decided on my next post for in here in which I got a major and unexpected ...and most unpleasant surprise. Timing could not have been worse.

And I had so much fun with Devan and her friend last night. I brought them to our church Harvest Festival. It is outdoors and open to the surrounding communities. They did a fabulous job putting it on. The people at church put a lot of work into that and it was a great success.

EVERYTHING is free and the kids have such a good time. :) They play games to win candy and they always win candy no matter the outcome. They had cotton candy and popcorn. Did spin art. Danced a little to the band that was playing. They had a raffle every half hour. We didn't win ...but fun just thinking you might. They also had hot dogs and the moon walks to bounce in, small tractor hayride to go on ... but ...the girls didn't do any of that. They focused more on the games and winning the candy. Watching Devan's enjoyment and ability at shooting baskets caused me to think she should go out for basketball sometime. And she's tall. Devan had her face painted with a little pumpkin on it and we all got orange balloons. the girls just had to let their first ones go up into the night sky. There was also a guy in a dunking cage. We didn't go there but I assume he had a wet suit on with this cold weather. I began to look like a tree rack as I held all the girls things while they participated and I also got to meet up with some friends here and there. And I just love talking with the girls and listening to them giggling and talking in the back seat. In fourth grade and growing up so quickly! It was a fun night. Next year we will bring Wrenna. :)

It looks like a winter wonderland out there. SNOWMAN snow too! Trick or treating should be interesting. Never had to shovel a path for them before ...although perhaps it will be mostly melted by Monday. I can't wait to see our grandchildren in their costumes. I'm making a lasagna for everyone on Monday.

Stuff to do now, but will definitely blog later. I don't know why ...but I LOVE blogging during snowy weather.

I hope you all have some fun things you like about this weekend. :)


rlbates said...

Glad you are enjoying it. Be safe and warm.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Ramona. It was cozy. Dinner was yummy. :) Now I am just hoping our Lilac Bush and other trees spring back up after snow melts. Thankfully ..even tho we lost cable and internet ...we didn't lose power.

I decorated with snowy Christmas place mats ...just for fun ..since so much snow out there. :)

I hope your weekend was a good one. :)