Monday, January 2, 2012

The Purple Dinner :)

It's JUST a color!

PURPLE that is.

I just threw out our purple ham and carrots. I hate wasting food. I would've finished it if it hadn't been pushed into the Bermuda Triangle spot spot in our refrigerator.

Last week, Mr SeaSpray had asked me to cook the leftover Christmas ham with cabbage. I thought that was a great idea and so I did.

Much to Mr SeaSpray's dismay ..we now had purple ham, purple carrots ...thanks to the purple/red cabbage I used. Ha ha! Well ...I thought it was funny. He didn't.

I assured him purple is just a color and won't affect the food.

So ...he reluctantly ate the purple dinner. Well, he left some on his plate too. I thought it tasted alright. Maybe a little oddly purple cabbage sweet ...but okay. I mean ...the ham was cooked with pineapple ..right? And that is sweet ...just not cabbagey (I know - not a real word - but I like it :) sweet - there is a difference I guess. Green cabbage definitely would've been better.

But ...really it is purple just a color. Too bad I didn't add potatoes to and then we'd have purple potatoes added to the mix. The more purple the better. ;)

Anyway ...he was not a fan of my green eggs many yrs ago when I overdid the parsley and turned what was to be an omelet into green scrambled eggs. (It was the first time I made an omelet.) I thought they tasted good.

Anyway, I just threw the rest of the purple food out tonight.

I feel like there is a Dr Seuss story in here.

"No ..Ms SeaSpray ...I will Not eat purple ham.

NOT purple ham... NOT purple carrots ... NOT purple anything Ms SeaSpray.

NOT after Christmas ...NOT before New Years ... NOT anytime ...will I eat purple ham, purple carrots or purple ANYTHING... not EVEN for a SeaSpray ...Ms SeaSpray."

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