Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings and the ...STREAKER

Wrenna, trying on sunglasses. She loves my vanity in our bedroom because she can sit on the bench and see her whole body as she tries on hats, necklaces or whatever appeals to her in the moment. She likes to layer things...when not streaking that is. :) And I LOVE finding things for her. There is a pink Little Tikes vanity set in the attic and so we will bring it down for her today when we bring the Christmas decorations down. She can sit at her own little vanity and will be so surprised. :)

I have been so busy ...I have not had time to post something here. I did write, but never actually got my thoughts together the way I wanted to and so I am putting up what I put up in my Face Book. Okay I wrote there which is why not here. I have changed and added a few things to it. Now, today ...I am torn between going down to Costco to use the coupons since last day to do so ...or trim the bushes and get the Christmas tree lights up. Normally that would be a no brainer ...because I am out there Thanksgiving night getting lights up ..or that Friday, etc. But as I said ...I have been so busy ...good busty tho. I did put the fresh Christmas wreaths up after everyone left Thanksgiving night and so I suppose that was the official kickoff to the Christmas decorating. :) It may rain and so I am thinking it should be the lights.
Because you never know if it will snow and freeze and then lights are delayed. So works best when done early. Okay ...lights it is. Now I am getting into Chevy Chase - "American Christmas" mode. :)

I hope everyone (Family and Friends) had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We sure did.

Devan Cosette (granddaughter) helped me get an early start by helping me bake our traditional Pumpkin cookies) on Monday ...which is so much nicer than the night before. I got a kick out of seeing younger son take a phone picture of the cookies while they were cooling on the counter. He had just come in from college class around 9:30pm, went to his room and came back out to take a picture. He does this every year. I never asked where he sends them ...but am amused by it. :) Even though making the cookies ahead of time was a plus ...the negative was that Mr SeaSpray, younger son and I did get into them. :) I first made those Pumpkin cookies in 1977 and only on Thanksgiving and became my holiday tradition to bake and bring over. (I know I have posted about the pumpkin cookies previously and put the recipe up)

Then during the 2o00's ..I finally shared the recipe when I brought them in for coworkers and so many people wanted the recipe. Not secret anymore. :) I still use the same orange tin for family that I began using in 77 ...also a tradition I guess.It was a fabulous day filled with many blessings, good food and fun. D-i_l ...please keep those cheesy potatoes and green beans with ham coming and I want the recipes for the pumpkin cheesecake and acorns too and if I ever do pies ...the apple pie, which was just the right balance and not too sweet. Rolling Crust intimidates me ;)

Mom D, makes the most awesome heaven pie (we call it that now because Devan said it was heaven when she was 5. A cheesecake pie with strawberries and graham cracker crust. She also brought a sweet potato pie - yum and the bean salad which I make ever since getting that recipe from her. And truffles. With guest like this ...who needs to cook? :) Also, a Butterball turkey that mom got for us. Boy ...they really ARE juicier. Even I couldn't dry it out. ;) I also made a dish of turnip and carrots, butter, parsley salt and pepper mashed together. My Aunt Janet always had that at our holiday celebrations and so I carry on the tradition. Important to have more carrots then turnip so not bitter. Stuffing - using sage from our herb garden celery and onions, homemade cran-apple sauce with cinnamon ..although this time I did go too heavy on the cinnamon. Still good tho ...if you like a lot of cinnamon. :) And also mashed potatoes, biscuits and corn. I usually do this broccoli - cauliflower cheese souffle to die for and probably is a a cardio challenge to the arteries ..but didn't get to it. even though I had cooked all the cauliflower and broccoli. (I am making that today - Sunday - um I am not. Son used the extra sharp chedder cheesein his appetizers he put together. We will be having broccoli and cauliglower today - Sunday.) And d-i-l made the gravy which was sooooo good - THANK YOU! Gravy is not my strong suit. A cup worth ..yes ..enough to feed an army and still have good flavor Okay ...I can make larger amounts of fine tasting gravy ...but sometimes ...not so fine. This is because I am not consistent with how I make it. I will do a post on it sometime and maybe someone will give me a fail proof recipe. And how do you get the grease out and still have flavor? Younger son put together a wonderful appetizer. I have to say I am forever hooked on those stuffed olives marinated in wine. And just love the stuffed peppers too. There was so much food and of course the chips and dips. And a local apple cider that was so fresh it tasted like the apples were pressed right in our kitchen. (What is it with me and apples lately? Even with all the yummy desserts and food and chips, crackers, candy and other things for leftovers, I'd eat way too much of ...I began having some and then craved an APPLE instead.)And this has n-e-v-e-r happened - I LOST 4 oz the day AFTER Thanksgiving! That is greatly encouraging because it tells me I really am making some positive lifestyle changes.

We had it at our house this year with our family (sons, d-i-l, their children and my m-i-l ...and had the additional *pleasure* of having our d-i-l's mother, brother and sister out from Ohio visiting us. It was so nice to finally have time to get to know all of them and I feel like we're gonna be good friends and of course we share some really special people in our lives ...our kids and grandchildren. Plenty of good food and good company and lot's of laughter.Then our Thanksgiving streaker!Every family has one ...right? ;)

After dinner ...out comes 2 year old Wrenna ...STREAKING through the whole house ...nekkid ...with a big smile of sheer delight. Fortunately ...none of us felt inclined to emulate her behavior. ;) Her main mission in life these days seems to be to see how many times a day she can dress and undress and seems to think less is more of a fashion statement. (I thought it was hilarious when last week ...our son came to pick the kids up and the first thing he said to me about her ...just as soon as he saw her when she walked in the door, "Did she keep her clothes on today?" "Actually, she took her clothes off twice, but just streaked through the house without her clothes on and I couldn't get her because my hands were in the meatball mixture." :) Or she goes the other way and piles clothes on ...even going into her parents or big sisters clothes ...changing them non stop. And she is very pleased with herself, regardless of choices - sans clothing or too much. She also loves hats and can be quite creative with what she puts on her head. Of course I love to give her ideas and last night, let her wear a decorative pumpkin on her head. I love to look at d-i-l's flkr pics and in fb just to see what her outfit du jour is. :) It was Myles (so darn cute and ever ready with a warm bright eyed smile that just melts my heart every time:) 1st Thanksgiving and he will be a year next month. And sweet Devan is 10 and as always a delight to have around. We are blessed for sure. I am so grateful for family, friends and so much more. I can't wait to meet d-i-l's mom and family again and they all always have an open invitation. :)

Even when tough times hit ...I am grateful for how God brings us through the tough times. I miss my friend Iris so much. We were friends since I was 4 and she was 5. It is surreal to me that she is in heaven now and all day Thursday ..I thought about things I wanted to tell her... pics I'd want to show her. I am glad she got to see our grandchildren again this past summer during a chance meeting while we were coming back from an appointment.

We missed not having Aunt Margie with us. She is ill with an upper respiratory infection. But, Mr SeaSpray thoughtfully put some plates of dinner and dessert together for her and brought them over to her. Is that sweet or what? :) And I miss all the other aunts, uncles and cousins that we always saw on holidays , but family dynamics change because families grow.

***To family reading this ...I will always remember the time I brought the kids up to the football field and then we came back to sing the Happy Thanksgiving song we made up the tune of the 12 days of Christmas and the kids were so excited to do it. :) Now they're all grown with their own families. :) And compared to my small family ...when I married Mr SeaSpray ...I felt like I married into the Waltons because your family is so large and loving.

I miss my family very much. No one in our older generation is left. My mom was the last and that has been since April 2009. She would've LOVED yesterday's celebration. :) And we used the gold flatware she gave me for a Christmas present years ago. It always makes such a pretty place setting presentation. I remember being upset with her because I knew she couldn't afford it. She said she wanted me to have something special from her. She was always happy when I used it and I am happy to use it. People always compliment the table and I always say that the gold flatware is from my mom. It's a warm feeling when I set the table, hand wash the pieces and even put them away. I make sure I am the only one that does it because I take extra care of it and make sure it is polished and not spotty when I store it back in the case. I know she would be pleased to be remembered each time at a celebration.

And I miss so many other relatives no longer with us. But, we were blessed to have all of them in our lives ...and I am very grateful for relationships ...past and present. I also look forward to the new ones that will come our way.

Family and friends ...Blessings every one. :)

God bless all of you and I hope you enjoy this Christmas season.


rlbates said...

So happy to hear you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Ramona - I am still basking in the glow of it. One of best ever ...everyone had fun and just perfect.

Anonymous said...

I could close my eyes and picture your Thanksgiving, it sounds wonderful. Your post came at a time when I needed it

Bitterweet as well. When Michelle wasn't here for the holiday, we would be on the phone cooking together. I'm so happy you had one of your best Thanksgiving dinners ever.

I'm also going to need that recipe for the brocolli, cauliflower cheese souffle, it sounds divine. Don't worry I can stop by for angioplasty next time I go into town

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lindylu44 - Thank you. I think this Thanksgiving was greatly needed too. And the children ...all have kept me focused on the more positive things ..blessings in life. I know it was sad without Michelle. We definitely have some similarities going on in out lives.

I have the recipe in my word program and will try to put it up later today. And if not there then in my recipe box and will type it. It is really,really good. Actually ...divine is the better description. I am definitely making it for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make a standing rib roast for Christmas Dinner and your souffle sounds perfent to go with it, I must have it! If I have to I'll come streaking through your living room to get it. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I know you're missing some people of your own and I'm sorry for that, but knowing that you're listening has been a great help to me, I thank you for that.

Life is so very precious and not one of us are guareenteed another day, I'm going to make sure I say "I love you" every day to the people I love

SeaSpray said...

Ha ha! that was my first and well needed laugh of the day! Then my holding off on the recipe will be worth the entertainment. ;)

I am glad to help and feel the same way. Blogging gives voice to feelings I might otherwise make people close to me crazy with ...because after a;; one can only listen so much ..I think a lot ..but sometimes I know I need to vent more than would be fair to expect someone to listen and it orders my thoughts and I work through things - cathartic. And people that take the time to comment have been a blessing and it helps having another perspective. If you ever want to e-mail I'm at


I did it that way to avoid spammers if possible.

I've made some wonderful bloggingfriends that have been blessings with friendship, support, guidance and humor and info.

I'd blog anyway ...but knowing some others care's really nice. I love your comments. :)

I do say that everyday since kids were little. And even when want to vent ..I try not to do it before some one is leaving. I figure I have said I love you so much to people that if I ever forget or don't say it (happens sometimes) they KNOW it by now. :)

I am ecperiencing a bad reaction from a hypertension med and am annoyed at the doc (not my usual one a specialist I did not need) who put me on it and he tried to blow it off onto other meds I am taking and low blood sugar. No way. I've used them and I know my body and muscle weakness to point I thought I had a uro relapse with sepsis on Thanksgiving eve, exacerbating light headed, nausea and dizzy with muscle spasms and sore muscles all since 16 days of this med. I stopped it last night. It is a new drug on the market.I think I will do a post about this because not only am I scared about my body ...i did not appreciate denial, dismissive and sarcasm.