Monday, December 19, 2011

OOPS! Did Prep Wrong - Kidneys and Colonoscopies

Fortunately did not affect the procedure ...or I'd about died ...because drinking that prep stuff is AWFUL. It is the worst part of getting a colonoscopy. That being said is so worth it to have the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to prevent colon cancer. If you follow your physician's screening protocols you can prevent ...or at least have early detection ...when colon cancer is most likely to be successfully treated. It's one day out of your life as a trade off for many more in return if you would have been one of the cancer statistics.

So ...what did I do wrong?

I followed the doctor's printed instructions verses the instructions on the package. It had a diagram of the prep and a diagram of 16 oz of water to drink with it. They said to drink 8oz of the prep every 15 minutes. And to have 16 oz of water with it. So it showed the prep container with the 80z increments and then next to it it showed two 8oz cups of water.

I don't know why I took it this way ...but I chug-a-lugged the 8oz of prep. (took 14 swallows to get it down) Then I drank a 160z water chaser ...which was very much needed to get that God AWFUL taste out of my mouth. But ...i felt full on the prep ...which also causes quite a heavy feeling in my stomach too. The 16 oz of water in 15 minutes on top of that was a lot. But then every 15 minutes ..I repeated with 8oz of prep and another 16 oz of water. It was NOT a good feeling.

So in an hour's time ...I drank 64oz of water and 32 oz of that heavy prep and so had taken in a total of 96oz of fluid in an hour! I don't even think I had to drink that much in an hour when I did a specific urology test for urodoc in which he was looking to see how I tolerated and passed large amounts of urine when he was checking my ureter function. I remember he was happy that I didn't have any pain or problems when I did that.

Then I think he will be especially happy to know that in an hour's time, I drank all of that uneventfully, except for feeling full and a bit of nausea ..which I think the nausea came from the prep.

And then hour and a half later ...I had to drink the same amount all over again. ha! And I was worried about dehydration while being NPO. :)

Anyway ...I remembered that a person can die from drinking to much water and recalled that a woman had died doing that and so got a little concerned about that. So ...I reread the instructions. It seemed it could go either way. And so the second time around ...I just drank 16oz after having the 32 oz prep. Although ...I did sneak a little salty chicken broth in to cut that God AWFUL prep taste.

The procedure went well. It is so weird how one second I was talking and the next second I woke up back in my little SDS area. I HATE that actually! Because all that know my history ...I always worry that I am going to be too breezy on drugs they give me and I cannot stand to know that I was awake and talking and not know what I said or did. Darn Versed!

I told them that and then said ..."Although ...I remember that ED patients under conscious sedation would scream and cry when they were having their bones set and then walk out as peaceful and as happy as they could be ...not remembering a thing. and so I guess Versed is a good thing in this case because I don't want to remember a colonoscopy." Then the doctor comforted me by saying, "Oh don't worry ...we'll record it for you." Ha ha - funny. I think levity before going out in the OR is a good thing. Although I did secretly squirm on the inside. :) Then just in case I said, "I apologize ahead of time if I do scream and cry and also thank you for doing this." Then as I already said ...I don't remember anything else ..until I woke up in the SDS area.

Anyway ...I am pretty sure that last Thursday night kidneys were swimming freestyle in there. ;)

Oh the way girls (talking to my kidneys - of course they are girls), great job - keep up the good work! :)

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