Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Powerful Story About Courage and Dedication Through Adversity to Help Others

Here is another link about the tornado that hit St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO.

This article was written by one of the ED docs who survived the destruction by taking cover with a nurse under a table in a room without windows n the ED. He and other medical professionals and EMS workers immediately began helping the injured people. Methane gas was leaking, they knew the dangers and still persisted in working to help those in need. I think they are heroes.
Volunteers came in from the surrounding communities and from other states.

Thank God for people with such courage, compassion for their fellow man and dedication.

A couple of posts down I provided a link to an article in which the orthopedic surgeon was interviewed about continuing to operate even though the OR was being slammed by the tornado and he had to operate manually with only a flashlight providing light in the dark OR, while everything was coming in on them and they were standing in water.

I didn't realize they lost the hospital and yet the one across the street had minimal damage. I always thought hospitals were built to withstand hurricanes and tornadoes. And ... I've always assumed people were safe in a largely constructed brick building. I know of someone visiting down south that when there was a threat of a tornado ...they took refuge in the hotel they were staying in.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Thank you

Thank you to our soldiers. Thank you for your sacrifices for our country. God bless you and God bless America.

For those of you celebrating this national holiday ...I hope it will be everything you want it to be.

We will be celebrating two birthdays tomorrow. Our granddaughters just turned 10 and 2. Their birthdays are 8 years and 2 days apart. Double birthday party tomorrow! WOO HOO! :)

We're also opening the pool today and hope to have it ready in a few days.

It feels so good to get outside in the sun and fresh air.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Surgeon Operates While Tornado Hitting the OR

Perhaps some of you have already heard about this powerful story about an orthopedic surgeon who kept operating during a routine case when the tornado hit St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Mo., this past Sunday. I remain in awe of this surgeon and the OR staff and what they accomplished through such adversity ...with their very lives in jeopardy.

I have actually wondered what would happen in an OR if they were in the middle of surgery and a catastrophe hit. I am thinking that perhaps surgical residencies are so tough because surgeons HAVE to be able to handle anything thrown at them in the most extreme worst case scenario.

Not only was the surgeon skilled, but they were also courageous, determined and dedicated professionals ... despite all the tornado induced challenges they had to work through.

The ceiling was coming down, someone had to hold the door closed so debris didn't blow in, they were standing in water and the surgeon had to operate manually flashlight after the auxiliary power went out.

You can get the rest of this extraordinary story (Patient Outcome and all the other things that happened in and out of the OR that day) in this must read article from Out patient Surgery:

I am so very sorry that so many people are suffering so much because of all these awful storms and floods. My heart and prayers go out to you and I hope you can get all the help you need to rebuild your lives and towns again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Computer Not Working Right

I have been having trouble accessing my blog and posting comments in other blogs.

There was something wrong with blogger as evidenced by the complaints I read when I googled for assistance.

But ..once on son's computer right now ...everything is working normally.

I do not always have access to his computer ..and so if I don't comment ..or right posts ..I am still reading other blogs and will write posts in my word program to transfer more expediently so I don't take up time on his computer when I have access/ he was generous with my using it today. :)

My computer is old. It makes start up noises and whirs away all day. Even though we have high speed Internet takes my computer longer to get through things. Googles quickly but slow with other things.

And when I try to even just check my profile it won't go there. if I try to comment in other blogs it redirects me.

And it will not let me sign into my blog. Plus the google page shows up here and there all the way down my from SeaSpray blog page.

I am hoping older son can just tweak it and it will be fixed.

If anyone has any idea what might be wrong, I welcome all ideas and suggestions.

I cannot get a new computer at this time and so basically need a computer miracle or for my son to be a computer miracle worker. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BIG Deal!!!!

I guarantee you ..."Pregnancy test" are 2 words no woman wants to hear after they've thought the Cotton Pony had made her last ride into town. "Pregnancy test" are 2 words no woman wants to hear after they've told their significant other, actually promised ...and signed in blood ...kind of told ...their significant other ...that they cannot possibly get pregnant.

"Pregnancy test" are 2 words no woman wants to hear after she's had her yearly gyne appointment.

"Pregnancy test" are 2 words no woman wants to hear after she had a pelvic ultrasound the week before and said ultrasound had nothing to do with PREGNANT.

I was 99% confident that my gyne tests would come back normal. My sense was that it was more of a ...everything is most likely normal ...but lets just rule everything out ... kind of purpose in testing. That was my take on it. Okay ...I felt a little anxiety when I tried to read the tech's expressions and get her to at least give me a things look good response. (Some do) But ...that passed because I just felt all was well and the Cotton Pony is as sentimental as I am and just taking a few last runs through town before her final "Adieu." :)

So, yesterday ...even tho I was calm about test results ...I did have a building anxiety over the biopsy my gynedoc would be doing. As a matter of fact ...I decided that since my tests were probably normal ...perhaps I wouldn't need to have the biopsy after all. Made sense to this SeaSpray.

I did have that procedure done as part of an infertility work up when I was 24. I'm happy to say, I did have 2 sons since then. :) Anyway, my memory of of that procedure is uneventful. I can still picture the way the evening light was coming into the exam room ...the light coming in from behind my head and that I was wearing a pretty floral summer skirt and was tan. I remember everything about that evening. You don't forget a biopsy moment. And I remember it as a little pinch big deal.

That being said ...I still wanted to avoid it if possible. It was the first thing I suggested to the nurse after we entered the exam room. She of course said I should still get undressed and that I could run it by the gynedoc. I of course thought, "Sure I'll get undressed and be that much closer to having the procedure done because if I'm nekkid south of the border, sitting on the paper with the pretty little pastel floral gown draped over me ...he's not cancelling the procedure." I resigned myself to the fact I was having it. But ...I was still gonna run my idea past him ..nothing ventured ..nothing gained. And yes ...I knew that if I went this far with testing ...then might as well rule everything out, but was still going to ask.

But ...I quickly forgot my plan ... because... then her next breath ...she matter of factly asked, "Can you give us a urine sample so we can do a "Pregnancy test", to which I stammered out, "W-h-a-a-AT?!! A P-R-E-G-N-A-N-C-Y Test!???"

Let me just say ...that I can fully appreciate why they say when a person is about to die that their whole life passes before them. It amazes me how at lightening speed ...every thought of past, present and future can fly through one's brain ...SIMULTANEOUSLY times of extreme stress. I am sure my expression was priceless. I was seeing Mr SeaSpray's! And I thought they must've seen a sign of pregnancy in the ultrasound. I actually don't even remember the nurse's face anymore after those words. I was too busy seeing my life pass by. Really ...every single thought came in at once.

But ...I do remember that she said, "This is just a precaution to be sure that you aren't pregnant before he does the biopsy." "Oh ..I thought because of his previous exam and the ultrasound ..he thought I was pregnant!" I still don't remember her face after that. But I do remember chuckling at her asking me if I can give them a urine sample. If there is anything I am proficient at is giving urine samples ..thanks to my uro history. It's as natural as breathing now. Why I could hit the cup 20 feet away with my eyes closed. Okay ..slight exaggeration. ;)

I presented my idea to the gynedoc as soon as he walked in. My tests results were all good, but I did have to have the procedure. Let me just say ...that it was NOT an uneventful procedure and I can not for the life of me understand how I remember it as "Uneventful ...just a little pinch big deal."

It was NOT just a little uneventful pinch and it WAS a BIG deal!!

I'll think about posting the experience. One thing we both know that God forbid ...if there is ever a next time ...he said he will use a pain block. Maybe that first OB/GYNE did use a pain block back then? I really think I would've remembered this procedure. It's put the same fear into me as a dentist who intentionally probes to see if your nerves still feel after a root canal ...a urologist who just rips a stent out without any pain medication and now this. It's up there - 10 pain for sure. I made it worse because of my resistance.

Anyway - he's not concerned and in all probability all is well. I think so too.

And ...I'm NOT pregnant! :)

Then ...there is always that little wistful feeling that feels a little sad when you hear your not though. But believe me's good news. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

WOOHOO!!! :)

The Celebrity Apprentice finale TONIGHT!!! :)

I like both Marlee and John ...but am hoping John Rich gets it! Either one though is really alright though. BOTH have done and outstanding job and seem to be very nice people. Both have good charities. Both have played the game so well.

It's a win-win ..either way. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

SeaSpray Laws of the Universe


If only Gin & Tonics with a lime twist ...or a bottle of beer were noncaloric, non intoxicating and low on the Glycemic Index.

Because ...the way SeaSpray sees it ...there would be vitamin - C from the lime in the gin & tonic. And there would be B- vitamins in the beer. Sounds like a win-win to her. :)

And furthermore ...gin is derived from Juniperus communis, more commonly known as juniper berries. Need she say more? Latin connection - medicinal purposes? Thus SeaSpray can certainly appreciate that gin could have it's health benefits and add the lime and she's certain it's nearly a miracle drug ... um...drink.

SeaSpray thinks she could down gin &tonics with a lime twist by the pitcher easily as drinking water. Yes ...she's pretty certain that if pitchers of gin & tonics with a lime twist and pitchers of ice cold beer were noncaloric, non intoxicating, low on the Glycemic Index and as healthy as drinking water ...she'd be as happy a gin & tonic with a lime twist - beer drinking SeaSpray could be. Well ...when not drinking coffee, tea or water. Although ...the only thing that quenches her thirst is water.

SeaSpray always says "Thank God for water! " That's true. :)

Oh ...and as an added perk ...her kidneys would be well hydrated. The SeaSpray Kidney Hydration diet.

And yet ...another perk. :)

Also ... if SeaSpray could enforce a universal law ... and because gin & tonic with a lime twist are is her absolute favorite alcoholic beverage ... would be a SeaSpray law of the universe that said medicinal, non intoxicating and noncaloric, low on the Glycemic Index gin & tonics with a lime twist be unlimited in any healthy food/beverage plan. Her second Law of the Universe would be that the beer... also could be as healthy as the gin & tonics. *Sigh* SeaSpray thinks that would be a great healthy food/beverage plan.

She's just saying. ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frustrating, But Worked Out!

It is so frustrating when you have plans all lined up and something happens to put a snafu into them. Today, that snafu would be that my vehicle decided to act up while en route to a mammo appointment.

"Seriously? NOW?!" But, I kept driving a bit, got a little (okay, more than a little) scared and so I called them. Fortunately, she rescheduled me for a later time and I can use son's car. Yay!

It has been pouring rain for days and so I am hoping the dampness is just affecting it and will not be some big expensive deal. I also felt some kind of knock under my foot or in front underneath ...a couple of times. No rocks and smooth road. None of us are mechanically inclined.

So, after several phone calls least I am getting mammo tonight, and can use son's car tomorrow and can keep my plans.

Update: I LOVE my son's car! First of all's BLUE! Need-I-say-more? And's sporty and I love sitting low and love how it felt so private because door comes up pretty high. I kind of felt like I was in a cockpit. Handles beautifully. Did I tell you it is BLUE? ;)

Thank you son. :)

So ...I went back home and let it idle awhile. The mechanic said dampness could do it or it could be other things.

I really wanted to go to Costco after.

Must not have been meant to be today.

It will just feel good to get these tests out of the way. I sometimes put this stuff off forever and so I just wanted to keep up my momentum with tackling appointments.

And next week I have a physical with the new internist. I am planning on writing a post about it and already have the title.

I'm calling it "Phyiscal Exam By Candlelight", and I will explain when I write it. :)

The greatest mistake ....

The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated. ~Plato~

"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." (C.S.Lewis)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A MUST See! :) Also ...Son As Pseudo Dog :)

If you haven't seen this, it is a must see. So FUNNY!

I think the BEST Dog video EVER!!

I saw this clip on Good Morning America and George Stephanopoulos said he watched it 100 times. And still ... he had a tear in his eye after watching it again on the show. Too funny.

This dog reminds me of our German Shepherd Bob and the voice our younger son used to give him.

Sometimes, Bob would do something that annoyed me and I'd snap at him and then my son ...taking on the "Bob" voice ...would argue back at me a similar dog voice as this guy does in the video. But, what's even more funny is I would get into a debate with the speudo dog about his behavior! And then in frustration tell my son to stop it! But ...I really was amused. And the thing is ...I could easily imagine Bob saying those things back to me. Hence ...the verbal sparring back and forth ...until I realized the crazee of it all. Son ...of course got a kick out of getting me going. I'd be distracted with something else is why it would go on a bit. Big dogs have this presence ...almost like having another person there ...sort of. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help! Does Anyone Know How I can Undo This???!

I am so frustrated right now ...I could spit nails SPAMMERS and ME!

I was cleaning out e-mail contacts and at bottom were 3 contacts ..SPAM... contacts that I did not allow into my contact box. I could not delete them because they did not show in the contacts option to delete.

(HOW did they get there? And HOW is it they can't be deleted?)

Anyway I went back into options and in my effort to delete the contacts ...I ...instead deleted the Entire e-mail account from my computer.

My Hotmail address is a crazy ..too long address ...but I've had it since 1995. The address was meant to be a joke, but instead ended up being my main address, meaning not only do most people contact me there, but also all my business confirmations, etc come through there. Even now, I have important e-mails to respond to. Plus ..all the addresses I would lose.

Now ...all is NOT lost, because Older son was able to bring it up on his computer at work. Great! Now their IT has my e-mail account/info. But ..I don't! And he has access to my info ...but I don't! He can read whatever ...but just the idea someone else can when you can't. Their isn't anything bad, but definitely personal.

I am sure I can go to younger son's computer tonight and access.

But ...I want access from THIS computer now!

I have blocked Hotmail from coming up.

Does anyone out there know what I can do to remove this Hotmail block in my computer? I can't even contact Hotmail.

If I try to go to, I get the address I banned, but won't open. I would think I just have to go back into Hotmail and go to that filter section and undo it. I hope it is that easy? But ..I deleted it. Whatever that means for the long term. But, I did not delete the account. Just from this computer. And again ...not just the account, but the Hotmail. com address to the main sight. If I could get to that ...I could get to my e-mail to sign on. *sigh*

But, if I can't ever again access the account from this computer ...then I have to change everything and contact everyone regarding the change and I really prefer not to have to do that.

And then ...does anyone know how the spammers got in to my personal contacts and how to remove them? I know it is just e-mail, but it feels like a violation of my privacy and personal space and I don't appreciate it at all.

I wouldn't even have a junk mail collection box if people or companies I care about didn't show up in there sometimes.

Update: I can sign in, but once in ..the screen goes blank if I try to access anything in my e-mail account. The only thing showing is the address I filtered/ I think it is the address I filtered. It's similar. So, it may be that even my son could not get into the account to undo it.

I have e-mails from my mentor dear friend that passed away in 2008, that I saved, but never printed. E-mails ...special ones from other people. Pictures. And people I am to respond to now. Business confirmations many things.


I do believe that one should not put all their eggs in one basket ...and yet I still do at times.

Update 19:41 Son stopped by after work to fix the problem. He couldn't find what I did and so set my Hotmail up on a different browser. Just can't use Hotmail on Firefox anymore. I am grateful all is not lost.

Thank you son! :)