Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few More Christmas Thoughts -Thoughtful Medical Staff, Ornaments, Maybe I DID Obsess After All .. And New Year Wishes :)


This is a picture of last years Christmas tree. Do you see that little German Shepherd angel dog ornament? And also ..the second Christmas picture down ...on the sidebar can play a "Where's Waldo and try to find it. :) Well that was a most thoughtful and sweet gift from the urology staff in the office I go to. It was actually from one of the women there I had spoken to sobbed into the phone at January 2010. I was to have had a stent removal that week and had a pre-op appt to see urodoc that afternoon ...neither of which I felt I could follow through with because I was so devastated. Our wonderful GSD ..had basically stroked out in front of us about a half hour prior to my calling them. And at the point I called them ...younger son had just gotten him into a quilt so he could carry him out to the car for an emergency run to the vets. He was so strong and healthy ...a young and very fit Shepherd for his almost 10 years. It was a devastating shock that morning. I would've cried at the appointment and cried all the way into the OR that week and figured it was not the way to go in an OR and so needed to cancel everything. Anyway ...the compassionate and supportive woman I was speaking with ...had gotten this for me and signed it from the whole office. I was so touched, moved and comforted by her gesture. This little dog has had a prominent place on our Christmas tree for 2 years now and always will. And when I see it still warms my heart because I think of the kindness behind that gift and also how wonderfully everyone I've encountered in that office has treated me. Is it any wonder I have thought so highly of this group of people since having been a patient there? And not because of the gift. Anyone who has followed my uro posts knows how highly I think of them and without hesitation ...confidently recommend anyone needing urological care to go to this urology group. Professional, compassionate, upbeat, organized - on top of things, skilled medical expertise, dedicated and I could go on ...but am so glad that with everything I have been through (urologically speaking), that these are the people I entrusted with my health care. I was/am in good hands for sure. Btw, I am still healed and doing very well. I will miss them and be eternally grateful for all urodoc, partners and staff have done to facilitate healing and make it as positive experience as possible under the circumstances. Believe me ...there are some doctors and med staff out there that would benefit by looking to them as a role model. And they have stood the test of time. I had been a frequent flier at one time and have had multiple occasions to see them all in action. I am very grateful that if I had to go through what I did ...that it was with them. And that is all I have to say about that. Well ...maybe one day I will give the names out and website. The only reason I haven't is because I have written some things in here that might identify me and not sure I want to do that as yet. I have been blessed with other good doctors and nice offices too, but because of my uro history ...I've spent the most time at their office. I am most grateful for all the good docs and medical offices over the years that I have dealt with either for myself or my family. To the medical people that come in to read my posts do make a difference to your patients. I know I have said these things in the past ...but not for a while now and so I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the excellent physicians, nurses, M/A s, front desk staff, billers, technicians and all the other people that interact with patients on a daily basis. Your positive attitude, respect, patience, empathy, compassion, kindness,understanding, warmth, smiles, hugs, HUMOR, consistency, reliability, interest, listening, treating patients with dignity, support, and medical expertise- goes without saying ...are all so important and you DO make a difference in the lives of your patients. May your patients be blessed as you work with them and may you be blessed by them too. You and the work you do really matters - Thank you. (And really - we all make a difference in how we interact with people. It matters. Our kindness goes out like a ripple of good ...going forward.

Back to the Christmas tree. Just as that little GSD ornament has a story ...many of the Christmas tree ornaments I have ...have a story connected to them. And I LOVE to tell my friends and family - every year about the different ornaments and why they are special. It's tradition. maybe someday ...when the kids inherit them ...they will remember some of what I've said and it will warm their hearts. Plus it is a way of keeping the memory of those no longer with us alive. And seriously ...if someone didn't know what to give this SeaSpray for Christmas ...they can always give a Christmas tree ornament. And then I will tell the story about it. :) I'm just saying.
I actually thought ... I was going to get away with not obsessing about Christmas lites. I almost had to pinch me to see if it was still ME in my body because any other year ...the snafus would've had me organizing the troupes ..okay ..just me ..but I would not rest until everything was as perfect as could be. Even when it means I am alone matter how long it takes cold it is ...outside in the dark with a big bear around at 1 am. Well the bear year was a balmy one. I didn't know there was a bear until I saw him walk by the sliding door under the spotlight ...just AFTER I finally came in from finishing the lights. But my spidey senses were all weird and for first time ever ...I felt uneasy outside alone.

This year, I couldn't believe that more than half of our clear outdoor Christmas lights didn't work. Fortunately ...this year I decided to buy 8 boxes of cheap Christmas lights - strings of 100 each. And one of those didn't work either. And I really, really hate that those "cheap" light sets have receptacles that do NOT accommodate the plugs. Isn't it a standard now ...that all prongs in them have one large sized one and one small one ...thus needing to be plugged into something that can receive the larger sized one? I can tell you that the cheap sets from China to Walmart - do NOT.

Sooo ...I couldn't run the long extension cord down to hook up the blue lights on the evergreen tree. Now any other year, i would've been trying to figure out a way. Well okay ..I did, but not before saying ..."I don't care, I'll just put blue lights all over this lilac bush." and then seeing it didn't look good, removed all 200 lights and put them on the flowering tree that son and d-i-l gave us ...didn't look good and so removed them. Now after midnight and alone in the dark in the neighborhood ...I bring the 200 blue lights to a maple tree we have. All of these things are out front. Oh and Mr SeaSpray had mowed the lawn and I ruined my sneakers - green stains and all ...due to traipsing all over the loose grass in the dark.

Anyway ...I remembered how years ago when the tree was much smaller, I had put blue lights on it and it was very pretty. The thing is it is a lot taller, with much longer branches now. I could barely reach up to the lowest branches. I looked wistfully over at the small pine tree ...nope way was the extension gonna fit into the end of those lights. And I didn't want to overload the receptacle I was using elsewhere.

Okay then ...I began running the lights along the branches ..didn't look right and tried a different way. Did I say it was well after midnight now??? Then I did it differently incorporating 4 branches out and back to the tree ...and did this 4 times that while standing underneath ...the lights ran out in 4 directions and looked pretty. Until ...I stood back. Then they just looked pretty AWFUL carnival lights! *sigh!*

And then I gave up. Although, I was tempted to just run the extension with other lights out to the pine tree anyway ...but thought better of it. I still had to tape the plastic Ziplock bags over all the connections. I don't know if other people do that ...but I figure it is extra insurance for keeping the water out and blowing the lights.

Our neighbors across the street seem to have an unusually dark house when I put the Christmas lights up. nary a light on anywhere. Sometimes I wonder if I am providing a night of entertainment. Ha ha ...the yearly Christmas light comedy. Seriously ...for all I know ...they are sitting in their living room with drinks and popcorn watching the light show. Maybe betting on how long it takes many times I walk out to the road or in the house or slam the non working lights to the ground. The blue light debacle must've been particularly entertaining.

Normally ...the next morning ...I would've figured it out and gotten it done somehow, but I let it go. Oh and took the blue lights off the tree the next day. Then about a week later ...the bottom string of NEW lights burned out on one of the bushes. Even tho I had extra lights ...I let it go. I still have not replaced them. Okay ...I'm writing about it and so the burned out lights bother me ...but letting it g-o-o-o-o. :) So this is why I think I didn't obsess ...because I let it g-o-o-o-o and then I pondered why I did. I mean it just does not happen. I ALWAYS make sure it all works. I concluded that maybe this was just a year ...where other things seemed so much more important. Which is true.

And so 2 weeks later we put the lights on the Christmas tree ...only to discover that half of those lights had burned out as well.

WHAT happened in our attic this past year that caused most lights to malfunction???

So ...I didn't stress ...even tho the Christmas tree is my favorite thing. I left to buy lights.

But ...there were NO white lights to be found ...not anywhere locally. That is exactly why I do try to stock up on white lights. You can always get colors ...but the white lights vanish off the shelves. And yet me seems that more people decorate with colored lights than white. Perhaps the stores order less? All I could find was 2 small strings of 35 lights. Really?! 70 lights to cover the upper 4 1/2 feet of the tree?! I figured I'd have to fight Friday Christmas traffic and head down to the Christmas shops by the malls. However, I made a last ditch effort to try Shoprite, our local grocery store. They had 2 boxes of white lights left! The only thing is they were strings of 300 and I never use that many lights on one string because if they go out have light loss over a larger area. I bought both boxes for insurance. We put the 300 lights on the upper part of the tree. Okay ...all was well now. We'd begin decorating the tree the next day.

But, it wasn't well. Something just didn't look right. I didn't know why. I stared at the tree from different angles ...checking it out ...up and down and all around. Normally ...I'd be real happy with the lites. What's not to like about a Christmas tree with lights on it? It was darker ...or not as bright. Then I remembered the guy dancing the tree around for us in the lot said it was a "dense" tree and so I figured maybe the lights weren't shining through the tree like they normally would. But, this year ...for the first time ...we even wrapped the lights all the way around the tree. It sits in a corner and so don't really have to do the back corner.

Two days. For two days ..or I should say 3 nights actually ...I stared at that tree and afraid to decorate it because the lights weren't right. Even the ceiling didn't look right. Something was just off. I asked everyone and they didn't know either. They also didn't care as much. Lights are lights are lights as far as they are concerned. Just lights.

And then it hit me ...I was obsessing after all. :) And I realized ...the string of 300 lights was duller than the better quality of lights on the bottom. The new lights were about half as bright as the older ones. Great the bottom is brighter than the top and they are staying that way. But ..then the next night ...I did find an old working set of lights and indeed ...they were brighter. So, I wove them up through the upper part of the tree. And problem solved. They brought a better quality of light to the upper half of the tree. Yay!

Knowing myself ...I did think it was odd that I wasn't determined to make things work or fix them outside. Whenever I think of taking shortcuts or quitting on something I hear my Aunt Janet's voice in my head telling me, "Patricia ...if your not going to do the job right then you might as well not do it at all." There was more to that ...but suffice it to know her words have been the catalyst motivating me to do a job 100% any time I think of doing less than my best. (If only that worked for maintaining weight loss - I'm just saying :) And yes quote my mother, "Patty's precise!" and couple that with my Aunt being a significant role model in my life and I can be overboard on the perfectionist side. Not hard on other people ...just my own personal expectations. Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. This year was an off year and as I stated in a previous post ...felt like some things were just off for me this year.

Anyway ...Chevy Chase and I would make a good Christmas decorating team. I loved him in "Christmas Vacation"...a guy after my own heart ...with all his Christmas enthusiasm and decorating. I wouldn't be as gaudy ...but can relate to his Christmas decorating perfectionism.

I'm just saying. :)

And now ...I don't want it to end.

And here it is New Year's eve already.

And on that note ...I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and most Blessed New Year - 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Morning Call

Around 7 am this morning, Mr SeaSpray woke me up to inform me that someone called out and even though he is on vacation this week, he was asked to come in to work. He has a strong work ethic and it would not be the first time he abandoned his vacation to help out his coworkers.

I was bummed for him because - vacation. And I was bummed for me ...because I do not always get good rem sleep ...and I was definitely having a nice dreamy sleep time. Then I was just drifting off again ...when the phone rang. I knew Mr SeaSpray was getting ready and so I answered it. It was one of Mr SeaSpray's coworkers informing me that it would not be necessary for him to come in after all because the coworker that called out ...was playing a joke. He was only 10 minutes from work when he called in ...faking his illness ...and stating he could not make it in.

I was gracious on the phone, but annoyed because I couldn't get back to sleep and I was going to be having a long, busy day. And, even though I was annoyed ...I was also chuckling to myself while lying there ...because I thought it was pretty funny. And it turns out the joke backfired because he assumed this other person would be at work and they were not. And so Mr SeaSpray was called while on vacation. The guy felt bad about it.

While lying in bed ...vacillating between trying to fall asleep and chuckling at the joke ...I began plotting a little joke of my own. I had the idea to call there, sound a little annoyed while stating I am Mr SeaSpray's wife and I would like to speak with the man that pretended to be calling out of work. Whoever answered the phone would probably tell him I sounded mad and then when he answered the phone ...I would just tell him that was a pretty funny joke and I was laughing while trying to go back to sleep. I really did think it was funny. And I thought it would be funny to reverse the joke on him. But then I didn't do it because I realized that might be a little passive aggressive on my part because why would I think it was funny to cause even a little angst in him. (Okay - I still do - it would've been funny. :) However, I delighted in telling Mr SeaSpray. He chuckled, but said don't do it. The thing is ...Mr SeaSpray said this guy has done this in the past. Sounds like he cries wolf a little too often.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Thoughts
Of course I'd pick and ocean picture :)

Since I didn't get to post before Christmas as I wanted to ...I will do some Christmas posts this week. I thought I'd get away without obsessing over lights this yr - looked like I would ...but then it happened. I also had a most favorite Christmas toy I could not stop playing with, still want to play with and may ask Wrenna to bring it over tomorrow. I want one! But for tonight ...I will share some other things.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. We did. It was great being together. I wish d-i-l's family could've been here too like they were for Thanksgiving. I LOVED having them here. The food was delicious. My m-i-l makes the best ham and fudge. Not together of course ...mmmmm ham covered with fudge casserole... would cover the sweet - salt cravings so many people get. Not. She really does make a good ham. ham is not my favorite ...but I love hers. Every year I think I will make fudge and then never do. I used to. One of these years I will. My d-i-l made the best cookies and they are gone. So is the fudge. And lucky for me m-i-l made the second layer of fudge with coconut. I hate coconut. I even tried eating it from the bottom. Coconut just finds it's way onto the food even when you think it's not there. that didn't work. And Aunt Margie brought some good pies. The pumpkin was yummy ...but I have never warmed up to mincemeat pies. In theory ..I should like it because I like the ingredients ...except one thing seems a little weird and reminds me of fruit cake ...something else I am not fond of. Ha ha! For the longest time (even as an adult) ...I actually thought mince meat pie was hamburger meat somehow sweetened all weird or something and wouldn't even go near it. :) She bought that pie because it was labeled cherry and thought she was bringing a cherry pie. Surprise! I kept it simple this year and only made lasagna, broccoli casserole and some other things. Mr SeaSpray made sandwiches. Way too much food ...but all so good. :)

And watching the kids enjoy Christmas through their eyes was the best. 10 yr old Devan was beside herself with joy with the fabulous presents she got. A kindle, a much wanted game and other things. 2 yr old Wrenna ...was just so excited and filled with wonder and joy and that little voice of hers ..sooo sweet. Oh and one of her big things was a set of drums. i can't wait to see her play them Friday. And Myles ...who will be a yr old in a few days ...well he seemed to like the bows and paper the most and seemed very interested in our Christmas tree ...often staring at it. (Lot of lights, ornaments, and tinsel and 9 1/2 feet tall.) We will have the kids all day tomorrow and I can't wait to see them. I love Christmas week!

And speaking of the tree - I didn't even get to tell people that Immaculate Conception was again selling the most amazingly near perfect and very fresh cut trees ..proceeds going to the school. This yer they changed locations and sold them behind Hooters in their parking lot because the property across the street sold. The Immaculate Conception guys weren't all dressed in little Hooter's shorts tho. ;) Ha ha! I think it's so funny that a Catholic church/school was selling Christmas trees at Hooters. Actually - they're closed down. The men volunteering for the school are all so nice and it is a pleasure and delight buying their trees. Plus they did something really nice for me that I greatly appreciated. The price was excellent (between 40 and 65 and that is cheap for large trees - considering other local places wanted over 100.00 a few years ago. Also, they are fresh cut from a farm in PA within days of delivery. Our tree is still fresh and we put it up the first Sunday in December. And I only looked at 3 and any of them would've been great. I went with what Devan chose. She said, "I think you should take this one because it's greener and has detail." Devan's choice it was and it was a good one. We didn't even dance the tree around like I always have Mr SeaSpray do know ..twirl it looking for the best side ..they were all good. Oh and since dealing with the Immaculate Conception volunteers and trees ...I no longer have to ply Mr SeaSpray with a pot roast or some other carnivorous treat ...thus sedating him like an opiate so he doesn't get all testy during the whole tree shopping/setting up process. So, buying trees there is a win/win/win for him, me and the Immaculate Conception school. :)

I have to say that our awesome sons and daughter- in-love greatly surprised Mr SeaSpray and me with the best present HD TV - WOW!!! Which explains why older was pushing for us to get Directv and even set up the appointment ...even tho I protested initially. That is because I am a loyal type of customer and we always had cable and our local cable company has always given us excellent service, etc. That being said ...we will save between 30 and 40 a month for first year plus the additional 13.86 I paid for Tivo and I LOVE the storage for things recorded and all the things that come with the package. Sons were right. Thank you so very much! :)

I have been watching movies and recording what I can't. I'm looking forward to watching "Run Away Jury" later tonight. Looks like and excellent movie. Oh and I caught the last 3rd of "Good Morning Vietnam", which I really liked when it came out and appreciated it even more now. I picked up on things I missed back then.

I have been remiss in doing Christmas posts this year and just did not get my usual things done like I normally do and I admit it bothered me ...and okay ...maybe still just a little bit. But, I also know that those things are not the real meaning of Christmas ...which is the Christmas blessing of God coming to earth because he loved us so much and all that that has meant for mankind ...past ...present ...and future. And also important ...being together ..having good relationships and creating good memories and having your health.

I was annoyed at myself for being disappointed or annoyed that I did not get to do all I wanted to. So ...I am working on next Christmas now. No - I am not. Thought crossed my mind tho. :)

And this was an unusual fall and Christmas season. My friend dying ...well that definitely hit me more now than the whole time since. And I have just felt *off* during this Christmas season and fall and I suppose being so involved with my friend the last months of her life since spring ..really the main one getting her everywhere and other things, seeing all she went through ...well it had it's effects on me. I am so very glad I did tho. There was no other option and we did have fun amidst some of it ...even during chemo, but, there were stresses too ..of course. There has been a lot of loss these last few- 5 years ...and I wonder how other people feel after these things. I kind of feel like I have to recreate my life. So much has changed - key people important to me no longer here ..I feel disconnected in a way. It is NOT a good feeling. Fortunately it is fleeting ...but when it comes in is disconcerting and sad.

Yesterday ...I searched for an old message on my voice mail ...long buried by other ones and found one from at least 2 years ago and I just needed to hear her voice and she sounded so the Iris I remember. I could even see her expressions in my mind's eye as she spoke. I have been wanting to talk with her more than usual and is the first Christmas that we cannot. It is so FRUSTRATING and we should be able to talk about our Christmas with families ..sharing all the joys of what we did. I also very much missed my Mom ..later Christmas night ...after company left and things settled down.

And yet ...there is so much in my present and dreams for the future and so I mostly focus there. I am so grateful for every single person in my life that is important to me. It is just hard when the other really special people are no longer here. We all go through it in some way and death is part of life. And this is supposed to be a happy Christmas post ...but if I am being honest ...these may be some reasons ...things were different for me this fall/Christmas season. Why it all felt so off to me. except for special moments here and there. And then there were some health concerns that proved to be a non concern at all ...thank God.

I really did love this Christmas and being with everyone ...just a different year for me... and trying to redirect my thoughts and life ...going forward without the special people. And we all know that the holidays exacerbate the sense of loss when sad or difficult things have happened. For some it could be the loss of a job or a home or health ...or other challenges. And then I come back to ...for those that believe in the true meaning of Christmas ...that focusing on the birth of Christ ...helps to center us, bring peace and a renewed hope for the future. Even during years of no loss ...if I get too focused on the secular side and don't include faith can feel hollow. Faith enriches the experience and gives it real meaning.

I am most grateful for the gift of faith and eternal life.

I guess this is a bittersweet Christmas post, but true to this year's experience recorded in my on line diary.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! :)

"Santa Baby" is one of my fun favorites. :) Although ...since wrapping Christmas presents tonight, I am listening to Celtic and Classical Christmas songs on Pandora. "Silent Night" is another favorite ...although is really hard to choose because there are so many wonderful songs. "Angels we have Heard on High" or my absolute favorite, "Handel's Messiah." There are so many wonderful songs!

I begin playing Christmas music right after Thanksgiving. How about you? I wish December had 10 weeks so we could have longer to enjoy it all. Anyway ...back to wrapping. I won't be up until 3 am wrapping this year - YAY.

I hope Santa is good to you this year. :)

Jingle bells ...Jingle bells ...Jingle allll the way. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

SeaSpray Theory on Colonoscopy Topped With Orthovisk Injections
Is that a big needle or what?

I highly recommend getting a colonoscopy to go along with your Orthovisk knee injections ...that is if you are a candidate for said knee injections. Yes the morning, you get the colonoscopy with your gastrodoc ...well ...not *WITH* your gastro doc's not a two for one sale. You're not Siamese twins conjoined at the hip. (My gastro doc is from India. Mom would have some splainin to do ...I'm just sayin. ;) Besides ...SOMEONE has got to do the colonoscopy.

Then the colonoscopy off in the afternoon by getting your Orthovisk inections with Orthodoc. Again ...not simultaneous injections *WITH* Orthodoc ...because ...after all's not a social event and ...SOMEONE as to do the injections. I'm just sayin.

And so ...where am I going with this you wonder?

Because ...this afternoon ...I had the Orthovisk knee injections sans morning colonoscopy and I have to tell you ...getting the Orthovisk injections almost right after a colonoscopy is wayyyyyy better!

This is because of the conscious sedation you get for the colonoscopy. It is still in your system ...thus provides pain relief when those big needles go into your knees. Well ...I think they are big and take so long to push it all in and stings and all. I was wishing I had another colonoscopy.

I was hoping the Orthodoc Orthovisk mantra would work. See ...last week ...we were discussing OR things prior to my being injected and I was saying how I hate the Versed and am afraid I will be too breezy in the OR and comment on how cute a doc is or something. Ortho doc laughed and said I could tell him he's cute. Ha ha! Then Orthodoc's m/a suggested I tell him how good looking he is while doing the injection and it might feel better going in. So ...I went for it. Not only did I say he was cute ...I said handsome and great sense of humor, etc. And it did hurt ...but, I repeated the Mantra when he did the next knee. We laughed and it was pretty uneventful. It did hurt ...but I remembered worse pain. Obviously the mantra worked. :)

But then today ...I found out that the SeaSpray Orthodoc Orthovisk mantra didn't work as well. I poured it on too. You really just need that colonoscopy first. ;)

"Hello, Gastrodoc? Hi There. I'm just calling to schedule two more routine colonoscopies. Yes ..I know I just had one. Yes ...I know I had good results. I just REALLY want two more please. And I'd like you to please fit me in for the next two Fridays and they have to be morning appointments. Ohhh ...schminsurance. Why? Well ...because I have to have Orthovisk knee injections ...of course. Well see ...I have this theory.... hello? Hello-o-o? Gastrodoc?"

Some people will do anything to avoid pain. I'm just sayin. ;)

Oh wait ...there is a little flaw in my theory.


Colonoscopy prep!

Prep verses pain?

Prep - pain?

Prep - pain?

P-r-e-p - pain?

I'll take the pain please.

Even a SeaSpray has her limits. ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not My Perfect World Kind of Day

Pretty version with Bell Ringers.

You know the kind ...where you have plans to do x,y and z ...but everything just gets off kilter. Nothing flows the way it should have. I am so Bummed ...with a capital "B"!

But given what I thought may've happened to one of my friends today ..well Sunday ...but heard it today Bummed is a zero on the bummed scale. Thank God they are both alright and praying for one of their relatives. It was one of those heart sunk thru the floor when I got the call. And the person calling me didn't know the facts and so then I called someone who did and then back to the first person and needles to say ...I did not get the food delivered with my appointment. Then I said I would bring it back in tonight because I am going back down to Macy's and this way they would have it for tomorrow. But ...DARN Christmas traffic. It took forever to get home. Never mind back out and to them before they locked up at 6. :( And I needed time to arrange and wrap it.

Sooooooooooooo ...I will bring it in in the morning, but now doc and one of the receptionists won't get any ...maybe leftovers? And I made a cheesecake pie with strawberries too. Devan calls it Heaven pie when she was 5. :) Plus ..I have to bring my license and copay in. I left wallet on seat and I should've just gone out and brought it in ..realizing I'd never get back with food in time.

Every Christmas ...I always bring uro office a basket of goodies and delighted to do so. I can't believe this is the 6th Christmas doing that. I used to say I would stop when healed or work ..maybe they'd get Costco cookies. :) But, I realize ...I will be one of those patients that comes by to remember them with a thank you for taking good care of me ...well after I've been healed ...which I am.... healed ...I AM healed. He even karate chopped my kidneys and I was fine. I have no complaints whatsoever. there was a time when I always had concerns about relapse, etc and I really do not now. I am glad I had the appointment because it reinforced what I already believe about being healed. :) And took care of something else too.

I always make sure my doc will be there to get first dibs if he wants any. It is of course for all the docs and staff and totally warms my heart when I know they enjoy it. What an enthusiastic group of people.

Actually ...didn't even know it was possible ...but I appreciate them more than before after having been around some ...less than stellar ...way less then stellar front office staff and most recently a specialist ...who fortunately ...I never really needed to see.

So ...while I was disappointed I did not bring food in today as planned was still good to see all of them.

I went shopping at Macy's with a friend last night. We literally were escorted by security out the door after midnight he could lock the doors. I was the last one downstairs and she was still in jewelry and so I had to swing around and pick her up out front. I never shop when I am making baskets up, etc. But I had to go. And we got home just before 1 am.

My schedule ...because of life events and some things with me has been crazy.

Also ..after leaving the uro office tonight, it was bittersweet walking out. :( Because I left the building ...I heard beautiful music playing ...Pachelbel's Canon in D major. (One of my favorites :) I turned to look behind me off to the right and then I saw it. The Oncology center. I froze. I just stared at the light coming through the doors. All my memories of going there with my friend came rushing back into my head. I can't even describe what I was feeling ...a pull to go in ...a desire to look away and forget ...but I froze ..and just looked at that part of the building ..the walk way ...the shrubs and how it was lit up at night. I had never been there after it got dark early. I turned to walk away and after a few more steps looked back again. Emotions swirling around inside me. It was an emotionally painful feeling that I am unable to articulate. It's weird that I didn't even notice it or think about it as I walked into the uro office. I had been in that building almost every week during the summer and sometimes several times ...and I didn't even think about it the entire time I was inside. I'm glad. But weird.

Anyway ...once I gave up on getting back to the office tonight ...I decided I would go to church. But ....then my friend's s-i-l stopped buy with one of my Longaberger casserole dishes and I am so glad I got to talk with him. It is the first time since the funeral. We still talked outside and hugged a few times when I cried. Her daughter really married a great guy. I've been fond of him since we first met.

I got teary eyed because seeing him ...was like being connected to my friend again and we talked about a lot of things. I hated seeing him go and cried and said it was like letting go of her all over again. I told him I really don't cry a lot, and the grandchildren keep me so busy and bring such joy ...they have helped me tremendously during this time of missing Iris, but seeing him again ...makes it all fresh.

Anyway ...I am glad I didn't get out the door as planned tonight, although sorry I missed church. I think it would've been good for me tonight.

And ...n-o-www ...I am headed back to Macy's. I really just want to do some more baking and be cozy ...but Wednesday is their big sale day and so I HAVE to go back tonight. But ...I will finish shopping tonight. Plus ...I should not have paid for everything at one register last night. You get 50.00 back when you hit 200.00 in purchases. But if I divided it up ...I could've gotten another 25.00 back. 25.00 is 25.00. So I am going to return some things and then buy back and I still have more to get and so ...maybe I can save more.

They said I saved over 400.00, but I always wonder if they mark up to put on sale. Although ...Macy's does have good buys at Christmas - month of December and after.

So my perfect world it ever so fleeting ...since it is 20:30I should be down there in a half hr and should have almost 3 hrs to shop and hopefully will finish before that.

I am hearing "Carol of the Bells" in my head. I love the song, but when this close to Christmas and I am still shopping and buying food, etc. ... I feel the pressure as if I am moving ...bustling right along with the song. :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

OOPS! Did Prep Wrong - Kidneys and Colonoscopies

Fortunately did not affect the procedure ...or I'd about died ...because drinking that prep stuff is AWFUL. It is the worst part of getting a colonoscopy. That being said is so worth it to have the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to prevent colon cancer. If you follow your physician's screening protocols you can prevent ...or at least have early detection ...when colon cancer is most likely to be successfully treated. It's one day out of your life as a trade off for many more in return if you would have been one of the cancer statistics.

So ...what did I do wrong?

I followed the doctor's printed instructions verses the instructions on the package. It had a diagram of the prep and a diagram of 16 oz of water to drink with it. They said to drink 8oz of the prep every 15 minutes. And to have 16 oz of water with it. So it showed the prep container with the 80z increments and then next to it it showed two 8oz cups of water.

I don't know why I took it this way ...but I chug-a-lugged the 8oz of prep. (took 14 swallows to get it down) Then I drank a 160z water chaser ...which was very much needed to get that God AWFUL taste out of my mouth. But ...i felt full on the prep ...which also causes quite a heavy feeling in my stomach too. The 16 oz of water in 15 minutes on top of that was a lot. But then every 15 minutes ..I repeated with 8oz of prep and another 16 oz of water. It was NOT a good feeling.

So in an hour's time ...I drank 64oz of water and 32 oz of that heavy prep and so had taken in a total of 96oz of fluid in an hour! I don't even think I had to drink that much in an hour when I did a specific urology test for urodoc in which he was looking to see how I tolerated and passed large amounts of urine when he was checking my ureter function. I remember he was happy that I didn't have any pain or problems when I did that.

Then I think he will be especially happy to know that in an hour's time, I drank all of that uneventfully, except for feeling full and a bit of nausea ..which I think the nausea came from the prep.

And then hour and a half later ...I had to drink the same amount all over again. ha! And I was worried about dehydration while being NPO. :)

Anyway ...I remembered that a person can die from drinking to much water and recalled that a woman had died doing that and so got a little concerned about that. So ...I reread the instructions. It seemed it could go either way. And so the second time around ...I just drank 16oz after having the 32 oz prep. Although ...I did sneak a little salty chicken broth in to cut that God AWFUL prep taste.

The procedure went well. It is so weird how one second I was talking and the next second I woke up back in my little SDS area. I HATE that actually! Because all that know my history ...I always worry that I am going to be too breezy on drugs they give me and I cannot stand to know that I was awake and talking and not know what I said or did. Darn Versed!

I told them that and then said ..."Although ...I remember that ED patients under conscious sedation would scream and cry when they were having their bones set and then walk out as peaceful and as happy as they could be ...not remembering a thing. and so I guess Versed is a good thing in this case because I don't want to remember a colonoscopy." Then the doctor comforted me by saying, "Oh don't worry ...we'll record it for you." Ha ha - funny. I think levity before going out in the OR is a good thing. Although I did secretly squirm on the inside. :) Then just in case I said, "I apologize ahead of time if I do scream and cry and also thank you for doing this." Then as I already said ...I don't remember anything else ..until I woke up in the SDS area.

Anyway ...I am pretty sure that last Thursday night kidneys were swimming freestyle in there. ;)

Oh the way girls (talking to my kidneys - of course they are girls), great job - keep up the good work! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Colonoscopy - Blinded By the Radiance :)

Tis the season ...fa lala la la lalalala.

Just what every SeaSpray wants to do 9 days before Christmas!

I mean is so much fun doing the colonoscopy prep. Yummy too! I didn't really want to bake those cookies ...or have a real meal. or coffee ...with milk. And I just love hanging out in the ..well you know.

And Jello? Well ...we all know Jello is to die for ...filling too. And plain chicken broth. A feast I tell you!

Just venting. This time it was harder than the previous times. I was hungry before I went to bed last night and so hungry all day today. Usually ..I am not ..not so much anyway.

Well perk ...that doing a Christmas colonoscopy has gotten me back on track with weight loss. I was doing so well ...even lost 4 oz the day AFTER Thanksgiving. That just NEVER happens. But ...then ...baking and other special meals ...and I began to gain again. It is just so easy for me to do. I think inhaling air makes me gain weight. Maybe I should stop burning all those dessert scented candles. What if? What if it is the Pumpkin or apple pie candles causing weight gain? ;)

So theory is ..this fast/cleanse aided in damage control. Now ...if I keep my head about me ...*think* about what I am doing ...I will be very happy to just maintain and not gain. So ...this Christmas colonoscopy prep day may aid in facilitating maintenance. And if I can do what I had been doing ...could lose weight again.

Anyway ...I started out with plain tea, but then remembered how brown it made my teeth when I drank honey, tea and lemon all the time when I had an upper respiratory infection I switched to green tea. I figure green teeth are better than brown teeth. Besides green teeth are more festive keeping with the Christmas season. :) And then I had a couple of cups of broth and then Tropical Island Pineapple Jello.

I think I had better warn gastro doc to wear sunglasses before he does the exam on me because the combination of bright yellow Jello and bright green tea is gonna create some kind of bright glow in the lit up intestinal walls. (Also festive for the holidays) I'd hate for him to be blinded by the radiance. I'm just saying. ;)

Anyway ...drinking the prep twice in one night ...sheer torture. 8 oz every 15 minutes. then wait another hour and a half and repeat. UGH!!!

So ...I did it. Proud ...relieved and happy it was behind me ...pun intended. :)

Then ...just a little while ago ...I took a melatonin. The nurse from hospital said I could. I really want to sleep and they help.

But ..then ..I remembered the gastro doc nurse said only to take this one med in am and nothing else.


So ..I read the ingredients in melatonin. Mineral oil. Instructions regarding diet say no oil. Then there is some kind of starch and other things.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope I didn't blow it by taking that little melatonin pill. And it has theanine which is a green tea extract, but that should be alright since green tea is allowed. But the mineral oil or the calcium whatever?

Which nurse is right? The one in gastro doc's office or the one in SDS? I am hoping the one was just being overly cautious. So ...I will bring the bottle and show the doc in the morning.

This was a routine colonoscopy that I was due to have back in September, but so much going on this fall ...I just could not get to it. And the only reason I would do this in December is because like so many patients this time of year insurance deductible is met and I want to have it all paid for.

Then in the afternoon, I am going to orthodoc to have my first Orthovisk injection in a series of three. I am not looking forward to the needles, but am looking forward to pain relief. And I am looking forward to a cozy night at home tomorrow night.

And now ...I have to try to sleep. I am not the least bit sleepy. So ...I will probably go in there with my eyes looking like two pee holes in the snow. Ahhh ...but then another perk of a colonoscopy is you can wear makeup. My toenails also have a red sparkly nail polish on them. I didn't remove it because there weren't any instructions to do so.

I don't think they are as particular with conscious sedation. Although ...I am NPO.

I hate NPO. I'm already thirsty and it's only 25 minutes past midnight.

Anyway ...I hope the melatonin doesn't cause a problem. I hope I read another "Well Prepped" when I read the report. I was so proud of that when I saw it in my first colonoscopy report. I took it as an A+ for prepping.

I'm not anal - honest. ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Love the Banter! :)

I love the banter. And Jewish guilt? Not in original ...but funny. :)

And then below - my favorite version, sung by Dean Martin. I think I was 11 or 12 when his weekly TV show was on. Even at that age ...I thought he was handsome. I think he could've been my grandfather! of course being older ...his endearing bad boy ways amuse me. Wait ...can a bad boy be endearing? Yes ..if Dean martin - that smile and glint in his eye - charming.

Of course back then ...I didn't like any of this music. If it wasn't rock music - B-O-R-i-n-g. Except ..well ... that's another post. ;)

Anyway ...I enjoy most versions and Dean's is one of my favorites.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I've been wanting to post. No time. Just busy ...going here and there and doing Christmassy things around the house.

Tis the season ...faaa lala la la la laaaa. :)

However seems venting will get me to post.

Darn DOG!!! And I love her. I do ..I really, really DO her.

I will do a post on her sometime, but for now it's Christmas writing.

She is Miss Hoover when it comes to anything in her range of vision, sense of smell or hearing and most certainly the cat food. We use wooden baby gates to keep her out of an area if we need to. And just like our big German Shepherd was...she is terrified of these gates. Bob (our GSD - We had to put down in Jan, 2010) was fearless ...except for wooden baby gates. I think with both dogs ..when they fall ...they make such a clatter spooked him and is the same for Faith.

Works for us! :)

However, we forget and Faith is ever plotting ...relentlessly for how she will get at her next target. I'm surprised our cats don't look as skinny as Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Ha! With a Christmas ball hanging off each of their tails.

Anyway, I decided to feed Peachy, Mom's cat we adopted. (He is 21 years old) So I put the gate up between the kitchen and family room so he could eat in peace. Then, I took 5 minutes to make the bed. Then I went back to the family room.

Then I SHRIEKED in utter dismay. "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! FAITH! WHAT did YOU DO???!! She was already out of there when I shrieked. And she knew exactly what she did. She ran to Mr SeaSpray who was watching TV in the living room. And I KNOW he was secretly chuckling to himself ...because it was my idea to bring her home ...when he did not want a dog yet. He loves her. But when she does some sort of destructive behavior ...he immediately reverts to the "She's your daughter!" mode some couples do when they get mad at the kids. Actually ...we never did that with the boys ...but he does do it with the dog. He doesn't call her daughter. But ..he has that attitude sometimes. "Y-O-U-U-U wanted her." I don't blame him. I have reaped what I've sewn. Payback for going against his wishes at the time.

But ...she has brought a lot of joy to our family too and she is excellent with the kids. Just more of a baby than the babies. But ...I digress.

So ...I looked down and saw that she had chewed some ornaments I had just organized and spread out on the coffee table. FIVE if them to be exact! WHAT was going through her brain when she chose them. And she polished them off in 5 minutes some kind of Christmas ornament eating contest! Pieces ...strewn all over the rug. the cute handmade ornament Aunt Dee bought for us from a craft fair. The little boot with my initial on it that I made the first Christmas we were married. A pretty wooden candle that younger son had gotten at the school craft fair. That was a fairly thick wooden candle and she had it in SPLINTERS! A snowman and a little velvet Christmas stocking. Oh and thankfully ...I got out there before she could demolish the black velvet and plaid Scottie ...although she did get the star off the tip of his hat.

Fortunately nothing was valuable ...other than sentimental value. However ...if she had gotten the extra special sentimental ornaments from the boys ...I would've been really upset. And even as I type this ...I realize all the ornaments are still laid out ...waiting for me to finish decorating and I keep checking to see that she is still in here with us because I forgot to put the gate up.

That is the problem ...we forget.

And she also keeps taking the Christmas stuffed animals I have out. She chewed the flannel dress off one bear. She tries to take the kid's Beany Babies they play with. Oh and baby blocks or the wooden train. She IS like a kid... with very sharp teeth and a gnawing problem.

I really wish I knew what she was thinking when she saw all the toy like decorations in the box. Well ...I do know she wanted to eat them. I saw how she was eying them. I keep telling her "NO!", when she absconds with a stuffed animal, but it doesn't matter. She's got us trained be ever vigilant!

Then ...I continually have to wrestle tinsel away from Mom's cat. he won't bother it on the tree, but I guess the movement with me pulling things out of the box get's his attention. He even tried to chew on the ornament hooks.

And then there's Sneakers ...our very agile cat. He did not waste any time Friday night after son pit the lights on the top of the tree. We had left the room ...maybe only a couple of minutes and when I went back toward the tree ..there he was ...sitting on the very top of the folding ladder. I yelled, "SNEAKERS!", because he looked all set to lunge right across and into the top of this large tree. I didn't even know he was in the house or where he came from. HE ...must've been somewhere watching everything ...just waiting for the moment ...but I FOILED his plans. And Sneakers goes outside. He can climb any tree he chooses. WHY this tree?

And, then also ...later Friday night ...Devan and I were standing near the coffee table, by some breakable Hallmark glass ornaments I had opened and laid out. I had placed these breakable ornaments at one end of the coffee table and then had some big red tubs stacked on top of each other right next to them. Out of nowhere ...SNEAKERS shot ... like a rocket, right for the upper stacked Christmas tub and jumped to what he thought(I can only assume) had a lid on it, but did not and so he fell down into this large tub. The commotion startled me and in conjunction with my panic that he was going to cause the tubs to fall on the collectible glass Christmas ornaments I shrieked ...this time in fear ...which both scared Devan and the cat ...who tried his darnedest to scramble out of the tub and indeed caused the tubs to fall over ...but thankfully in the opposite direction ...away from the ornaments.

Then there was the time said Sneakers ...the cat ...decided to run across the room like a bat out of hell, stopping long enough to pummel the breakable glass balls at the bottom of the tree ..shattering them into tiny pieces that then fell onto the Christmas tree skirt he ran to somewhere else in the house. It all happened in a matter of seconds, scared the heck out of me and yes ...I shrieked. I 100% believe he did do that on purpose ...knowing full well those ornaments would break and that he would scare me. He had been on the other side of the sofa ...and I am pretty sure plotting ...waiting ...for just the right moment ...and that was when I had walked into the room and was standing near the tree. I know it.

The following is on my sidebar: Laughing cat - I'm pretty sure if cats secretly laugh under their expressionless faces...that he (my cat) was at the other end of the house ROTFLHAO! ;)

I wrote a post about Sneakers running out, pummeling the glass balls and running away, but can't find it or I would link it in here.

Anyway ...I just noticed ...the dog has gone MIA again and I need to get back to the ornaments and decorating the tree. I want to finish that tonight.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


"A mother walks into ******* with her two kids. She is wearing a parody shirt. Instead of saying Mountain Dew, it reads "mount and do me"

The woman walked into where younger son works.

I feel sorry for the kids.