Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Chicken For Me!

I didn't get to finish my dinner because I was busy with a toddler and a 1 year old.

Ha ha! At dinner, I imagined how convenient it would be to be an octopus with all those arms and their wide field efficient eyes. I had the baby to my right in the highchair and 2 yr old Wrenna to my left in a regular chair ...which posed a bit of a problem ...since she could easily be foot loose and fancy free and seemed more interested in that than in eating.

So on my right, Myles was eager to eat and not inclined to wait, while Wrenna took delight in playing with her food or getting up to rearrange her chair, the silverware ..whatever. or when she did eat ...was amusing herself by leaning way over with food in her mouth.

Is it any wonder I lose weight when I watch these two for a length of time? A hellacious ED is easier to multi-task in ...believe me. :)

If she is in the high chair ..she always seems to eat very well and pretty uneventfully.

And I was hungry and really wanted to eat while my food was hot. I envisioned feeding them using my ambidextrous skills while eating my dinner as if bobbing for apples. Hence my imagination kicked in in which I imagined the skill of an octopus. I used to tell our boys ..."I'm not an octopus!" But, they were 8 years apart. That's like having 2 ONLY children. And I thought that was busy. :) And back when they were younger ...I never actually imagined being one. Tonight ...I wished I was. I wanted to be an octopus. Just for dinner. Alas ..since that wasn't gonna happen ...I managed to wolf a few bites down in between keeping Wren in her seat, sitting up and getting them fed. But then I got them cleaned up and then diapers changed and then into the living room to play and yes I confess ...use the electronic babysitter so I could go reheat my dinner in the microwave and EAT it. But I played blocks with them first.

And then I heard silverware clatter. And then I realized no one else was around and thought ..."NO ...she did NOT do that!" I came back into the kitchen to see that our dog was licking her mouth because she had jumped up to the table ..cleaned my plate and not only was I annoyed, but then alarmed because she had taken and eaten my chicken breast that I never got to eat and she ate the whole thing ...BONES and all! I couldn't believe it! She never did that before.

So ...I hope she will be alright. Our GSD, Bob got at some chicken bones in the garbage once and he was alright, but I heard they could perforate their bowels. I hope not.

Oh and I am not complaining about these wonderful children. I am just continually amused/amazed how busy they are and keep me. And tonight ...was the first time Myles had the run of the house (crawling and fast a baby on a mission :) and supervised of course. That was the additional challenge tonight. I could've corralled them in with baby gates or put him in the playpen, but just chose not to.

I think he will be walking any day now.

Another Mylestone. :)


Anonymous said...

:] at home, wren sits in a booster seat. we'll have to get one for your house, otherwise she does tend to pick at her food and get distracted.

also, i usually feed myles first because he's very demanding! then serve wren and devan and jon and grab my own food last (after every drink request or spilled food item and messy faces and hands are cleaned), just so i'm not constantly interrupted. :\

SeaSpray said...

Yes - your way definitely better plan. If it was just the baby ..I could have but not one on each side. ha ha! I can only imagine triplets. Wow.