Friday, December 23, 2011

SeaSpray Theory on Colonoscopy Topped With Orthovisk Injections
Is that a big needle or what?

I highly recommend getting a colonoscopy to go along with your Orthovisk knee injections ...that is if you are a candidate for said knee injections. Yes the morning, you get the colonoscopy with your gastrodoc ...well ...not *WITH* your gastro doc's not a two for one sale. You're not Siamese twins conjoined at the hip. (My gastro doc is from India. Mom would have some splainin to do ...I'm just sayin. ;) Besides ...SOMEONE has got to do the colonoscopy.

Then the colonoscopy off in the afternoon by getting your Orthovisk inections with Orthodoc. Again ...not simultaneous injections *WITH* Orthodoc ...because ...after all's not a social event and ...SOMEONE as to do the injections. I'm just sayin.

And so ...where am I going with this you wonder?

Because ...this afternoon ...I had the Orthovisk knee injections sans morning colonoscopy and I have to tell you ...getting the Orthovisk injections almost right after a colonoscopy is wayyyyyy better!

This is because of the conscious sedation you get for the colonoscopy. It is still in your system ...thus provides pain relief when those big needles go into your knees. Well ...I think they are big and take so long to push it all in and stings and all. I was wishing I had another colonoscopy.

I was hoping the Orthodoc Orthovisk mantra would work. See ...last week ...we were discussing OR things prior to my being injected and I was saying how I hate the Versed and am afraid I will be too breezy in the OR and comment on how cute a doc is or something. Ortho doc laughed and said I could tell him he's cute. Ha ha! Then Orthodoc's m/a suggested I tell him how good looking he is while doing the injection and it might feel better going in. So ...I went for it. Not only did I say he was cute ...I said handsome and great sense of humor, etc. And it did hurt ...but, I repeated the Mantra when he did the next knee. We laughed and it was pretty uneventful. It did hurt ...but I remembered worse pain. Obviously the mantra worked. :)

But then today ...I found out that the SeaSpray Orthodoc Orthovisk mantra didn't work as well. I poured it on too. You really just need that colonoscopy first. ;)

"Hello, Gastrodoc? Hi There. I'm just calling to schedule two more routine colonoscopies. Yes ..I know I just had one. Yes ...I know I had good results. I just REALLY want two more please. And I'd like you to please fit me in for the next two Fridays and they have to be morning appointments. Ohhh ...schminsurance. Why? Well ...because I have to have Orthovisk knee injections ...of course. Well see ...I have this theory.... hello? Hello-o-o? Gastrodoc?"

Some people will do anything to avoid pain. I'm just sayin. ;)

Oh wait ...there is a little flaw in my theory.


Colonoscopy prep!

Prep verses pain?

Prep - pain?

Prep - pain?

P-r-e-p - pain?

I'll take the pain please.

Even a SeaSpray has her limits. ;)

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