Friday, January 27, 2012

I Forgot How Much I LOVE This Song


yaisniyio said...

Oh, SeaSpray - that was so lovely! I like that song too! I like a lot of Eric Clapton, mostly the songs are on vinyl - LP's - you remember them, don't you? LOL I could never afforf the 'new fangled' 'CD's when they came out - I was a very impoverished student!
Keep writing, or just putting a few songs, or a few (really, just a saying , a picture). I keep checking your blog to see if there has been an addition - I know that you're busy, but I love to read your blogs and that song was JUST what I needed. Thank you - it reminded me of times 25 years or so ago. I wish I could revisit those times!!

SeaSpray said...

Bygone days. :) I wish I could go back with the wisdom I've since acquired. but ..i suppose ..that is part of the adventure - we don't know and we do our best.

Yes ..I remember albums. It and tapes. Actually you remember the 8 track tapes before the cassettes came out? And 45s?

When I was a kid the latest hit would come out on 45s and we all had to run out to get them. :)

I remember the first appearance of the Beatles in this country. I was 8. I want to hold your hand - I think. It was a Sunday night and I was playing in the living room and Mom and my Grandparents were watching the Ed Sullivan show. They didn't like their music or their hair. Ha ha! :)

And when tape recorders with cassettes were a big deal. Actually husband had a reel to reel tape player that had wonderful sound.

Just the other night ..I was watching a sitcom from the 80s and the phone rang. It surprised me! I FORGOT that telephones used to ring. I kind of miss that. :)

And do you remember when phone lines would be busy for hrs when talking on the phone call waiting?

We lived with those things for years.

Now is so advanced that things don't even get old before something faster and better is on the market.

We never got CD, VHS players, etc when first come out. By the time we did ..they were much cheaper. :)

Thank you for your kind words about reading my blog. I hope to put more energy into it soon. I'm thrilled to know someone reads it. I rarely get comments and have thought perhaps it was a passing thing - that I've lost ability to write. It has felt like it. :)

yaisniyio said...

Yes, remember tape-recorders- the ones that came out in the '70s. My Dad, just before he died went out to US and came back with this fabulous radio casette player. Wow! Were we impressed. The sophistication of it. However, the UK normally in those days were around 2-3 years behind the US in terms of fads fashion tech etc, so this was amazng. ANd yes, I remember reel-to-reel. Most of my Uncle's music was on that!
45's - well, I was a lucky little girl when I was 7 or 8, as I was given a whole pile of 45's in a promotion by a national DJ. We were the last car in line for a special first come first served penny a gallon (yes really!) gasoline!!! He signed his autograph and gave me the rest of the pile - I hardly knew most of them, but played them nevertheless.
Your writing is fine - mine is not!!
Did you get the email I sent yesterday? starlitecones etc?

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, check your email -please.

I love that song, too. Only wish he had sung "brushes her long dark hair."'s always about the blondes. :)

SeaSpray said...

I've been remiss in blogging,e-mail lately and busy for sure. i will check e-mail after this.

A penny a gallon for gas. Ha ha! We were under a dollar in early 2000's. 3.01 a couple of mos ago and now I know it went up ..maybe around 3.30. Mr SeaSpray getting it lately.

We still have that reel to reel player although no idea if works.

Your writing is eloquent. i should have such talent. :)

Thanks for your comments. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - but, I always HEAR long *dark* hair. You mean he sings blond? ;)

yes _ i will check e-mail ..Thank you. ;)

Chrysalis Angel said...

chuckle. That's my Seaspray and her turquoise sparkle. ha.