Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Morning Call

Around 7 am this morning, Mr SeaSpray woke me up to inform me that someone called out and even though he is on vacation this week, he was asked to come in to work. He has a strong work ethic and it would not be the first time he abandoned his vacation to help out his coworkers.

I was bummed for him because - vacation. And I was bummed for me ...because I do not always get good rem sleep ...and I was definitely having a nice dreamy sleep time. Then I was just drifting off again ...when the phone rang. I knew Mr SeaSpray was getting ready and so I answered it. It was one of Mr SeaSpray's coworkers informing me that it would not be necessary for him to come in after all because the coworker that called out ...was playing a joke. He was only 10 minutes from work when he called in ...faking his illness ...and stating he could not make it in.

I was gracious on the phone, but annoyed because I couldn't get back to sleep and I was going to be having a long, busy day. And, even though I was annoyed ...I was also chuckling to myself while lying there ...because I thought it was pretty funny. And it turns out the joke backfired because he assumed this other person would be at work and they were not. And so Mr SeaSpray was called while on vacation. The guy felt bad about it.

While lying in bed ...vacillating between trying to fall asleep and chuckling at the joke ...I began plotting a little joke of my own. I had the idea to call there, sound a little annoyed while stating I am Mr SeaSpray's wife and I would like to speak with the man that pretended to be calling out of work. Whoever answered the phone would probably tell him I sounded mad and then when he answered the phone ...I would just tell him that was a pretty funny joke and I was laughing while trying to go back to sleep. I really did think it was funny. And I thought it would be funny to reverse the joke on him. But then I didn't do it because I realized that might be a little passive aggressive on my part because why would I think it was funny to cause even a little angst in him. (Okay - I still do - it would've been funny. :) However, I delighted in telling Mr SeaSpray. He chuckled, but said don't do it. The thing is ...Mr SeaSpray said this guy has done this in the past. Sounds like he cries wolf a little too often.

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