Saturday, November 12, 2011

NOW ...I Understand the TEMPTATION! ;)




I bought the BEST apples in Costco the Thursday night!!!



Eastern Apples ...Crispier...Juicier ...Tastier.

Red Delicious...

U.S. Extra Fancy ...

NET WT. 160 oz (10 lb)

Product of U.S.A

3" MIN. DIA.

Packed on 11/03/11

Castleton, NY

Aaaand ...ONLY $9.99!

I was thirsty last night and so got a glass of water and also grabbed an apple to have for a snack.

That apple was so firm and crisp. Noticeably crisp at first bite and in a way I don't recall with any other apple I've eaten before. And soooooooooooooo JUICY that I wasn't thirsty anymore after I finished eating it and so didn't even drink my water right away. The flavor was excellent! More than excellent. Can you have more than excellent? If you can ...this apple really was ...more than excellent. What a totally satisfying snack.

And so I had another one this afternoon. Just as delicious and juicy.

And usually when you touch an apple will feel firm. But, there is just something different about these apples. Even touching them ..squeezing them a little is just a different ..crispy feel to them. They are shiny ...but they don't have that overly shined chemical preserve look to them and when I washed the apples ...they didn't get all white looking as the chemicals wash off.

I was going to make a cranberry/apple dish with them ...but these are just too good to heat up in cooking. yes I would use good apples, but I am telling you ...these particular apples are so totally raw eating worthy it would be a shame to soften them in cooking.

These apples are so good ...the best apples I remember ever having in my life. I know when people come over ...I am going to be raving about the apples and say .."Here take this apple're really gonna love it! I can't help but promote something if I love it. if I could cyber an apple to all of you ...I would. :)

The big mag of Hershey chocolates I also bought (for Mr SeaSpray and family) can get white and wormy before I forgo these apples. Interestingly ...if I have an apple ...I am completely satisfied. If I have a piece of chocolate n-e-v-e-r satisfies that chocolate urge. Instead I just want more and more and more and more. Why is that?

Anyway ...they say you don't miss what you never had ...but now ...for me the the apple standards bar has been set.

I almost wonder if they weren't somehow dropped down out of heaven know Heaven's perfect crop of apple manna ...secretly delivered by angels to the Costco warehouse? ;)

Anyway ...if Eve was tempted by apples like these ...and then Adam after she raved about them ...I totally understand. I do. (Actually, apples don't grow in the middle east and so Adam and Eve probably ate a pomegranate or some other fruit of the region ...I'm just saying.)

So, if anyone reading this is anywhere near the Wharton/Rockaway, New Jersey... Costo warehouse and you like apples ...I wholeheartedly recommend you go in and purchase these apples.

Enjoy! I know we are. :)

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