Sunday, December 11, 2011


I've been wanting to post. No time. Just busy ...going here and there and doing Christmassy things around the house.

Tis the season ...faaa lala la la la laaaa. :)

However seems venting will get me to post.

Darn DOG!!! And I love her. I do ..I really, really DO her.

I will do a post on her sometime, but for now it's Christmas writing.

She is Miss Hoover when it comes to anything in her range of vision, sense of smell or hearing and most certainly the cat food. We use wooden baby gates to keep her out of an area if we need to. And just like our big German Shepherd was...she is terrified of these gates. Bob (our GSD - We had to put down in Jan, 2010) was fearless ...except for wooden baby gates. I think with both dogs ..when they fall ...they make such a clatter spooked him and is the same for Faith.

Works for us! :)

However, we forget and Faith is ever plotting ...relentlessly for how she will get at her next target. I'm surprised our cats don't look as skinny as Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Ha! With a Christmas ball hanging off each of their tails.

Anyway, I decided to feed Peachy, Mom's cat we adopted. (He is 21 years old) So I put the gate up between the kitchen and family room so he could eat in peace. Then, I took 5 minutes to make the bed. Then I went back to the family room.

Then I SHRIEKED in utter dismay. "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! FAITH! WHAT did YOU DO???!! She was already out of there when I shrieked. And she knew exactly what she did. She ran to Mr SeaSpray who was watching TV in the living room. And I KNOW he was secretly chuckling to himself ...because it was my idea to bring her home ...when he did not want a dog yet. He loves her. But when she does some sort of destructive behavior ...he immediately reverts to the "She's your daughter!" mode some couples do when they get mad at the kids. Actually ...we never did that with the boys ...but he does do it with the dog. He doesn't call her daughter. But ..he has that attitude sometimes. "Y-O-U-U-U wanted her." I don't blame him. I have reaped what I've sewn. Payback for going against his wishes at the time.

But ...she has brought a lot of joy to our family too and she is excellent with the kids. Just more of a baby than the babies. But ...I digress.

So ...I looked down and saw that she had chewed some ornaments I had just organized and spread out on the coffee table. FIVE if them to be exact! WHAT was going through her brain when she chose them. And she polished them off in 5 minutes some kind of Christmas ornament eating contest! Pieces ...strewn all over the rug. the cute handmade ornament Aunt Dee bought for us from a craft fair. The little boot with my initial on it that I made the first Christmas we were married. A pretty wooden candle that younger son had gotten at the school craft fair. That was a fairly thick wooden candle and she had it in SPLINTERS! A snowman and a little velvet Christmas stocking. Oh and thankfully ...I got out there before she could demolish the black velvet and plaid Scottie ...although she did get the star off the tip of his hat.

Fortunately nothing was valuable ...other than sentimental value. However ...if she had gotten the extra special sentimental ornaments from the boys ...I would've been really upset. And even as I type this ...I realize all the ornaments are still laid out ...waiting for me to finish decorating and I keep checking to see that she is still in here with us because I forgot to put the gate up.

That is the problem ...we forget.

And she also keeps taking the Christmas stuffed animals I have out. She chewed the flannel dress off one bear. She tries to take the kid's Beany Babies they play with. Oh and baby blocks or the wooden train. She IS like a kid... with very sharp teeth and a gnawing problem.

I really wish I knew what she was thinking when she saw all the toy like decorations in the box. Well ...I do know she wanted to eat them. I saw how she was eying them. I keep telling her "NO!", when she absconds with a stuffed animal, but it doesn't matter. She's got us trained be ever vigilant!

Then ...I continually have to wrestle tinsel away from Mom's cat. he won't bother it on the tree, but I guess the movement with me pulling things out of the box get's his attention. He even tried to chew on the ornament hooks.

And then there's Sneakers ...our very agile cat. He did not waste any time Friday night after son pit the lights on the top of the tree. We had left the room ...maybe only a couple of minutes and when I went back toward the tree ..there he was ...sitting on the very top of the folding ladder. I yelled, "SNEAKERS!", because he looked all set to lunge right across and into the top of this large tree. I didn't even know he was in the house or where he came from. HE ...must've been somewhere watching everything ...just waiting for the moment ...but I FOILED his plans. And Sneakers goes outside. He can climb any tree he chooses. WHY this tree?

And, then also ...later Friday night ...Devan and I were standing near the coffee table, by some breakable Hallmark glass ornaments I had opened and laid out. I had placed these breakable ornaments at one end of the coffee table and then had some big red tubs stacked on top of each other right next to them. Out of nowhere ...SNEAKERS shot ... like a rocket, right for the upper stacked Christmas tub and jumped to what he thought(I can only assume) had a lid on it, but did not and so he fell down into this large tub. The commotion startled me and in conjunction with my panic that he was going to cause the tubs to fall on the collectible glass Christmas ornaments I shrieked ...this time in fear ...which both scared Devan and the cat ...who tried his darnedest to scramble out of the tub and indeed caused the tubs to fall over ...but thankfully in the opposite direction ...away from the ornaments.

Then there was the time said Sneakers ...the cat ...decided to run across the room like a bat out of hell, stopping long enough to pummel the breakable glass balls at the bottom of the tree ..shattering them into tiny pieces that then fell onto the Christmas tree skirt he ran to somewhere else in the house. It all happened in a matter of seconds, scared the heck out of me and yes ...I shrieked. I 100% believe he did do that on purpose ...knowing full well those ornaments would break and that he would scare me. He had been on the other side of the sofa ...and I am pretty sure plotting ...waiting ...for just the right moment ...and that was when I had walked into the room and was standing near the tree. I know it.

The following is on my sidebar: Laughing cat - I'm pretty sure if cats secretly laugh under their expressionless faces...that he (my cat) was at the other end of the house ROTFLHAO! ;)

I wrote a post about Sneakers running out, pummeling the glass balls and running away, but can't find it or I would link it in here.

Anyway ...I just noticed ...the dog has gone MIA again and I need to get back to the ornaments and decorating the tree. I want to finish that tonight.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Animals are something else. I've been lucky, none of my guys have ever once bothered with the tree or ornaments.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Oh ...they are. I really know the one cat plots. Not sure if it's his sense of humor or revenge for bringing dogs in or not letting him on the bed ..or all of the above ...ha ha ...or if maybe he's got me a little paranoid. ;) Seriously ..they are smart ..and know what they are doing.

Our first cat peed in our first son's car seat when it was on the table. he had been my baby for 3 yrs until I had son. then I was extra cautious about washing hands everytime I touched cat and so nudged him away with my elbows at times. baby got all my attention. So one night while making dinner, I turned around ..he looked at me ..jumped on table (not allowed) and sat in car seat and looked at me. And it hit me what he was doing. So ..that told me I had hurt and angered the cat and he resented being replaced and he showed me what he thought. I yelled at him ...but was mindful to give him more attention. I was a new mom ..unsure in some ways and over cautious and all my attention was baby focused.

Chrysalis Angel said...

They do find ways to tell you what they think.