Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Christmas Toy I Wanted to KEEP!

I became totally addicted to one of the toys we were giving to Wrenna for Christmas.

The Hallmark Merry-Okee microphone!

Everyone knows that one of the reasons you have kids is so you can play with their toys. And birthdays and Christmases are especially fun because you get to play with said toys before they do and BEFORE you HAVE to share them. Okay ...give them their toys... give and their being the operative words here.

Well all started in Walmart ...2 days before Christmas. Well technically, it was almost midnight and so almost 24 hours before Christmas morning. I was shopping for toys and this little elf microphone had been left in the wrong aisle. Actually ...I had been up and down the toy aisles looking for the perfect toys and never saw those microphones. So ...maybe a Christmas Elf left the Merry-Okee microphone just for me. UM ...I mean Wrenna - yeah ..that's it WRENNA ... of course. ;)

It has 3 options. Regular microphone mode, elf mode and then Christmas music so that you can sing along ..Merri-Okee style. :) Let me just tell you ..the elf mode is hilarious and sooooooooooo much fun ...if you like sounding like one of the Chipmunks.

I apparently do.

I was trying to be discreet in the store aisle. I didn't see anyone, but you never know. Not to mention ...who knows what they see and hear on the store security cameras. I wasn't really looking to be their late night entertainment, but I had to try it out ...again and again and again leaning with my face into the toy shelf while speaking elf. I didn't know if anyone was on the other side ...who may've thought there was a rogue Chipmunk in the store. Especially when I yelled "A-L-V-I-N-N-N-!" No, I really didn't yell Alvin, but I did talk into the shelf so Elf voice wouldn't carry any distance. It just magnified instead - inside and so not really sure which was the better way to go. :)

Then when I was paying for my purchases at the register, the cashier got as excited as I was over it and began talking into it. Too funny! Obviously ...she and I, albeit different generations ...were kindred spirits. Someday ...I'll grow up ..but not yet. ;)

As soon as I got everything unpacked at home ..I began talking in Elf mode about 1 am. Then when younger son came in ..I talked in Elf mode with him and then to the dog. She didn't know what to make of it. She cocked her head to one side ..then to the other and then ...began howling. Ha ha! Son was patient. Mr SeaSpray was sleeping. And then when Mr SeaSpray woke up ... I of course had to entertain him with my new found voice. But, at 1 am, Mr SeaSpray was not too thrilled with SeaSpray Elf voice. :)

Then while doing things around the house on Saturday ...I couldn't help myself ..I kept playing with it and even answered and talked on the phone in Elf voice and it was the last present I wrapped and not until the wee hours of the morning. I admittedly thought about keeping it for myself. But, it was only my deep love for sweet Wrenna that enabled me to let go of this toy treasure.

Then we played with it after we opened the presents and the next time she came over I asked my d-i-l to pack it with her things so we ...okay ..I could play with it. Didn't admit the *I* part to her Mom though ..although she knew.

Then after it was opened on Christmas ...I could even see that my dear and quiet m-i-l was looking at it with curiosity and so I gave it to her to try and she did. And some others tried it as well. How could they not???

I swear ...if that was near me at work ...ohhhh the TEMPTATION! I don't know if I could resist answering the phone in my best cheery, yet professional Elf voice, "Good morning, Dr Elf's office, Elfette speaking. How may I help you?" ;)


yaisniyio said...

Cute post!And too, too, funny post! Now I am wheezing. (Thanks !!;))
Y'know, SeaSpray, (and Angel as I can't find Angel's blog),did you get my messages? I would love to chat for a short time.
I hope to put some pics of my spinning up soon.
Angel, do you blog?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yaisniyio- You know my day is made if someone gets a laugh ...although I laughed enough over the elf post for everyone. :)

No, I didn't get any messages. Do you mean via e-mail? starlitesconesathotmaildotcom? I may not have recognized in junk folder if from new address. What should we look for?

Angel still has her blog,but is private at this time and I don't know if she writes in it. I know she has been busy. I will e-mail her to come check the comment.

I look forward to your pictures. :)

Angel still has her blog,but is private at this time and I don't know if she writes in it. I know she has been busy. I will e-mail her to come check the comment.

I look forward to your pictures. :)