Thursday, November 3, 2011

So ...I Called Poison Control This Morning ...
For myself ...again.

Well it's been a few years since the last time ...I called Poison Control for myself. I never did put that post up.

Accidents are so stupid... aren't they?

And this morning's little event was no different.

I had just begun my day ...showered, dressed and brushed teeth.

I stopped to talk with younger son for a few minutes and the next think I knew was that my right eye felt like it was on FIRE! I scrambled for the bathroom sink immediately and began flushing it out with cold water ...then remembered the last time I called poison control after rinsing my eye out with cold water was the doctor's telling me ...My eye was red because I rinsed with cold water and should always use warm water.

So I switched to warm water. It didn't help very much. My mind was racing lightening fast ..about the pain ...going blind, I'm probably okay, call eye doctor call poison control it'll be faster ...they're gonna want to laugh at this has to be a first ..who does this? I remembered a show on Phil Donahue ... years ago in which a woman accidentally got mascara in her eye ...didn't think anything of it and she went blind. So, I thought all these things while simultaneously reaching for the saline wash that expired in November, 2009. I used it anyway ...then wondering if saline mixing with this substance would have a bad reaction ...or if being 2 years past the expiration date mattered? but, I kept using it and it helped. Still hurt ...but at least not on fire.

I googled the number for NJ Poison Control, called and was surprised when the physician didn't ask me if I could hold. Must've been a slow morning. I was prepared to say ...not to worry ...I have another eye. ;) Nooo ...I really wouldn't have said that. I am always polite whenever I have been put on hold for poison control. Yeah ...I used the words ..."always" and "whenever" in reference to calling NJ Poison Control. We have a little history going there. So much so that even today ...I cringed at having to give him my name and zip code again. Well at least DYFS won't be coming for the kids now. ;)

And I really was a protective mother. And baby proofed the entire house. But can be so quick and it was things I didn't think of. Thankfully ...they were always alright.

Anyway ...after he assured me that I would be alright. And told me to put my eye under a steady stream of warm water - gentle pressure ...I then asked him if this was a first for him. He said, "No ...I did it to myself."

"Have other people done this too?"


Anyone know what substance got in my eye?

... .... .... .... ..... ..... I'll give you a hint.

It sure as heck didn't whiten my eye ...although it smelled minty fresh.

Whitening Crest Pro Health TOOTHPASTE!

I figured I must've somehow gotten some on my knuckle and then rubbed it into my eye when I felt an itch to the area. YIKES! Let me tell you ..getting toothpaste in your eye will get your adrenalin going, get you hollering and running for something to help get it out of your eye.

I was also thinking ...I'm the person they write those ridiculous warnings for in the instruction manuals. "Don't immerse toaster in water when you plug it in." "This Iron is not meant to iron marshmallows." You know ..that bizarro stuff that anyone with common sense would know not to do. But ...evidently the Crest corporation has confidence in it's customers because nowhere on that toothpaste tube did it say to keep toothpaste out of eyes.

The doctor said he was using an electronic toothbrush (I LOVE mine) when some of the toothpaste splattered from the brush into his eye. Then I didn't feel so stupid. I mean if a DOCTOR could do it ...then I was in good company. :)

I'm thinking more living on the wild side anymore when I brush my teeth. Maybe I should invest in a pair of goggles to wear until all toothpaste is away from my body. I'm just saying. ;)


Ellen Kimball said...

Hello! Not to outdo your toothpaste story -- but...

My husband was modifying a piece of metal to use on a bird feeder. He was on a ladder and using a drill. He has worn eyeglasses since college, so he thought he didn't need any other eye protection. In the evening, he began to complain of eye pain. Rushed him to the emergency room and docs found a tiny piece of metal the size of a period at the end of this sentence. It could rust in the eye and cause lots of trouble. Doctor took it out.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I did that, too. Turned on my electric toothbrush without meaning to (half asleep). I had to laugh at this. I'm gld your eye is ok, though.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ellen - I welcome all stories. :)

Oh my gosh did he not know when it happened? Thankfully they got it out. I can imagine that really began to hurt. I'm glad he was alright.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -Thanks. That's funny ...turning it on because you were so sleepy. Glad you were okay too.

Remember my post about walking into uro waiting room and sitting there with open cup of urine, when I ALWAYS knew there is a door in the bathroom for the samples? That was because of LUNESTA - which I n-e-v-e-r took or will take again.

I have my first significant uri since dec 2007. :( I kow this too will pass ...just being whiney. And something else to tell you via e-mail.

Anonymous said...

i did exactly what chrysalis angel did when i first bought our electric toothbrushes. i didn't realize you're supposed to keep your mouth shut, and toothpaste got everywhere, in my eyes, up my nose.

something that really hurts to get in your eye - tea tree oil. ugh.

OH not to top you or anything, but I once got TOOTH in my eye. during a root canal a big chunk of tooth went flying right into my eye and got stuck when i blinked. we had to stop the procedure so we could rinse out my eye!


SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy - And yet you didn't call poison control. Tee tree oil would've had me calling them for sure. I thought you COULD go blind form that?

Never worry about outdoing me - I love a good story. I am sorry all that happened to you tho. UGH.

Tooth in eye - that's dangerous at those hi speeds. Bizarre too.

I admit when you said it I was trying to figure out could you get tooth in your eye, but mystery solved as I continued reading.

Speaking of tea tree oil ...where is that health food store in Vernon?

SeaSpray said...

PS - Our dentist puts goggles on us.