Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun in the Photo Booth and Midnight Shopping


The following is a comment a friend left on my Facebook wall:
"Had fun last night at Macy's! I've never been out shopping at midnight...but the best part of the evening was our photo shoot in the Photo Booth at Shop-Rite! I really think we put some smiles on shopper's faces with our laughter. Did you hear that comment one person made? She said, they shouldn't be having that much fun...too funny!"
And it WAS funny! I actually didn't want to do it. We were headed down to Macy's and it was already going on 8pm. But, I had to stop at Shoprite to get some fresh strawberries as I had made the uro office a cheesecake pie ...better known in our family as "Heaven Pie", aptly named by then 5 year old Devan one Christmas. The plan was to bring the pie and other goodies in when I went for my uro appointment the next day and so I HAD to get the berries then. After we got them and were headed elsewhere in the store a guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted free pictures taken in the booth. I immediately declined his offer because I was a girl on a mission ..knowing all that had to be done. But ...they were free and he was persuasive and so we went into the little booth and closed the curtain.

It turned out to be a hilarious experience because we didn't realize it took so many pictures and was catching us by surprise and we'd crack up even more ...totally forgetting the short little curtain wasn't sound proof. And we were cracking up in a very busy section of the store because they placed the booth in a major walk through area and near the front desk.

The pictures were pretty good and I still have to get them to show some people or make copies.

Anyway - I wish we could've seen the faces of people walking by the booth as they heard adult women laughing so hard. :)

Macy's had phenomenal sales!

As the last person on the lower level, I was escorted out after midnight by the security guard so that he could lock the downstairs doors. But ...my friend was still shopping in Jewelery in upper level and so he told me he was escorting her out next and to just swing around to upper level to pick her up. It was kind of surreal. We never did that before. Oh and shopping that late at night, even though it was only 4 days before Christmas ...was so easy. Plenty of clerks to help and not many shoppers. Store looked somewhat trashed in places ...but no big deal.

***Mental note made: Do it again - the after 8 to midnight shopping. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm glad you had a good time. Life's short -laugh when you can!

SeaSpray said...

yes - so true. thank you. happy new year to you and Fire guy. :)