Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Christmas Toy I Wanted to KEEP!

I became totally addicted to one of the toys we were giving to Wrenna for Christmas.

The Hallmark Merry-Okee microphone!

Everyone knows that one of the reasons you have kids is so you can play with their toys. And birthdays and Christmases are especially fun because you get to play with said toys before they do and BEFORE you HAVE to share them. Okay ...give them their toys... give and their being the operative words here.

Well all started in Walmart ...2 days before Christmas. Well technically, it was almost midnight and so almost 24 hours before Christmas morning. I was shopping for toys and this little elf microphone had been left in the wrong aisle. Actually ...I had been up and down the toy aisles looking for the perfect toys and never saw those microphones. So ...maybe a Christmas Elf left the Merry-Okee microphone just for me. UM ...I mean Wrenna - yeah ..that's it WRENNA ... of course. ;)

It has 3 options. Regular microphone mode, elf mode and then Christmas music so that you can sing along ..Merri-Okee style. :) Let me just tell you ..the elf mode is hilarious and sooooooooooo much fun ...if you like sounding like one of the Chipmunks.

I apparently do.

I was trying to be discreet in the store aisle. I didn't see anyone, but you never know. Not to mention ...who knows what they see and hear on the store security cameras. I wasn't really looking to be their late night entertainment, but I had to try it out ...again and again and again leaning with my face into the toy shelf while speaking elf. I didn't know if anyone was on the other side ...who may've thought there was a rogue Chipmunk in the store. Especially when I yelled "A-L-V-I-N-N-N-!" No, I really didn't yell Alvin, but I did talk into the shelf so Elf voice wouldn't carry any distance. It just magnified instead - inside and so not really sure which was the better way to go. :)

Then when I was paying for my purchases at the register, the cashier got as excited as I was over it and began talking into it. Too funny! Obviously ...she and I, albeit different generations ...were kindred spirits. Someday ...I'll grow up ..but not yet. ;)

As soon as I got everything unpacked at home ..I began talking in Elf mode about 1 am. Then when younger son came in ..I talked in Elf mode with him and then to the dog. She didn't know what to make of it. She cocked her head to one side ..then to the other and then ...began howling. Ha ha! Son was patient. Mr SeaSpray was sleeping. And then when Mr SeaSpray woke up ... I of course had to entertain him with my new found voice. But, at 1 am, Mr SeaSpray was not too thrilled with SeaSpray Elf voice. :)

Then while doing things around the house on Saturday ...I couldn't help myself ..I kept playing with it and even answered and talked on the phone in Elf voice and it was the last present I wrapped and not until the wee hours of the morning. I admittedly thought about keeping it for myself. But, it was only my deep love for sweet Wrenna that enabled me to let go of this toy treasure.

Then we played with it after we opened the presents and the next time she came over I asked my d-i-l to pack it with her things so we ...okay ..I could play with it. Didn't admit the *I* part to her Mom though ..although she knew.

Then after it was opened on Christmas ...I could even see that my dear and quiet m-i-l was looking at it with curiosity and so I gave it to her to try and she did. And some others tried it as well. How could they not???

I swear ...if that was near me at work ...ohhhh the TEMPTATION! I don't know if I could resist answering the phone in my best cheery, yet professional Elf voice, "Good morning, Dr Elf's office, Elfette speaking. How may I help you?" ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Defensive Jumping? And Distracted Driving

After dinner, I went out to pick something up from the store. I was just driving along ..maybe on the highway a half mile when this car seemed to turn sharply toward me from the other line. Had the driver not caught their mistake, they would've slammed right into me in the front driver's corner/partial head on part of my car. Thank God, as quickly as the car seemed to turn sharply toward me turned sharply back. Obviously, the driver was distracted with something.

I had an odd reaction though. It caught me by surprise and all happened so quickly. I wasn't driving defensively, but more in autopilot mode.

Even though my hands were on the wheel ...I don't think I was prepared to turn sharply away from the car ...maybe I would have. But ..if I had and he kept coming ..would he then have hit broadside and is that worse?

Instead ...with sudden fear ...I inhaled sharply and quickly lifted my left leg up toward me, while simultaneously leaning back into the seat.

I never reacted like that before.

All I can think is that my instinct was to jump out of the way.

It just strikes me odd in that it seems instead of defensive driving ...I'd do defensive jumping in the car to get out of the way.

Another thing.  A few nights ago, I was with a group of friends.  We were discussing driving safety and cell phones - talking/texting.  A couple of guys stated they can and do drive with their legs - thighs/knees I think.  I questioned the safety of it and they reiterated they were good at it.  And another friend told me her brother drives with his leg out the window.  WHYYY?  And I know way can it be safe to drive with upper legs.  They do it with cruise control and can turn that way.  And do this because hands busy.  I bet they are texting.  Just a guess.

And a couple challenged me because I put lipstick on or used to put mascara on when driving.  that was bad - the mascara and I've stopped that.  Stupid actually.  But, lipstick?  I don't take my eyes off the road and feel for it and put on without looking.  I am more distracted when looking in mirrors at other drivers or when changing settings on the radio.  I also drink when driving. And have eaten.  Not in a long time with food though. But ..I don't look down.  I just grab the bottle or cup.  And I have talked on phone, but in slow traffic/traffic light and I get off asap.  N-e-v-e-r chat on phone.  I also do not answer it.  Maybe I am justifying my own behavior, but I really think lipstick compared to turning to look at the kids or pick things up you drop, etc. is so easy.  I do not have to see to apply it.  When I worked in LifeLine - reading maps when driving - that was bad.  I confess to that. 

And you may remember the post, "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" which I wrote about totaling a car when I was 17 and we all should've died, but miraculously all pretty much walked away from it.  So ...I am not a saint when driving.

But, I am much more mindfulI wish we all could be more mindful when driving.  No one ever plans an accident.  but ...accidents DO happen.  Anyone who has ever been in an accident knows how quickly they can happen.  And I can't tell you how many times, while I worked in ED registration, that patients told me they felt so stupid over what happened and didn't have to happen.  (They didn't plan the accident.)  And not just in cars ...but all kinds of things.  Of course hind sight being 20-20, it all seems clear after things happen.  And even me - I know to drive defensively and I was on autopilot. 

I honestly do not understand what is so very important that one HAS to answer their cell phone right away.  Why can't your response be after you've stopped driving?  Just pull over.  Just think of it as something to look forward too.  :)  And seriously, if you think of the stupid things that get texted - okay funny ...but is it really worth killing yourself or innocent people?  Or becoming disabled?  And all the legal and financial fallout that will occur from that? 

I tell my kids, "Don't let the phone own you.  YOU own the phone." 

On a lighter note, at least the ride home was uneventful. And the full moon was so pretty, I decided to take the longer way home so I could see the country side under the moonlight. The only thing more beautiful would be moonlight on snow. I LOVE snow light nights. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Venting - Green on Cream, etc.

I happily made my green synergy drink. It's a dark green health drink filled with everything green. Every green plant known to man including grass. Green mold, green seaweed, green beer, green eggs, green olives, green wool and green shoes.

Okay I'm EXAGGERATING a tad. ;)

Seriously ...THIS is what it is and does. I notice a natural diuretic effect and provides energy with clarity of mind and I believe one of things that have kept me healthy ...even when exposed to infections, etc. I've caught a few things ...but rarely and usually mild and of shorter duration ...compared to how I used to be. I also still drink the Herbal Aloe Force and eat the Manuka Honey and 5000 mg Vitamin D. I've been taking these things for a few years now ...and while I can't prove it ...I believe the reason I did not have sepsis when I had a uro relapse is because I consistently have taken these products. Like I said - I can't prove that claim - but I do believe they have facilitated better health at a cellular level in my body.

But, I digress.

Anyway ...I happily put the drink together, shook it a bit and then sat down in front of the computer and with eager anticipation of drinking it. However ..this dark green drink proceeded to pour out of the top of the container that became unsealed and right down the entire front of my pretty cream sweater ...from the top of my chest ..all the way down to the very bottom of my sweater. And I mean a big splash down ..not a little streak. But then didn't stop there ..oh no ..landed right down onto my keyboard. *SIGH!* I immediately turned it upside down and shook it upside down ..let it sit and then blotted and so far ..all is well with the keyboard.

I can't remove my wet sweater because I don't feel like removing the curlers so it will slide over my head. I put extra ones in because I want my hair to be bouncy and more curls/waves on the bottom tomorrow and I don't want to redo it. The price we girls pay for beauty ...even if it means wearing something wet.

Murphy's law dictates that son will bring friends home and this SeaSpray will be making a mad dash for cover. Hopefully, Murphy has a night off. ;)

Don't you hate it when you spill stuff all over you?

Just venting.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Duck Hunting With Doctors ;)

HERE is the link to the following joke over at the Happy Hospitalist's blog. I thought all the jokes were funny, but this one caused me to laugh out loud. :)

Btw, I hope I am not offending any docs with this joke. It is so very much my favorite kind of humor in "Plains, Trains and Automobiles" or in "What About Bob?" and some others. Loved those movies. I could so totally picture this joke as a seen in a movie. And when the surgeon had enough and got the uzi ...well I busted out loud at the description of the sound effects. Talk about getting the job done - Ha ha!

Link An internist, a radiologist, a surgeon, and a pathologist all go duck hunting together. When they hear the first wave of ducks coming, the internist says "OK, you guys, I'm the smartest guy here, so I'll be in charge. Don't shoot until I say so." He looks up at the birds and says "Hmmmm...well...I don't know. Those could be ducks. But they could also be geese. Or even Swans. I read about something like this in NEJM once upon a time. I'm not sure we should shoot yet..." and of course, the ducks are gone.

The radiologist rolls his eyes and says "I'LL be in charge now, dammit." Another flock of ducks flies overhead. The radiologist looks at the water and mutters (in a monotone, of course) "Shadows appear consistent with duck-like structures but pigeons of unusual size cannot be excluded recommend additional angles and possibly a contrast study as well as clinical correlation period end report." Of course, the ducks are gone.


As the smoke clears, the water is littered with carcasses. The surgeon turns to the pathologist and says "Hey...which of them's ducks?"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Is There a JACKHAMMER in the House??! and plans/goal
They come in aqua?

Anyway - I needed that jackhammer and a couple of hardhats for myself and one for the cat.

He looks better in lime than I do ...sooo NOt in my color palette. ;)

I'm looking forward to going to dinner at a friend's house tonight. Younger son and his friends will be their too. Her son is home from the Coast Guard for a couple of weeks and it's been so nice to see him again. And I'm looking forward to seeing her Christmas tree since I didn't get over there during the holidays.

Anyway ...I decided I would bring a couple of desserts. One of them these yummy Toffee bars - always a hit. Hint about the post - you could use these Toffee bar chunks to HIT someone!

Heh laid plans ...

All you do is mix the packed brown sugar, softened butter, vanilla and egg then add flour and salt. Then press all of it into a greased 9x13 dish and bake. It comes out like one big tollhouse cookie - sort of. Then you immediately pour and spread 2/3 cups milk chocolate morsels on top ..let sit for a minute and spread like icing. Sooooooooooo easy and tasty. oh and if you want sprinkle nuts on top.

So, later I went to cut them into squares to pack in a tin and no matter what I did ...I could not cut through this dessert. I am telling you ...I got a heavy duty butcher knife, a heavy duty pizza cutter and other kinds of sharper,smaller knives. I tried coming down the outer edges, then when I finally broke through and got a piece out in fragments ...I then slid a large sharp knife underneath, trying to pry it upward ..which it did ..but sent pieces flying everywhere!

"Okay ..that's it! Too hard to do and I'm not fighting with it before going to bed."

I wrapped it tightly with foil, hoping it would somehow soften during the night.

Sooo bright eyed and bushy tailed and with a better attitude ...I decided to work on it again. Now ...I'm thinking one should have to "work" to get dessert out of the pan ...and maybe it wouldn't taste so good anyway ..although the fragment I tasted before bed was good... perhaps a bit harder than what it should be ...but it was the outer corner.

Well sitting overnight under tightly wrapped foil did not help it soften and there was NO WAY under God's creation I was ever going to get neat little squares out of this pan. I thought about using a strong stainless steal spatula to slide under and lift, but if it broke free because of leverage pressure I was having to use with a table knife ...a whole bunch of dessert would've become air born.

You might be wondering "Why bother?" Well I tasted it and it actually does have good flavor. At the very least, the guys could have it here.

Plus the gauntlet was down ...battle of the wills ...not that dessert can through a gauntlet down or has a mind of it's own ...but challenge on and that dessert was coming out of that pan no matter what!

This would be the time to play the Rocky theme song ...if I had it.

Soooooooooo ...the next thing I did was get one of our heavily weighted table knives and tried to pry up a piece close to the middle, except it slipped and the pressure sent pieces of toffee bar air born again and the knife flying up hitting the cabinet just above and ricocheted it right down to the tile with a clatter ...JUST missing Mom's elderly cat, Peachy ..who was calmly drinking his water. Just missed him and made a loud noise and that cat did not flinch at all. He is hard of hearing. (He's 21) But, that cat is fearless. NOTHING scares him or e-v-e-r makes him jump. I think he was so loved and sheltered in Mom's apartment for 18 yrs, that he never knew fear. Or he is just a lion at heart among house cats. Not sure. if that knife had hit him, it wouldn't have impaled him, but I do think the force and weight would've hurt his back or head. Thankfully that didn't happen.

Ha! if that had been our other cat, Sneakers ...there would now be a cat shaped hole cutout in the ceiling, because he would've shot through the roof ...never mind ceiling. That cat splits in a second if he hears anyone inhale ...never mind noise. We got him as a kitten and he came from a house that had a lot of small children and 2 big German Shepherds and just to get him for us they had to chase after him under their furniture. I think he was in survival mode just living in their house and so now he is a fraidy cat timid ...yet quite agile. I think he probably has 100 lives just because he can get out of a situation faster than a superhero.

Anyway, I admit I was more than a little annoyed and by God this stuff was coming out of this dish matter what. I didn't care that there were now crumbs, displaced nits and oddly shaped broken pieces and some with the chocolate separated off the the cookie part.

If I'm not tenacious ...I'm nothing.

And then hit me and I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. A chisel! Of course I don't even know where Mr SeaSpray has one and he didn't bring the hammer back in the house ...but there had to be s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g.

GOT it! And it worked conjunction with the heavy weighted table knife.

"What? you ask?

I'll give you a hint.

It's VERY sharp and begins with an "I".

ICEPICK! I used an icepick! I never use that. It was my aunt and uncles from years ago. And today ...for the first time ...I used their icepick to get my dessert out of the dish. Ha ha! It's so sharp and good handle for leverage. I plunged it in repeatedly in places Psycho cook ;) and then used the heavy knife to pop the dessert up. Some did fly around a bit but not like before.

Finally was a fait accomplis!

I really expended some energy over this and was physically and emotionally drained. Nah ...I'm kidding about that ...but it was a bit of a workout. I'm pretty sure I've got stronger upper body now. ;)

Younger son told me he thinks I should still bring it because it tastes good. The only thing is you should see the pile of rubble it looks like in the dish. Not uniform little squares, but more like broken pieces of slate like what you see in patios. It looks like an excavation site in that dish. Most of the nuts came loose and some of chocolate popped off.

But ...I'm thinking ...maybe I can salvage the best pieces and kind of pile them up on a small plate and lightly sprinkle powdered sugar over them and on a pretty plate I planned it all along. You know ...decided to get a bit creative instead of cookie cutter same old ..same old way of doing it. Presentation is everything. :) ??

The only thing is ...I got this recipe from THIS friend. She's gonna laugh for sure. I heard she's making a CHEESECAKE and I am bringing this pile of eatable rubble? I did bake brownies too. So all isn't lost.

Oh and I heard she is making Chicken Marsala, one of my FAVORITE dishes. Can't wait! :)

Anyway ...I am wondering what the heck went wrong? I have made this before. True not since last Christmas, but have made this about 4 times in last couple of years and it never cemented into the dish. ??? Normally, they're chewy ..but nice chewy... firm chewy ...not HARD.

Sooooooooooooooo ...I am wondering if maybe I packed TOO MUCH brown sugar without realizing it? The lighting wasn't good and I did keep packing it down. Or did I bake too long? I know it was within the normal time range. I was also baking the brownies and so left the toffee bars in 4 minutes longer, but was the upper end of toffee bar direction baking time. I didn't remove it out of the pan when they said and instead waited hrs later, but I've done that before. Oh and supposed to use cooking spray to grease and I used butter ...but, I always use butter.

Well, I think since they still taste good ...I am going to try to salvage them and see if I can create an appealing presentation with them.

I am making these next week for people.

Because ... they are yummy ...and when you fall off the horse have to get back on it.

I'm just saying. :)
Oh ... I am going to be baking and baking next week. I want to use up all baking supplies in the house and I've decided to stop using sugar until Mr SeaSpray's birthday in March. Ha ha ..."using" I'm using a drug! Just about, if sugar causes you to want more and more and never be satisfied. :)

Anyway, I am going to bake and give away. Which is always fun to do. And of course keep some here for the guys. But then ..that's it! I'm not going to be all crazy about it. If sugar is in bread or something like that ..I'll have it. But no desserts of any kind. I don't care for sweet drinks and so I am lucky there. I don't like sweetened cereals and I really don't go for ice cream now that it is winter. That has been sitting in freezer for awhile now. I'm still having my love affair with apples and even tho ate Christmas goodies ..still craved apples ..which just never happened before and so I think I am finally turning the corner with actually preferring healthier food as close to how God made it. Tis a good thing. :) And once the baked goodies are gone ...Mr SeaSpray will have to buy his own stash if he wants sweets. he has a COOKIE MONSTER sweet tooth, but never has weight issues. So not fair!

I feel a little guilty that I will stop baking or bringing the stuff in ..but I just want to see what positive effect it has on me. He'll understand, but somewhere ingrained in me ... love = baking and wonderful aromas wafting through the house. True ...I can tease with candles, although not quite the same as actually eating the food.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Chicken For Me!

I didn't get to finish my dinner because I was busy with a toddler and a 1 year old.

Ha ha! At dinner, I imagined how convenient it would be to be an octopus with all those arms and their wide field efficient eyes. I had the baby to my right in the highchair and 2 yr old Wrenna to my left in a regular chair ...which posed a bit of a problem ...since she could easily be foot loose and fancy free and seemed more interested in that than in eating.

So on my right, Myles was eager to eat and not inclined to wait, while Wrenna took delight in playing with her food or getting up to rearrange her chair, the silverware ..whatever. or when she did eat ...was amusing herself by leaning way over with food in her mouth.

Is it any wonder I lose weight when I watch these two for a length of time? A hellacious ED is easier to multi-task in ...believe me. :)

If she is in the high chair ..she always seems to eat very well and pretty uneventfully.

And I was hungry and really wanted to eat while my food was hot. I envisioned feeding them using my ambidextrous skills while eating my dinner as if bobbing for apples. Hence my imagination kicked in in which I imagined the skill of an octopus. I used to tell our boys ..."I'm not an octopus!" But, they were 8 years apart. That's like having 2 ONLY children. And I thought that was busy. :) And back when they were younger ...I never actually imagined being one. Tonight ...I wished I was. I wanted to be an octopus. Just for dinner. Alas ..since that wasn't gonna happen ...I managed to wolf a few bites down in between keeping Wren in her seat, sitting up and getting them fed. But then I got them cleaned up and then diapers changed and then into the living room to play and yes I confess ...use the electronic babysitter so I could go reheat my dinner in the microwave and EAT it. But I played blocks with them first.

And then I heard silverware clatter. And then I realized no one else was around and thought ..."NO ...she did NOT do that!" I came back into the kitchen to see that our dog was licking her mouth because she had jumped up to the table ..cleaned my plate and not only was I annoyed, but then alarmed because she had taken and eaten my chicken breast that I never got to eat and she ate the whole thing ...BONES and all! I couldn't believe it! She never did that before.

So ...I hope she will be alright. Our GSD, Bob got at some chicken bones in the garbage once and he was alright, but I heard they could perforate their bowels. I hope not.

Oh and I am not complaining about these wonderful children. I am just continually amused/amazed how busy they are and keep me. And tonight ...was the first time Myles had the run of the house (crawling and fast a baby on a mission :) and supervised of course. That was the additional challenge tonight. I could've corralled them in with baby gates or put him in the playpen, but just chose not to.

I think he will be walking any day now.

Another Mylestone. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun in the Photo Booth and Midnight Shopping

The following is a comment a friend left on my Facebook wall:
"Had fun last night at Macy's! I've never been out shopping at midnight...but the best part of the evening was our photo shoot in the Photo Booth at Shop-Rite! I really think we put some smiles on shopper's faces with our laughter. Did you hear that comment one person made? She said, they shouldn't be having that much fun...too funny!"
And it WAS funny! I actually didn't want to do it. We were headed down to Macy's and it was already going on 8pm. But, I had to stop at Shoprite to get some fresh strawberries as I had made the uro office a cheesecake pie ...better known in our family as "Heaven Pie", aptly named by then 5 year old Devan one Christmas. The plan was to bring the pie and other goodies in when I went for my uro appointment the next day and so I HAD to get the berries then. After we got them and were headed elsewhere in the store a guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted free pictures taken in the booth. I immediately declined his offer because I was a girl on a mission ..knowing all that had to be done. But ...they were free and he was persuasive and so we went into the little booth and closed the curtain.

It turned out to be a hilarious experience because we didn't realize it took so many pictures and was catching us by surprise and we'd crack up even more ...totally forgetting the short little curtain wasn't sound proof. And we were cracking up in a very busy section of the store because they placed the booth in a major walk through area and near the front desk.

The pictures were pretty good and I still have to get them to show some people or make copies.

Anyway - I wish we could've seen the faces of people walking by the booth as they heard adult women laughing so hard. :)

Macy's had phenomenal sales!

As the last person on the lower level, I was escorted out after midnight by the security guard so that he could lock the downstairs doors. But friend was still shopping in Jewelery in upper level and so he told me he was escorting her out next and to just swing around to upper level to pick her up. It was kind of surreal. We never did that before. Oh and shopping that late at night, even though it was only 4 days before Christmas ...was so easy. Plenty of clerks to help and not many shoppers. Store looked somewhat trashed in places ...but no big deal.

***Mental note made: Do it again - the after 8 to midnight shopping. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Woo hoo! SNOW!

And then ...I saw that the beautiful snowflakes were nothing but a TEASE!

We need to do a snow dance or something.
Update next day: I take it back. Snow dance cancelled.

Younger son and friends (on college break) heading to Atlantic City for a couple of days I type this. Son driving, but he has a Charger - rear wheel drive and not equipped for snowy weather.

But ...when they get back ...let it snow ...let it snow ...let it snow.

The Purple Dinner :)

It's JUST a color!

PURPLE that is.

I just threw out our purple ham and carrots. I hate wasting food. I would've finished it if it hadn't been pushed into the Bermuda Triangle spot spot in our refrigerator.

Last week, Mr SeaSpray had asked me to cook the leftover Christmas ham with cabbage. I thought that was a great idea and so I did.

Much to Mr SeaSpray's dismay ..we now had purple ham, purple carrots ...thanks to the purple/red cabbage I used. Ha ha! Well ...I thought it was funny. He didn't.

I assured him purple is just a color and won't affect the food.

So ...he reluctantly ate the purple dinner. Well, he left some on his plate too. I thought it tasted alright. Maybe a little oddly purple cabbage sweet ...but okay. I mean ...the ham was cooked with pineapple ..right? And that is sweet ...just not cabbagey (I know - not a real word - but I like it :) sweet - there is a difference I guess. Green cabbage definitely would've been better.

But ...really it is purple just a color. Too bad I didn't add potatoes to and then we'd have purple potatoes added to the mix. The more purple the better. ;)

Anyway ...he was not a fan of my green eggs many yrs ago when I overdid the parsley and turned what was to be an omelet into green scrambled eggs. (It was the first time I made an omelet.) I thought they tasted good.

Anyway, I just threw the rest of the purple food out tonight.

I feel like there is a Dr Seuss story in here.

"No ..Ms SeaSpray ...I will Not eat purple ham.

NOT purple ham... NOT purple carrots ... NOT purple anything Ms SeaSpray.

NOT after Christmas ...NOT before New Years ... NOT anytime ...will I eat purple ham, purple carrots or purple ANYTHING... not EVEN for a SeaSpray ...Ms SeaSpray."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! :)

So many people have expressed to me that they hope 2012 will be better than 2011. I hope it will be too. There are people who've predicted doom, gloom for 2012. I don't believe it. I think this will be a turn around year and things will get better. Time will tell.

May God bless you and give you a year filled with good health, prosperity, love, joy, peace, safety and all that is important to you and your loved ones.

HAPPY 2012!